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Lathe Machines & Accessories

Lathe Machines & Accessories for Metal Shaping and Woodworking

Craftsmen and artisans have harnessed the power of lathe machines and their accompanying accessories to breathe life into intricate designs across a myriad of materials. Whether you're embarking on your craft journey or a seasoned expert in search of a cutting-edge lathe machine, one thing remains certain – the key to unlocking true perfection lies in acquiring a top-notch lathe machine.

In the realm of expert opinions, the spotlight falls on VEVOR, a reputable brand renowned for its exceptional range of lathe machines, alongside a treasure trove of accessories and tools.

What Are the Different Types of Lathe Machines?

Lathe machines come in different types, each tending to a specific application or need. Here are the most popular lathe machine types;

Benchtop lathes: Compact and versatile options for small-scale projects

Benchtop lathes are designed to be perfect for small-scale operations. They are what machinists use when they need to make a slight turn.

Benchtop lathe machines are easy to set up and move around, making them perfect for small workspaces. However, these lathe machines are light and handle only wood, plastic, and soft metal.

Engine lathes: Heavy-duty machines for industrial applications

Engine lathes are often used on heavy-duty machines or industry-grade materials in the metalwork industry. Their robust design gives these engine lathes a longer lifetime. Again, their quality is stepped-up to achieve greater power with precision.

Engine lathes perform different operations, such as; threading, boring, and facing metal pieces.

CNC lathes: Computer-controlled precision and automation

CNC lathe machines are used where automation and high precision are required. The CNC machines are computerized and can achieve repetitive cuts with absolute accuracy.

As a result, these machines are used in high-volume production and can also handle cutting complex designs. CNC lathe machines are mainly used in the Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive industries, where high precision is needed.

What Are Some Essential Accessories and Attachments for Lathe Machines?

Lathe machines get more efficient with the kind of accessories and attachments you use. Let’s explore some of the most essential accessories and attachments for lathe machines.


Lathe chucks help secure the workpiece in position as the machine rotates. They come in numerous types, including the collet, three and four-jaw chucks.

Their sole purpose is to hold materials for precision. A great example of a lathe chuck is the VEVOR K11-125 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck. It comes with internal and external jaws, making it a versatile option.


Faceplates are circular plates that are attached to the lathe machine spindle. They help with securing irregularly-shaped and sized workpieces to the chuck when operating.

Tool Rests

Tool rests provide additional support in woodworking lathes. If you’d love to secure your wood workpieces firmly when operating, tool rests will help you. They assist woodworkers in replicating precise cuts while maintaining the same depth.


We have two types of lathe machine centers; live and dead. Both are used to provide rotational stability. Live centers have bearings that enable them to rotate with the workpiece, while dead centers remain static throughout.

Choosing the Right Lathe Machine and Accessories for Your Needs

If you’d love to create perfect woodworking and metal shaping, getting a suitable lathe machine and accessories will help you. Here are a few tips on choosing the suitable lathe machine and accessories.

Assess your Needs

What are the specific requirements of your project? Are you going to focus on metal or woodwork? Your needs should provide insight into the suitable lathe machine and accessories.

Factors like the size and shape of the workpieces are other determining factors, as they provide insight into whichever accessories are most suitable. The project’s complexity and precision requirements will also help you choose the type of lathe machine you need for your projects.

Researching Lathe Machines

If you’re going out to the market for a lathe machine, researching will help in decision-making. Check out different wood and metal lathe machine brands and manufacturers and what makes their products stand out.

Watch out for customer reviews, as they have first-hand experiences.

Compatibility with Lathe Machine Accessories

If you decide to settle on a lathe machine, see if it’s compatible with the accessories you’d love to use. Lathe machines connecting with a wide range of accessories are more versatile and reliable.

Nonetheless, for a lathe machine to be fit for the job, it has to be compatible with all essential lathe accessories. These include chucks, centers, tool rests, and cutting tools.

Maintenance and Lifespan

Look for lathe machines that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Ensure you check the maintenance requirements for the machine you choose. However, if you regularly clean and oil your lathe machine, you’ll surely increase its longevity.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR is a trusted brand that deals in Lathe Machines and Accessories. We offer quality products, free home delivery, and our products are relatively cheaply priced.

We have lathe machines for typically any type of metal or woodwork. Check us out today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Lathe Machines and Accessories

Q: What materials can be worked on with a lathe machine?

Lathe machines can work on numerous materials, including; metals, wood, plastic, glass, and composites.

Q: How do I choose a suitable lathe machine for my workshop?

To choose the right lathe machine for your workshop, you’ll need to;

● Assess your needs

● Research lathe machines

● Check for compatibility with lathe accessories

● Research the maintenance requirements of the lathe machine

Q: Can a lathe machine be used for both metal and woodworking?

Yes. Lathe machines are primarily used for metal and woodworking. Moreover, they can be used for glass, plastic, and composites.

Q: What are the safety precautions to follow when operating a lathe machine?

Operating lathe machines must be done carefully to avoid accidents for the machine and operator. The primary safety precautions for operating lathe machines are;

● Read the manual

● Wear personal protective equipment

● Secure tools and workpieces

● Keep a safe distance

● Avoid jewelry and loose clothing.