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Automatic Gate Opener

Secure Your Space with VEVOR Gate Opener

Gates that open and close automatically are so cool! They are such a convenient feature to add to any property and many homeowners, understandably, wanted one. 

An automatic gate is made possible with an electric gate opener installed on the gate. This device allows property owners to conveniently enter their driveway without having to step out of their vehicles. 

VEVOR features a range of premium electric gate openers at reasonable price points. Read on and learn why you need one. 

The Importance of An Automatic Gate Opener

1. Convenience

It is undeniably extremely convenient and easy to have a closing gate that opens and closes automatically. For instance, if it is raining heavily and you need to enter or exit your driveway, an easy to install, automated gate saves you from getting soaked. If you are willing to invest in comfort and convenience, check out VEVOR’s gate opener kits. 

2. Enhanced Security

One of the top reasons why people want gates that automatically swing or slide is security reasons. With all the threats to safety these days, simple tasks such as getting out of your vehicle to open your gate now seem like such a scary ordeal. Thus, to enhance the security of their property, people invest in automatic gate operators. 

3. Privacy

By having a remote gate opener installed on your property, you don’t have to worry about being stared at by strangers on the street. Famous personalities and elite professionals such as politicians all invest in electric gate openers to protect their security and privacy. Further, you don’t have to be a celebrity to start protecting your privacy on your own property. Look into a wide range of Mighty Mule electric and solar powered gate openers today. 

4. Added Property Value

Significant additions to a property such as a closing gate with an electronic gate opener can boost its overall resale value. Realtors favor homes that are well-maintained and have had a number of upgrades in them such as a swing or slide electric gate. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your property in the future, having an automatic slide or swing gate is going to be a great investment. 

Types of Automatic Gate Openers

1. Sliding Gate Openers

Sliding electric gate openers, as the name suggests, utilize a sliding mechanism to open and close a gate. A sliding gate opener is one of the more popular options among homeowners, as a slide gate is more efficient and space-saving than a swing gate. This gate opener is ideal if you have limited space or you have a steeply inclined driveway. Furthermore, a sliding gate is also popular among commercial properties with cantilever gates. 

2. Articulated Arm Openers

An articulated arm gate opener operates by automatically opening and closing a gate through a swing mechanism. This type of remote gate opener is ideal for properties with substantial space and longer driveways. 

This type of gate opener is a lot more affordable than its sliding counterparts. Additionally, articulated arm or swing gate openers require minimal maintenance than others. This is because swing gate openers have fewer components than other gate openers with solar panels. 

3. Underground Gate Openers

Although they are less popular than the other Mighty Mule gate openers mentioned, underground gates that automatically open are a great choice if you want a more discreet-looking opener for your gate. This type of gate opener is concealed on the ground inside a protective case. This opener is perfect if you hate the sight of an exposed motor. However, underground gate openers with solar panels require a more tedious installation process than other automatic gate controllers. 

Choosing The Right Gate Opener

1. Consider your existing gate

If you already have an existing gate in your property that you manually open and close, adding an electric gate opener is definitely a great investment. If you have a slide gate, VEVOR has a range of durable and efficient sliding gate opener options for you to choose from. Further, you can also get electric gate operators for single swing and dual swing gates on VEVOR. 

2. Evaluate your driveway space

Your driveway space is a crucial factor to consider when installing an automatic gate. If you have limited space, a sliding gate is obviously more practical than a swing gate, let alone dual swing gates. 

3. Ease of installation

If you are planning to DIY the installation of your remote gate opener, you might want to opt for gate opener kits that require a simple setup process. VEVOR’s gate openers are designed to stop and reverse and to be installed quickly and effortlessly. Each kit comes with a handy manual with easy-to-understand installation instructions. 

4. Brand reputation

As a smart gate opener is something you are going to use on a daily basis, you have to invest in one that is surely going to last. For this reason, it is important that you buy one from a reputable brand such as VEVOR. It is renowned for providing top-quality electrical tools and equipment that are proven to be of the highest quality and time-proof. 

5. Maintenance requirements

Electric gate openers require regular maintenance to keep their quality and performance, especially those that stop and reverse. This applies to both electronic and single swing, solar powered kits. Before purchasing a remote gate opener, make sure to look into the kits’ maintenance requirements. 

Popular Electric Gate Openers on VEVOR

1. VEVOR Automatic Sliding Gate Opener 3300 lbs 

This sliding gate opener is a popular product choice among customers given its robust performance, generous load capacity, and reasonable price tag. Functioning with remote controls and offering a 3300-lb load capacity, this electric gate opener is perfect for large sliding gates. 

2. VEVOR Automatic Swing Door Gate Opener 2200 lbs

If you have a slide gate and you are looking for an electric gate controller that will automatically open and has a substantial load capacity, then the VEVOR Automatic Swing Door Gate Opener 2200 lbs is the way to go.

This gate opener comes with two handy wireless remote controls for effortless access. Moreover, it only takes 3 to 7 seconds for your gate to fully open with this electric gate opener. 


Although there are numerous smart gate openers out there, not all brands offer the utmost durability and performance as top-trusted brands such as VEVOR. VEVOR’s automatic gate operators are proven and tested to provide the utmost convenience, safety, and reliability through the years.