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8 Orders

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What you can benefit in Member Program
  • Member Price

    Save more with exclusive member prices! Updating every week and saving every day

  • Reward Points

    Earn Reward Points from every purchase and enjoy points for discount on your next purchase.

  • Worry-free Refund

    Prioritize the refund processing of V4 members. Help speed up your business.

  • Bulk Saving

    Have a better experience with exclusive savings only available to VEVOR member.

  • Priority Service

    Prioritize customer service. Give priority to the feedback and requirements of V4 members

  • Coming soon
Members save more

Anyone can join in the VEVOR member program by registering a VEVOR account.

Note: Registered customers will automatically become our member, and its level are determined by the number of orders purchased and successfully shipped through VEVOR account.

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Enjoy reward points as a member
About reward points

Reward Points: Reward Points is a reward program for VEVOR Member program. VEVOR members can earn points after placing orders on our website and can use these points as a discount on their future orders.

  • Every 100 points can be deducted by $1 when your order is settled.

  • Points earned before January 1, 2024 will be cleared on March 31, 2024

  • You can use the points to offset up to 5% of the total order price

How to earn points

View the points you can earn on the product page

On the product page, both the points you can earn by purchasing and the value that can be deducted from the points will appear simdivtaneously, and the points will be calculated based on your member level and product price


Check the points you can earn for this purchase when check out

When you check out, the points will be calculated based on your member level and the order subtotal price


Check your available credits after your order ships

When you complete the payment, your account will receive the points named pending points. Pending points will only be availabe after the order you paid for is shipped

How to use points

Enter the amount you want to deduct when check out

You can also directly click the "All Apply" to use all, but please note that the maximum amount of points can only be deducted by 5% of the order amount


Enjoy the deduction of points

Your existing point balance and the number of points corresponding to the balance will appear at the same time when check out.

How to check the points

Check the points in your account

View the Reward Points that can be used to deduct the order amount, the Pending Points that will arrive after the order payment and the Time Limited Points that will expire soon

View the points detail

Check the order source of points, details of point usage, and the point refund