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LED Light Box

Easy to Install Backlit Poster Frame with Aluminum Frame

The backlit poster frame is a cost-effective advertisement solution with integrated LED light strips to illuminate posters. The backlit poster frame provides a high-definition LCD display-like effect in posters to attract customers. You can change posters conveniently with a snap-in design. The light-up poster frame is ideal for the movie theater and hallways.

The VEVOR light-up poster frame has a lightweight aluminum frame with a magnetic detachment mechanism to insert movie posters and also remove the movie posters conveniently. The light-up poster frame has a sleek design with built-in hooks to hang the frame. Moreover, the VEVOR lighted movie poster frames come with double protective film for easy cleaning and bright display.

Explore Lighted Movie Poster Frames Available in the Market

There’s a variety of lighted movie poster frames available in the market. Each LED movie poster frame has a different application. Let’s explore:

Edge-lit LED Light Box

The edge-lit LED movie poster frame has high-brightness LED strips on the edges for a superior visual experience. The edge-lit LED movie poster frame is suitable for indoor use, it offers a clear view from curvature and an even glow. You will only find these lighted poster frames in wall-mount configuration. The overall design is sleek and minimalistic for an attractive appearance.

Backlit Light Box

These lighted poster frames have integrated LED strips at the back to create a vibrant lighting effect on the poster. The backlit LED light box comes in wall-mount and free-standing configurations. You can use a backlit LED light box for various applications like the display at cinemas, hallways, shops, offices, etc. Moreover, these lighted poster frames also have brightness adjustment features.

Outdoor LED Frames

The outdoor LED frames are highly weather resistant with IP65 ratings. They are available in backlit and edge-lit options in the market. If you want to display posters on the street, there’s no better option than the outdoor poster frame with LED lights. You can minimize theft loss in the case of LED displays, reduce energy costs, and attract the same number of customers. The outdoor poster frame with LED lights usually comes in a wall-mount configuration.

Things to Consider When Buying Poster Frame with LED Lights

Choosing the right LED frame light box is critical to attracting customers and elevating your advertisement game. Here are a few things you should consider before exploring the market:

Poster Size and Illumination

Check your poster size requirements before selecting any LED frame light box. You should go for a frame that is compatible with your poster size. Determining poster size depends on the level of presence you want to make with the poster. The popular-sized posters have 38.4"x25.4" dimensions and most poster frames can accommodate the same.

Another crucial consideration is the illumination level in poster frames. The PET poster you will snap in must be compatible with the illumination level otherwise the display could feel too bright. Moreover, the glow should also be consistent and uniform to enhance the colours and not dull them.

Build Quality and Durability

Select the LED movie poster frame with durable build quality i.e., anodized aluminum body and high-quality LED strips. There are numerous cheaper products available on the market, but they have serious quality issues. The LED lights lose brightness over time or the body catches rust.

A good build quality in the LED movie poster frame can ensure longevity. You should not compromise on quality If you're considering buying an LED movie poster for outdoor use. Only anodized aluminum can withstand rough weather conditions.

Installation and Smart Features

Always go for an option that is easy to install and doesn’t require labor-intensive work. Many popular-sized LED movie poster frames have convenient hooks to hang on walls and retractable stands for free standing. The poster insertion is also seamless with snap frames. The snap frames have magnetic locking to insert and hold posters.

When buying LED movie poster frames, smart features like brightness adjustment and automatic on-off should also be considered. Some latest frames also come with remote controls to conveniently turn on the LED illumination without going up to the poster.

Some Maintenance Tips for LED Poster Frame

LED poster frames are maintenance-free but some best practices can enable optimal usage. You should clean the front panel to remove dust and keep the display bright and clear. Check the protective film for damages and change it if you find some wear signs. Monitor battery life and replace batteries timely, if you’re using a battery-powered frame.

Additionally, you should be careful when replacing posters to avoid damage. The LED strips are sensitive and can malfunction with impact. You can also replace the LEDs if the output is dull or not up to the mark.

VEVOR Exclusive LED Poster Frame Range with Smart Features

VEVOR manufactures high-quality LED poster frames with an extensive range. The VEVOR poster frames have a robust aluminum body, sleek design, and easy installation method. Let's explore the VEVOR products range:

VEVOR LED Poster Frame in Black, 24" x 36" Photo Frame

The VEVOR LED Poster Frame in Black, 24" x 36" Photo Frame has backlit LED lighting with brightness control and integrated hooks for wall hanging. The overall design is sleek with a robust aluminum frame. You can add charm to your home theaters with it!

VEVOR LED Poster Frame in Black, 27" x 40" Sidewalk Sign

Elevate your sidewalk advertising game with a VEVOR LED Poster Frame in Black, a 27" x 40" Photo Frame, Sidewalk Sign, it will help drive more customers to your shop. The poster frame has double film protection for outdoor use and a suction system for water resistance.

VEVOR LED Poster Frame in Black, 16" x 24" Photo Frame

Give a stunning look to your home theaters with a VEVOR LED Poster Frame in Black, 16" x 24" Photo Frame. It has an ultra-thin design with a sleek and stylish look. You can insert the poster with a snap-in mechanism. Hit the 'add to cart’ button now!

VEVOR 33x24 Inch LED Movie Poster Frame Slim Snap Aluminum LED Light Box

The VEVOR 33x24 Inch LED Movie Poster Frame Slim Snap Aluminum LED Light Box is a highly bright energy-efficient light box. It consumes less energy and is best for commercial advertising. Explore more!

Why Choose VEVOR Backlit Poster Frame

VEVOR produces high-quality poster frames with high-intensity LED illumination and smart control features. VEVOR products are sleek and stylish with convenient installation options. The frames come with double protective films and an aluminum body to enhance durability. You can use VEVOR poster frames indoors and outdoors. The poster insertion is also handy and doesn't require much effort.

Moreover, VEVOR offers the best prices on its products and superior quality. The VEVOR customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and assist in purchasing. Choose the poster frame you want and hit the 'add to cart’ button.

FAQs About LED Poster Frame

Q1: How to check LED frame size for movie posters?

A1: You can check the dimensions of the LED frame and compare them with the poster size. If you find any difference in size, crop the poster according to the frame's size.

Q2: Can I use an LED poster frame outdoors?

A2: You can only use those LED poster frames outdoors that have IP65 ratings. The standard frames are not water-resistant and can’t withstand rough weather conditions.

Q3: How do you insert a poster inside the LED frame?

A3: You can conveniently insert the poster by sliding it inside the frame and securing it with magnetic coupling or suction depending on your frame design.