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Pool Safety Cover

Keep Your Pool Safe With a Reliable Pool Safety Cover

When summer parts way and autumn makes way, two questions often pop up in swimming pool owners: When to cover the swimming pool and how to cover the swimming pool? And if they have kids and pets, it is the second question that bothers them all time.

Well, regardless of the reason, pool safety covers are the answer.

Safety pool covers are an indispensable accessory for ensuring pool safety. While swimming pools may seem idyllic, they pose potential dangers to children and pets. With pool safety covers, you can protect your pets and children from pool accidents and also keep your pool clean by keeping debris at bay. When it comes to choosing a safety cover for the pool, you can trust VEVOR—a name synonymous with quality, reliability, and unmatched customer service.

How Do Pool Safety Covers Help Keep Your Pool Secure?

Pool safety covers are imperative to keep your pool secure. Below, we have discussed the benefits of using safety pool covers:

Preventing Accidental Falls

Pool safety covers are designed to seal off the pool when it is not in use and thus help prevent accidental falls into the pool. They are a must-have if you have kids or pets running around.

Protection Against Debris

Dropping leaves and branches into pool water can make maintaining cleanliness challenging. But with a pool safety cover, you can keep debris from entering the pool.

Maintain Water Safety

Besides keeping out debris, safety covers for pools also help maintain the pool’s chemical balance and water level by minimizing evaporation.

Support Weight

Most safety covers are specifically engineered to withstand the weight of humans and pets, offering an extra layer of security. According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, most pool covers support a weight of 485 pounds.

Temperature Regulation

Pool safety covers effectively maintain water temperature by preventing heat loss. This feature comes in handy during the winter season.

Given the numerous benefits, safety covers have become an indispensable investment for responsible pool owners.

Types of Pool Safety Covers

Different types of pool safety covers are available on the market, each offering unique features and benefits. To pick the right safety cover, you need to familiarize yourself with these types:

● Solid Safety Covers

Solid safety covers are made of tough, non-porous materials designed to block light and water from entering the pool, creating a sturdy impenetrable barrier over its surface. They can easily support human and pet weight, making them suitable for year-round use.

● Mesh Safety Covers

Mesh safety covers are constructed from porous, breathable fabrics that allow rainwater to seep through while simultaneously blocking leaves and larger debris. Mesh covers are lighter and easier to manage compared to solid covers, making them an excellent option for seasonal use.

● Automatic Safety Covers

Automatic pool covers offer the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. They feature a motorized mechanism to cover and uncover the pool with just the push of a button, saving you both time and effort. Besides keeping the pool clean, they also help keep the pool water warm by absorbing the sunlight and minimizing evaporation, which means less money and time spent cleaning and reheating pool water. Although more expensive than other forms of safety covers, automatic pool safety covers make an attractive option.

Choosing the Right Pool Safety Cover for Your Pool

For maximum pool security and longevity, you need to consider a few key factors to make sure that you choose the best pool safety cover to meet your needs.

1. Assess Pool Size and Shape

Take accurate measurements of your pool’s dimensions. Different safety covers have been specifically designed to accommodate specific pool shapes. So, ensure that you pick the one that fits perfectly around the dimensions of your pool.

2. Weight and Load-Bearing Capacity

Before purchasing a pool safety cover, consider its weight and load-bearing capacity carefully. Ensure that it can withstand multiple people and pets without sagging or compromising safety.

3. Material and Durability

You must consider the manufacturing material of the safety cover before making the purchase. Look for robust materials like tough polythene that are age- and abrasion-resistant and can provide pool safety coverage for many years to come.  

Choose VEVOR for Reliable Pool Safety Covers

Low-quality safety covers can compromise pool security with the risk of sagging and dropping into the pool. Therefore, you must always get your safety cover from a reputable brand such as VEVOR. It offers high-quality pool safety covers at affordable prices. Besides that, VEVOR offers premium customer support. Working with VEVOR, you can have your pool safety cover delivered to your home for free. And you won’t have to worry about it sagging or dropping in the pool as VEVOR offers a 30-day no-hassle returns policy and a 12-month warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Safety Covers

1. Can you walk on a safety pool cover?

Most pool safety covers can support a weight of around 485 pounds, enabling them to protect your children and pets. But know that most safety covers are not specifically designed for walking on them. However, there are inground pool covers, called platform pool covers, specifically designed to support walking and dancing on them.

2. Are pool safety covers easy to install and remove?

Installing and removing a safety pool cover is an easy DIY task and can be done within a couple of hours, provided you have the right tools.

3. How much does a pool cover cost?

While the pool covers cost depends on their type, pool size, shape, and features, the average pool cover cost ranges between $300 to $5,000.

4. What are the warranty and warranty details on VEVOR safety covers?

All VEVOR products, including pool safety covers, come with one year warranty and a 30-day no-hassle returns policy. If there is a problem with your safety cover, you can always reach out to our 24/7 customer support, who will provide you with repair and advice via phone or email, and if need be, we will offer you a reshipment or refund.