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Adult Tricycle

Ride VEVOR 3-Wheel Bike For Adults with Confidence

Do you feel it is challenging to ride a bicycle because you have balance issues or suffer from knee pain? We suggest you try a 3-wheeled bicycle or check for electric tricycles and recumbent bikes by VEVOR. These bicycles are specially designed for adults who have an interest in riding bicycles, but because of specific health issues or recent injuries, they are unable to ride the traditional bicycle.

We at VEVOR sell the best adult tricycles to ensure you get extra back support and a low impact on the lower body. So if you are interested in exploring these 3-wheel bikes and other sports equipment options available for people like you, stay tuned.

3-Wheel Bicycle for Adults Options Available at VEVOR

VEVOR offers multiple types of 3-wheeled bikes for adults to deal with different customers. The most common types available include: 

Single Speed Tricycles

A single-speed 3-wheel bike for adults is designed to work on a single speed. You don't have the opportunity to change the gear as only one gear will remain constant when your bike hits the roads. Riding these bikes on leveled ground is recommended so you don't have to deal with any accidents because of a single gear.


  • Suitable for simple use

  • The elderly and seniors can drive conveniently

  • Easy to maintain


  • Lesser stability and speed control 

Multi-Speed Tricycles

An adult 3-wheeled bike with multiple gears is known as the multiple-speed tricycle. It offers you the opportunity of adjusting gears depending on the terrain on which you are riding. You can use a lower gear for climbing steep paths, while a higher gear will help to ride on flat paths.


  • Advanced speed control

  • Perfection in riding

  • Suitable for rocky terrains


  • Difficult to manage

Electric Tricycles 

These tricycles operate on a rechargeable battery and an electric motor. A throttle helps the rider when paddling. All these features make electric tricycles suitable for long steep distances with the added power of electric motors.


  • More powerful ride

  • Quick and speedy

  • Convenient to use


  • Battery issues

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a 3-Wheel Bike

When buying a 3-wheel bicycle for adults, you must carefully look for the following things. 


More or less, you'll see a 3-wheeled bicycle of a standard size. However, selecting the right size for yourself is suggested depending on your height and requirements.

Folding Feature

Some wheeled bikes have an additional folding feature that is highly helpful for riders. Especially if you are a disabled person who travels a lot and wants to keep their adult trike with them.


Stability and balance are the top priority in heavy-duty adult tricycles. If the product you select does not offer you proper balance, what's the use of choosing a 3-wheel bike over a traditional one?

Maintenance and Functions of Adult Tricycles

Designed solely to replace a motorbike and traditional bicycle, these 3-wheeled bikes are highly functional. A heavy-duty tricycle offer you with multiple gear systems to add to your convenience of easy balance. The high-end steel frame gives enough power to bear heavy riders on it.

Yet, a bicycle that gives you much support must be maintained well if you want to keep it long-lasting. Taking your three-wheeled bicycle for regular service will enhance its lifespan. You also need to take care of the oiling of the chain and protect the bicycle from excessive moisture that may cause rusting of the outer body.

Hot-Selling 3-Wheel Bicycle for Adults

We at VEVOR bring you versatile options from electric tricycles to recumbent bikes. Here are some of our store's hot-selling products to help you with your research.

VEVOR Tricycle Adult 26’’ Wheels Adult Tricycle 7-Speed 

The comfortable back support makes this study-designed 3-wheel bike a must to purchase. A high-quality gear system allows quick and smooth shifting between 7 gears, which makes this bike best suitable for elderly people.

VEVOR Tricycle Adult 26’’ Wheels Adult Tricycle 7-Speed

Benefit from this keenly manufactured adult 3-wheeled bike with a large rear basket to store groceries when you run errands. The most unique feature of this bicycle is its ability to fold, reducing its size and making it portable.

24" Adult Tricycle 3-Wheel 7-Speed Bicycle Trike

Due to its stylish color and sturdy design, this is one of the most popular 3-wheel bike from VEVOR. You can enjoy the seven-speed drivetrain to handle the balance issues well. The front V brake helps you to stop immediately, adding features to your safety.

Is It Worth Buying a 3-Wheel Bike For Adults From VEVOR?

VEVOR is an all-in-one place for your modern problems, from office supplies to power tools. When you invest money to purchase an expensive product like a heavy-duty bicycle that is supposed to hit the roads daily, you must look out for its safety and value. Knowing how VEVOR is the best place to buy this product will help you determine your security.

Quality Check

Each product passes set quality standards before we ship it to you, so you will never get a faulty 3-wheeled bicycle.

Cost Effective

We at VEVOR make the prices as low as possible with minimum profits, so more people can purchase adult trike and benefit from its features. You’ll not have to compromise anything when buying our adult bicycle. 

Advanced Features

VEVOR adult tricycles offer a solution to the balance issues for elderly citizens and other adults who’ve encountered accidents. With advanced features, VEVOR improves your riding experience with extra support.

FAQs about 3 Wheeled Bicycle

Q1: Can I get a high-quality electric tricycle at a cheap price?

A1: Of course, you can try the VEVOR Tricycle Adult 26’’ Wheels Adult Tricycle 7-Speed for only $204, which is more suitable than many other brands.

Q2: Are 3-wheel bikes safe to drive for seniors?

A2: Yes. These bicycles reduce the stress on your joints, giving you more support and stability. Seniors and disabled riders can comfortably ride adult tricycles.

Q3: What can I call a 3-wheel motorcycle?

A3: It is called a trike and is built with three wheels instead of two.