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Shower Niche

VEVOR Shower Niche For Clutter-Free Bathroom

Imagine that after a long day, you'd enter the shower and grab your trusted shampoo and conditioner without fumbling through the crowded corners. Thanks to VEVOR Shower Niche, this scenario is happening. With the recent progress in innovative bathroom supplies, this new shower essential organizing solution could be done by a tile niche or dedicated soap niche.

This shower niche is well-suited to fit your space with aesthetic appeal and functional improvement. Finally, forget about untidy shower shelves and enjoy the efficient cleaning-up of the shower. With VEVOR, you can be sure that your shower niche is not just the storage solution but the product that also features on top of simple functionality besides being organized.

Types Of Shower Niches We Offer

Explore the sorts of shower niches you will be choosing from.

Ceramic Tile Niche

Ceramic tile niche can be made of durable ceramic and porcelain tiles customized according to the space. The ceramic tile niches are usually set in the wall by cutting an opening, setting the ceramic tiles in the niche area, and grouting them to keep them securely in place.

Custom color ceramic tile niche can be created to match the surrounding tile, which eases the integration process into the overall bathroom design. Ceramic tile niches effectively resist water leaks when properly sealed and make them suitable for long-term use.

Prefabricated Shower Niche

A Prefab shower niche is constructed from materials such as Acrylics, Fibre-glasses or PVCs, giving it a lightweight and cost-effective mechanism for storage. This niche comprises quickly mounting onto the shower wall using minimal tools and adhesive or caulking.

Prefab shower areas are designed for easy installation and thus will be a perfect choice for Do-It-Yourselfers. Custom-built niches often have a higher price tag, but prefab designs are more accessible.

Stainless Steel Shower Niche

Stainless shower niches are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, being the ideal product to provide a sleek and stylish storage solution. These are usually fixed into the shower wall by cutting an opening, fitting the niche with stainless steel, and finalizing the edges with silicone or adhesive.

Stainless steel is tough and generally corrosion-resistant, offering a long service life. Hard surfaces and stainless steel's smooth, non-porous nature make it easy to clean and sanitize.

Factors To Look In Shower Niches

Wait! Before making a selection , look into the deciding factors to get to the right choice.

Type of Shower Niche

Ensure you're choosing the type of shower niche that works for you. Whether you prefer a prefabricated option, such as a Redi Niche, or a custom built-in shower niche, you have options to fit your design. Every kind has its essential characteristics; hence, consider your tastes and pocket budget before you make a choice.

Waterproofing and Sealing

Waterproof and seal the shower niche to avoid any water damage and build-up of fungi. High-quality waterproofing materials and sealants should be used to prevent the shower walls from getting Rutt and to seal the niche to avoid water leaks.

Size and Depth

Decide on the correct size and depth of the shower niche, keeping in mind how to maintain and accommodate your shower essentials, including the shampoo bottles, the soap, and the shower shelves. The depth of your niche varies depending on the size of your studs(70mm or 90mm deep). Make sure it's big enough for everything you keep in, but without cluttering the space.

Install At The Right Height

By rule of thumb, it is the best way to make a niche installed in a shower floor 1200mm higher from the floor. This will ensure that your shampoo bottle and shower necessities are within the most convenient distance to pick and enjoy using. You should install the niche at a lower level for a shower set over a tub to reach it easily when inside the bath.

Shower Niche Upkeep

Use a soft detergent with a microfibre cloth while scrubbing your shower niche. This gentle action is well-suited to absorb dirt and water spots and protect the surface. Every bathroom shower niche is different as far as the texture is concerned. When cleaning, it is essential to always do it according to the grain direction of the metal. Such thorough technique also ultimately sustains the quality of the material.Once you've finished wiping down your bathroom shower niche, remember the final step: removal of residue.

A piece of soft cotton cloth is a valuable tool in this quest. Ensure no traces of cleaning agents or water still exist on the surface. In addition, this process will provide a flawless finish. The top priority in this case is niche preservation, but keeping the surface damage to a minimum must be our next imperative. One step towards this is minimizing the rusty metal containers and the others near the niche. Apart from being aesthetically unappealing, it can also spread and erode the surrounding structures. Remember that the objects in your bathroom shower niche do matter. Continued use of cosmetics, metal accessories, or chains may cause corrosion in the niches of stainless metal like steel. Choose protective mats to counter this possibility.

Elite VEVOR Shower Niches

VEVOR brings to you its quality products. Read on and add to your cart your desired Niche.

13×13-inch Shower Niche

VEVOR 13×13-inch shower niche is made of machine bending parts X-line that are entirely welded and sealed for a smooth surface and 100% watertight, keeping walls from dampness and humidity. 304-grade stainless steel, rust-resistant, and fade-proof, is the material of this container, which is suitable for wet and humid areas. The 92° inner corner design will provide speedy drainage and easy cleaning, thus preventing water pooling or soil build-up. With it, not only will you get the self-adhesive tape, but also it will be easily installed. Versatile and fit in numerous scenes, the size is 13x13x4 inches for a bathroom, cabinet, bookshelf, or kitchen.

13×25-inch Shower Niche

VEVOR 13×25-inch shower wall niche is painstakingly made with machine bending and full welding to achieve sealing and 100% waterproof surface. Combined with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, it keeps rust away and ensures durability. The 92° inner corner design makes for quick draining and is more accessible to clean, which prevents puddles and dirt from accumulating. It has an overall measurement of 13x25x4 inches. Therefore, it is versatile and perfect for use in different scenes, such as the bathroom, kitchen, cabinet and bookshelf. Relish the clean and dry atmosphere that this shower can provide when used in a dry and sanitary manner.

16×50-inch Shower Niche

Thanks to the triple waterproof substrate found in the VEVOR 16×50-inch shower wall niche, which consists of XPS extruded foam board, cement mortar, and waterproof coating, the walls are completely sealed and waterproof. The robust XPS foam board is manageable and lightweight. The surface is reinforced with glass fiber mesh fabric and double-layer cement mortar for increased strength and load-bearing capability. These shower niche shelves come with a free installation kit, which makes easy installation possible and doesn't require any complicated steps. Their total measurements, 16 x 50 x 4 inches, make them adaptable to various settings, such as kitchens, baths, cupboards, and bookcases.

Why VEVOR For Shower Niches?

From VEVOR cleaning supplies select our niche to fulfill your niche for shower requirements and have the best quality and choice as your reward. With a range of products from tile niches to shower wall niches, and even above, VEVOR provides each style from soap niche to long shower niche to meet every bathroom need. The construction of your shower wall niche will be with top-quality materials that will assure durability and long service life. Moreover, you can afford a style upgrade without draining your wallet. Keep the bar high when it comes to storage options. It is not worth it to stay with unsatisfactory storage. Hit the VEVOR sale; it will provide comfort and fashionable style in its upscale shower niches. Discover our range of products on your next shopping trip, and let the improvements transform your bathroom immediately.

FAQs About Shower Niche

Q1: What is the optimal depth for a Redi Niche to ensure compatibility with standard shower walls?

A1: The depths of a Redi Niche vary between 3.75 to 4 inches in most cases to fit the standard shower walls and trays.

Q2: Can a shower niche insert be installed in shower walls constructed from materials other than ceramic or porcelain?

A2. Yes, the shower niche insert can be installed on the shower walls made of fiberglass, acrylic, or stone, provided that you follow the required installation techniques.

Q3: Are there specialized tools or equipment required for cutting openings in shower walls to accommodate a shower niche insert?

A3: A beveled or hole saw may be necessary for cutting openings in the shower wall to accommodate a shower niche insert, depending on the type of wall material and installation method.