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Patio Furniture & Accessories

  • Beach Cart

    Beach Cart

  • Garden Cart

    Garden Cart

  • Deck Box

    Deck Box

  • Patio Gazebo

    Patio Gazebo

  • Yurt Tent

    Yurt Tent

  • Camping Table

    Camping Table

  • Potting Benches

    Potting Benches

  • Spark Screen

    Spark Screen

  • Charcoal Fire Pit

    Charcoal Fire Pit

  • Fire Pit Grate

    Fire Pit Grate

  • Fire Pit Wind Guard

    Fire Pit Wind Guard

  • Firewood Rack

    Firewood Rack

  • Drop-in Fire Pit

    Drop-in Fire Pit

  • Tent Wood Stove

    Tent Wood Stove

  • Chimney Cap

    Chimney Cap

  • Hanging Tent

    Hanging Tent

  • Gas Fire Pit Pan

    Gas Fire Pit Pan

  • Camping Chair

    Camping Chair

  • Garden Arch

    Garden Arch

  • Folding Camp Lounger

    Folding Camp Lounger

  • Fire Pit Burner

    Fire Pit Burner

  • Patio Umbrella Cover

    Patio Umbrella Cover

  • Canopy Support Pole

    Canopy Support Pole

  • Firewood Cart

    Firewood Cart

  • Umbrella  Base

    Umbrella  Base

  • Inflatable Arch

    Inflatable Arch

  • Porch Swings

    Porch Swings

  • Fire Pit Lid

    Fire Pit Lid

  • Inflatable Cash Cube

    Inflatable Cash Cube

  • Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit

    Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit

  • Incinerator Fire Pit

    Incinerator Fire Pit

  • Fire Bowl

    Fire Bowl

  • Fire Pit Table

    Fire Pit Table

  • Hammocks


  • Garden Dome

    Garden Dome

  • Camp Cooking Table

    Camp Cooking Table

  • Clear Tarp

    Clear Tarp

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Patio Furniture & Accessories

Upgrade Your Outdoor Oasis: VEVOR's Patio Accessories Have You Covered

Serving carts, pillows, and other outdoor objects are included in the category of patio accessories. Each accessory enhances the visual or functional value of a primary patio appliance or item or can be used to complete a dining or seating arrangement.

VEVOR provides huge furniture pieces and tiny textile decorations for several patio accessories. They are appropriate additions to our assortment of weatherized furniture made from various enduring materials.

Types of Patio Accessories

Your patio is an integral part of your home, not just an afterthought. It's a place to congregate, unwind, eat, and have fun. And you can make it comfortable and appealing with the proper patio accessories. Stay around if you're having trouble deciding which accessories to spruce up your patio or deck.

Patio Furniture

Excellent outdoor furniture makes your deck or patio comfortable and functional, allowing you to extend your inner spaces outside. For example, you can move your dining area outside if you have weather-resistant furniture and chairs.

Patio Cushions

The best way to safeguard your outdoor patio furniture is to place cushions. Outdoor cushions have fabric that is specially made to endure the weather. They are ideal for all outdoor demands because they are frequently water-resistant!

Patio Dining Set

patio dining table provides a spot to have dinner with your partner, have visitors over for a large-scale BBQ, or enjoy brunch before working. Dining tables are the ideal focal point for an outdoor entertaining area since they provide a location for guests to gather, eat, and unwind.

Outdoor Patio Rugs

Regardless of your patio furniture, an outdoor rug is necessary. It helps shield your porch or patio from stains and scratches while defining your patio area. The most resilient material is polypropylene, which can tolerate intense traffic.

Fire Pit

Fire pits top our list of cozy patio furnishings that transform your outdoor area's appearance and atmosphere. Most outdoor living accessories, such as fire pits and tables, come in various designs to suit your preferences.


If you've ever experienced the allure of sparkling lights on a balmy summer night, you understand how enchanting a space can seem with the appropriate illumination. For this reason, we consider outdoor lighting to be among the essential outdoor patio accessories. There are many different types of lighting, including LED lightsceiling fixtures, candles, and lanterns.

Patio Décor

With the advancements in recent years in outdoor furniture, lighting, carpets, and accessories, you can now furnish your patio with just as much style as the inside of your house, regardless of your budget. Your outdoor patio can become a useful and fashionable extra room with the correct decor.

Outdoor Storage Box

An outdoor storage box is a unique example of design and function coming together. It adds a striking element to any patio location and offers useful storage. The outdoor storage box is ideal for housing pool toys, gardening tools, outdoor furniture cushions, and other items.

Portable Lamp

Outdoor lamps are a pleasant sight when dusk sets. They offer warm, inviting settings for time spent with family and friends while illuminating gloomy nooks. But, outdoor lanterns can add elegance to a space and provide light. Outside lights help you utilize your space to the fullest.

Patio Umbrella

Any outside seating area must have a patio umbrella. Your patio space will last longer if you get the correct patio umbrella. It can be utilized as décor in addition to providing shade to protect your space from harsh sunshine and rain.

Throw Pillows

Throw cushions will perfectly finish the look of your outdoor living area, just as they do for the living area or bedroom. Pillows can be added for both style and comfort. Select soft, sturdy, water-resistant pillows, and have simple covers to take off, so washing them is a breeze.

How To Maintain Patio and Patio Accessories

Consider using an effective and environmentally responsible method to preserve your patio and outdoor accessories in a distinctive and long-lasting manner. Here is a unique method for keeping up your outdoor area:

● Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Choose environmentally friendly cleaning supplies instead of those that include chemicals. To clean patio surfaces, use white vinegar and water. This reduces environmental harm while simultaneously properly cleaning.

● Repurposed Decor: Use your imagination to decorate your patio with repurposed things. This cuts down on waste while also adding character.

● Composting Station: Establish a little composting unit for your patio's food scraps and other organic waste. Use what's leftover compost to feed your plants and lessen waste sent to landfills.

● Routine Maintenance: Commit to routine maintenance. To stop dirt and debris from accumulating on your patio, sweep and clean it frequently. To increase the longevity of your patio accessories, check for repairs and address any problems as soon as they arise.

Why Choose VEVOR Patio Accessories

For a memorable outdoor experience, consider VEVOR Patio Accessories. When it comes to providing a variety of distinctive, long-lasting, and fashionable patio accessories, VEVOR blends quality with creativity.

VEVOR offers top-notch products, from stylish furniture sets that combine comfort and beauty to modern grills that make every barbecue an exciting culinary journey. VEVOR has got you covered whether you're looking for amusement, leisure, or both.

FAQs About Patio Accessories

1. Which outdoor lighting options are appropriate for patios?

Ceiling string lights are a wise choice for an outdoor patio or deck since they can be customized, are simple to hang or install, and are reasonably priced. String lights are frequently used to define a pergola or canopy tent that covers your outdoor living area.

2. What stores sell high-quality patio accessories?

Several stores sell patio accessories, but only a few sell high-quality patio accessories. One of the most recommended stores to get high-quality patio accessories is VEVOR. They have everything you need, from outdoor furniture to lighting accessories.

3. How long do patio accessories last?

Quality and maintenance affect how long patio accessories last, but generally speaking, well-kept items can last 5–15 years or even more, based on the quality of the components and exposure to the outdoors.

4. Can I make use of patio accessories in the winter?

To make an inviting outdoor environment during the cooler months, prepare your patio with warm items like heated sheets, insulated seat padding, and waterproof lighting.