Reward Points
Reward Points

VEVOR points is a reward program for VEVOR Member program. VEVOR members can earn points after placing orders on our website and can use these points as a discount on their future orders. A qualified VEVOR member is a user who has registered an account and logged in to VEVOR's website.

About Earn Points
Make a purchase

For every qualifying purchase, you can earn points based on the exchange rate of your registered site, excluding taxes, shipping, or any other fees. Qualifying purchases refer to VEVOR members purchasing products from VEVOR, excluding the amount of refunds/rejection/cancellation on your orders.
When you complete the payment, your account will receive the points earned by this order, but the points are frozen and couldn't be used at this time. The points will only be availabe after the order you paid for is shipped. You can check the status details of all the points you have obtained by clicking Points in your account.
Previous points spent on Orders by you will not be qualified to generate new points.

Please refer to the following chart for the exchange rate of the purchase amount and point value:
Member Level Member earn back points percentage on spend Example: After you purchase goods worth $100 on VEVOR, you can get:
V0 2% 200 points("pt"), value equivalent to $2
V1 2% 200 points("pt"), value equivalent to $2
V2 3% 300 points("pt"), value equivalent to $3
V3 4% 400 points("pt"), value equivalent to $4
V4 5% 500 points("pt"), value equivalent to $5
About Point Usage

Every 100 points can be deducted by $1 when your order is settled. The deduction ratio of points is subject to the rules of your registered website. You can use the points to offset up to 5% of the total order price (excluding taxes, shipping, and insurance). The earliest expired points will be applied first.

About Point Balance

The points on each VEVOR website are independent. The point balance can be viewed in the account. It is the balance available to you on the current site.

How to Check

Please log in to your VEVOR account and click on the Point to check your balance. You can only view the point balance of the current site.

About Point Validity

VEVOR points have different validity periods. You will be informed of the expiration date when you are awarded points. Points earned before January 1, 2024 will be cleared on March 31, 2024, and members with points will be notified in advance before clearing. If your points expire before redemption, they will be deleted from your account.

Regarding points refund

1. If you cancel an unpaid order, the points used for the original order will be immediately refunded to your account.
2. If you return an order, the points used for that order will be refunded to your account along with your refund. If you return a portion of the order, the points will be returned to your account based on the percentage of the returned product price to the total product price.
3. If your order is canceled or returned after the points have expired, the expired points will not be refunded to your account. You can view your points details in your account.
4. If you return an order after confirming receipt, the points used in the order will be refunded to your account. When you return an order or item, the points obtained from the order will be deducted, and the points that will expire first will be deducted first. If your account does not have enough point balance, the points will be deducted until the balance is 0.

About Redemption

Redemption for cash is not allowed.

About Transfer

You shall not transfer, sell, donate, pledge, mortgage or in any other manner dispose of your earned points to allow such points to be in circulation in markets, violation of which shall entitle us to suspend or cancel all your earned points with immediate effect.

*Please note that the granting of points is at the discretion of the company and is subject to the terms and conditions of the company, which may be amended from time to time.