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VEVOR Lift Electric Hoist Electric Winch 2200lbs Remote Control 10ft Lift Height
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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Discover VEVOR Electric Cable Hoist For Robust Load Lifting 

High labor cost and slow work progress on your construction site and warehouses affects the success of your business. Yet, VEVOR got you covered with its seamless and powerful electronic hoist.

Material handling gets easier when you use our electric cable hoist to revolutionize your work sites, manufacturing facilities, and industries. We serve our customers with electric lifting machines that are quick, durable, safe, and cost-effective. 

VEVOR offers different electric engine hoist types to give you the perfect solution for your problem. But do you know which electric hoist will work best for you? Move to the next section and have a brief overview of different types.

Electric Cable Hoist Types Available At VEVOR 

Having a detailed knowledge of the types of wire rope hoists, we enable you to invest in the right product saving you money. So here are the types explained briefly: 

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

With over 2000 lbs lifting capacity, and a 2X lift speed, an electric wire rope hoist is a worth-it option for your garages, construction sites, and workshops. The durable and powerful copper motors in wire rope hoists offer the exponential power to lift such heavy loads within minutes. 


  • Easy to install in one go, and they are ready to use.

  • Suitable for lifting golf carts, engines, trees, etc.

  • Powerful to lift low to heavy weights conveniently.


  • Requires additional ladder assistance for working at heights.

Portable Winches

With lower than 30 lbs weight, portable winches are convenient to carry at different locations and worksites. They come with a maximum towing capacity of 1100 lbs, making them the perfect choice for building sites, warehouses, and garages. 


  • Portable to carry wherever you want. 

  • Good choice for contractors.

  • Performs versatile lifting jobs in indoor and outdoor settings.


  • Not designed to lift hefty loads.

Electric Garage Hoist

Transmission, building material, and small machinery are included in the lifting application of an electric garage hoist. These electric hoists can lift up to 2200 lbs of weight, with a 17ft/min capacity. 


  • Best for lifting heavy duty loads that are otherwise impossible.

  • Secure functioning

  • Highly efficient and durable.


  • Manufactured to be used at a fixed place, lacking in portability.

Electric Chain Hoists

These chain hoists operated with the copper motor offer a stable solution for lifting by reducing the chances of chain slipping. Best for use in shipbuilding docs, construction sites, automotive workshops, and machinery installation.


  • Some products come with a wired remote control.

  • Offer considerable toughness.

  • Fast and safe for load lifting.


  • Does not lift at higher heights. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Wire Rope Hoists

Before buying your selected electric engine hoist, check out some factors. This will save you from the hassle of spending money on the wrong product.

Knowing Required Capacity 

When considering purchasing an electric engine hoist, it is recommended to focus on the weight of the heaviest load you will be lifting. The capacity of the electric hoist you purchase should be heavier than the load you want to lift. Also, remember to determine the Mean Effective Load that should be in the factor of 65.

Choosing Suspension Type

Some hoists & winches & rigging have a fixed suspension type, while others are trolley mounted. Depending on your work site, you must choose a particular suspension type. For example, you can select top hook or push type suspension for construction sites, while for ship docs, it's preferred to choose motor-driven suspension type.

Understanding The Types of an Electronic Hoist

Different types of electronic wire rope hoists come with specific lifting applications. For example, overhead winches and lightweight electric winches 110v, aren't the same in their lifting application. Enlist why you need an electric hoist, then select one type to match your needs.

Build Quality

Because of various electric wire rope hoist companies, you may purchase a lousy build-quality electric hoist. Choose VEVOR to get the copper build parts. Durability matters a lot when selecting machinery to lift heavy loads that may result in an accident in case of low build quality.

Lift Speed/ Capacity

Where countless lbs of moderate to heavy weight must be lifted within a short time, it is better to pick a high lifting speed. Commonly it is preferred to select lifting speeds between 8 and 32 FPM depending on your requirements.

Unique Functions and Maintenance Tips of Electric Hoist 

Benefit from the emergency stop switch and wired remote control in VEVOR electric hoists to add up to your experience and efficiency.

Moisture, sunlight, and dust can affect your electric engine hoist. So you need to store it safely when not in use. Plus, avoid kinking while unreeling, as it can damage the wires, making them dysfunctional.

VEVOR Hot Selling Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Taking over the industry, VEVOR has made its place with remarkable products to bring positive changes and solutions to lives. If you are interested in purchasing our electric cable hoist, we suggest the five best hot products for you.

VEVOR Electric Hoist, 2200 lbs Lifting Capacity

Perfect fit for lifting your construction supplies, extensive garage tools, and other heavy loads of up to 2200 lbs. No lengthy installation procedures are required instead, you need to hang this electric hoist on the ceiling, and you can use it. 

VEVOR 2200LBS Double Electric Chain Hoist

Powered with a single phase rust-proof copper motor, enough to lift heavy loads to 13 inches per minute. This double electric chain hoist's security latch offers safe load lifting.

VEVOR Electric Hoist, 880 lbs Lifting Capacity

A small yet powerful garage electric hoist to lift loads like small engines and transmissions. The best part is the convenient remote control access to operate this hoist. Apart from lifting garage tools, VEVOR electric hoist is a good option for handling things like engines, boulders,  lawn movers, and more.

VEVOR Electric Hoist, 2200 lb Overhead Crane

The 4.8 ft remote control cord makes this electric hoist one of the hot-selling products from VEVOR. You can lift heavy loads and materials with it, depending on the load capacity you select when buying. Select between 200kg-1000kg load capacity.

VEVOR 880LBS Electric Winch

Constructed with galvanized steel wire and alloy shell, this electric winch is perfect for carmakers, railway construction, warehouses, and construction sites. With a powerful engine this electric winch will work faster by lifting to almost 39.4ft /min.

Why Choose VEVOR?

Still confused about whether you should choose VEVOR or not? Well, here are our plus points that will help you decide.

Wide Range of Electric Wire Rope Hoists

You don't need to confine yourself to choose from limited options. Avail the opportunity to select the type, load capacity, additional features, and weight capacity of multiple electric hoists. 

High-Quality Products

We sell copper motors and durable quality electric hoists to make them last longer. Respecting the money you spend, we produce products to repay each penny.


VEVOR does not charge heavy prices from its valuable customers. We believe in maintaining customer trust and satisfaction.

FAQ about Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Q1: What's the working mechanism of an electric wire rope?

A1: The motor of the electric hoist uses electrical energy to make mechanical energy, which is then utilized for lifting the load.

Q2: What benefits do wire rope hoists offer?

A2: Unlike manual hoists, electric hoists work rapidly, reducing the cost and time required. Plus, electric hoists make the impossible load lifting possible within minutes.

Q3: What's the main difference between an electric hoist and a crane? 

A3: Yes, because they allow you to lift loads up and down for convenience. In contrast, the crane can lift up, down, and in the vertical direction.