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Metal Table Leg

Table Legs
Looking for the best table legs to get stability? Want to get table legs to perfect fit for your building decor? Our classic mid-century style legs are designed specifically to provide great stability and a smooth appearance for furniture hardware projects. Perfect choice for your end tables, sofa tables, wood benches, high chairs, bar tables, and any piece of furniture in between! With our hairpin legs, you will have no worries about the table shaking, and your precious accessories will never fall off the table.
For your various types of unique decoration and different height demands, you can get a line of table legs with various shapes.

Hairpin Table Legs
Hairpin desk legs adopt three 3/8'' steel rods, making them more stable and stronger than 2 rods. Each leg can support max. 220 lbs/ 100 kg load without deformation. Comes with 4 hairpin leg feet protectors to keep your floors away from damage and allows you to silently move the table.

Alphabet-shaped Legs
Constructed with thickened square pipes, the table legs are designed to support loads up to 1000 lbs/450 kg and provide excellent stability. You can put the required wooden table board on the legs without any worry. X-shaped, A-shape, C-shape, □-shape, X-shape K-shape, etc for your option.

The above is a brief introduction to desk legs. More desk legs of various specifications await your choice. Your creativity is endless with a name you can trust, VEVOR.