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Find the Right Hydraulic Fittings for Your Applications

Hydraulic fittings are pivotal in numerous industries, including construction, engineering, and aerodynamics. They facilitate effective fluid transfer between components in various hydraulic systems.

Finding the right hydraulic fittings for your applications is essential for reliable and secure performance. You should purchase your hydraulic fittings from a reputable vendor like VEVOR. We offer the cheapest yet most-durable hydraulic fittings in the market and will home-deliver your order. Customers praise our tools and equipment for their longevity in service and rugged design.

Let’s find out more about hydraulic fittings below.

Different Types of Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic fittings are key in enabling leak-proof fluid pipe connections, a critical element in most industries. As a result, they come in numerous types to suit the different systems. Here are the most popular types of hydraulic fittings.

NPT (National Pipe Taper) Hydraulic Fittings

NPT hydraulic fittings come in thread tape and are the most common in industries that deal with water. They are reliable as they give a solid seal and are easy to assemble.

NPT fittings are also available in NPTF (National Pipe Taper Fuel) configuration, ensuring a tighter seal. However, NPT hydraulic fittings are not trustworthy at high pressure.

BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel) Hydraulic Fittings

British Standard Pipe Parallel hydraulic fittings are most common in European hydraulic systems. They have parallel threads and provide a more-sealed connection than regular NPT fittings. Thus, they’re more suited to medium-pressure applications.

ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) Hydraulic Fittings

O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings use an o-ring to create a tight sealing between itself and the seal. Their leak-free profile makes them popular among industries with high-pressure hydraulic systems.

ORFS hydraulic fittings are also popular in systems that may experience temperature variations or pressure impulses.

What Are The Factors to Consider When Choosing Hydraulic Fittings?

You must make crucial considerations to purchase the best hydraulic fittings for optimal safety, efficiency, and performance. Here are the factors to consider when choosing hydraulic fittings.

System Requirements

What are the specific requirements of your hydraulic system? Other factors like pressure, flow rate, and operational temperature will also come into play. Ensure your hydraulic fittings can sustain maximum temperature and pressure without sacrificing performance.

Fluid Compatibility

What fluid will flow through the hydraulic system? Different fluids require fittings of given materials to prevent corrosion or contamination. Ensure the hydraulic fittings you use are compatible with the fluid you’re dealing with.

Fitting Type and Connection Method

There are numerous hydraulic fittings, each offering a different connection method from the other. Choose the method best suited to your requirements. Again, look at the components you connect and choose the best hydraulic fitting.

Performance Ratings and Standards

Always ensure you’re getting certified tools that promise you seamless performance. Attain that by sourcing your hydraulic fittings from a reputable company like VEVOR. If not, look for an SAE or ISO certification stamp that shows adherence to industrial-grade guidelines.

Matching Hydraulic Fittings to Your Application

Matching hydraulic fittings to your application is vital in ensuring an optimized hydraulic system. Here are the best accessories to help you effectively match your hydraulic fittings to any application.

a. Hydraulic Control Valves

Hydraulic control valves regulate fluid flow through the entire hydraulic system. They can be 2-way or directional and are primarily used in high-pressure applications. The VEVOR 2-spool directional hydraulic control valve can withstand around 3600psi, and the max flow is 11GPM.

When going for a control valve, look at the number of spools, actuation method, and operating pressure! VEVOR also offers a 6-Spool Hydraulic Directional Control Valve.

Check our store for your next hydraulic control valve.

b. Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Hydraulic quick couplers enable the rapid and secure connection of hydraulic fittings or accessories. They are suited for temporary engagements, finding the most use in agriculture and construction.

The VEVOR Skid Steer Hydraulic Quick Connect offers connection of up to 12 pairs, offering convenience in irrigation systems or places such as is needed.

c. Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses help carry pressurized fluid between hydraulic components. Thus, they need to be resistant to high pressure and temperature. Check for the burst limit of the hydraulic hose you’re picking so it doesn’t fail during operation.

The VEVOR ¼-inch Hydraulic High Tensile Hose can withstand around 5800psi, earning substantial use cases in various petroleum, machinery, and agricultural operations.

Final Takeaway: Why Choose VEVOR?

Hydraulic fittings help establish a safe and reliable connection between hydraulic components. Ensure you have quality fittings for optimal performance. VEVOR offers industrial-grade hydraulic fittings for a fraction of the price and complements that with home delivery for your orders.

Visit us today and find your next hydraulic fittings, other tools, and equipment.