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Outdoor Artificial Turf

Revamp Your Landscaping Using VEVOR’s Outdoor Turf Collection

Outdoor turf, also referred to as turf carpet and turf rug, represents an incredible breakthrough in landscaping technology. Unlike natural grass, outdoor rug turfs are easier to maintain, highly durable, and resistant to elements.

So, if you are looking for an incredible outdoor space but do not have ample free time or resources to maintain natural grass, outdoor artificial turf is the right fit.

When it comes to landscaping, VEVOR is an established brand. Besides a wide collection of lawn and garden tools and equipment, it offers top-quality outdoor turfs. With VEVOR’s carpet turfs, you can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces for years to come at highly affordable prices.

Different Types of Outdoor Turf

After a couple of minutes online, you will realize that an array of turf rugs are available on the market, making the selection of the right outdoor turf mat a daunting experience. So, consider familiarizing yourself with different types of outdoor turfs before shopping.

Polyethylene Artificial

Polyethylene artificial turfs, famous for their softness and resilience, stand out in the variety of outdoor turfs. These are durable, low-maintenance, and look just like natural grass, making these turf rugs an attractive option for both residential and commercial landscaping.

Nylon Artificial Turf

For spaces exposed to heavy foot traffic or rigorous activities, nylon artificial turf carpets make a perfect choice. Renowned for incredible strength and resilience, nylon indoor and outdoor turf mats can endure the rigors of sports and recreational activities, making them the go-to choice for sports fields, playgrounds, and high-traffic areas.

Polypropylene Artificial Turf

Polypropylene outdoor turfs are cheap but less resilient than other varieties. However, they make an excellent choice for temporary and decorative applications. So if you are looking to add a patio turf rug to your outdoor space for a party or an event, you can consider these economical turfs.  

Polyester Artificial Turf

Polyester is not commonly used for the manufacturing of outdoor turfs because it is less durable when compared to other manufacturing materials. But at VEVOR, we use upgraded polyester fiber to manufacture our turf carpets, ensuring durability and suitability for both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can use our Deep Blue Marine Carpet indoors, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, and outdoors such as patios, decks, porches, etc.

Pet Turf

Pet turfs are pet-friendly artificial turf rugs that feature a highly permeable backing, which supports greater drainage. Besides excellent drainage, these pet turf rugs are resistant to discoloration and odors, promising a clean and easy-to-maintain solution and lasting comfort for both pets and their loving owners.

Applications of Outdoor Turf

Due to their low maintenance, durability, and long lifespans, turf carpets have wide applications indoors and outdoors.

1. Balconies and Rooftop

As urban green retreats, outdoor carpet turfs become a great alternative. Adding turf outdoor carpet to your balconies and unused rooftop space can convert them into relaxing green oases while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

2. Children’s Play Areas

With artificial turf carpets installed in children’s play areas, you can convert them into inviting hubs of adventure while keeping children safe. Cushioned outdoor turf serves as a protective barrier, softening falls and tumbles. Also, carpet turfs add a vibrant-colored appearance to play zones. At VEVOR, we offer a wide range of carpet turf colors, including graycharcoal blackdeep brownlight brown, and deep blue. Choose the one that will go with the overall theme.

3. Backyard Sports Fields

Adding outdoor turf rugs to your backyard and outdoor spaces would transform them into perfect settings for different sports and games. Whether you are a soccer fan or someone who loves playing football, with turf outdoor carpet laid in your backyard, you can safely practice or play for fun the game of your liking with your family and friends.

And what if you add golf holes to your yard with outdoor carpet turf laid in it? Well, you can have your own putting green at home, allowing you to sink more putts without ever leaving your home.

4. Landscaping

Requiring regular watering, mowing, fertilizing, and weeding, landscaping can be very demanding. It can take up a lot of your time and also incur some heavy costs. But with a one-time investment in a quality outdoor artificial turf carpet, you can cut down on the maintenance requirements and save big on both your time and money, with your landscaping looking its best for years to come, regardless of the season.

5. Redefine Pool Areas

You can revolutionize your poolside by adding turf outdoor carpets to them. Outdoor turf will add to the aesthetic appeal of your pool area and improve drainage and ease maintenance. By adding VEVOR anti-slide outdoor turf to your pool area, you can also prevent pool-related slip and fall accidents.  

Factors to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Turf

To ensure that you pick the right outdoor turf that perfectly meets your unique needs, here are a few factors for you to consider:

● Durability: Consider factors such as foot traffic, weather conditions, and usage frequency and ensure that the artificial turf rugs you select can withstand their intended usage.

● Maintenance Requirements: Carpet turfs require minimal care Compared to natural grass. But certain outdoor turf varieties require different maintenance levels, involving brushing and infill replacement, etc. So get one that requires minimal care, allowing you to maximize longevity with minimum maintenance.

● Pile Height: Different purposes demand different pile heights of turf rugs for optimum results. Where athletic areas require shorter pile height, residential landscaping requires moderate pile height. And when used for aesthetic-only purposes, a taller pile height works best.

● Drainage: To keep outdoor spaces looking visually appealing and functional even under heavy rainfall conditions, ensure that your turf carpet features efficient drainage.

● Turf Color: Artificial turf rugs come in a variety of colors. So get the one that complements your overall theme.

Why Choose VEVOR?

Given their durability and cost-effectiveness, artificial turf carpets are becoming popular for residential and commercial landscaping. With VEVOR outdoor turfs, you can have your landscapes look their best all seasons for many years. Manufactured with upgraded polyester, our turf rugs are durable and can withstand elements and foot traffic. They also feature efficient drainage and anti-slide features, making them great options for kitchens, boats, patios, and entrances.

Besides top quality, by choosing VEVOR, you also get to experience top user experience. We offer free delivery and are available round the clock to offer free consultation services. We stand behind our quality products and thus offer 30-day no-hassle returns and a 12-month warranty on all products.