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VEVOR Manual Trolley, 1100 LBS/0.5T Load Capacity Beam Trolley, 2.5-8 inch Adjustable Width Push Beam with Dual Wheels
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Push Beam Trolley

Push Beam Trolley for Efficient Material Handling at Your Workspace

Are you seeking the ultimate in lifting efficiency? Check out the VEVOR range of beam trolleys. Specifically, our push beam trolley options are engineered to be highly functional, making them a go-to for all your hefty lifting tasks.

Our I-beam trolleys aren't just built to last—they're also straightforward to operate. With built-in adjustment holes, these push trolleys let you shift heavy items with pinpoint control and utmost safety.

Choose the Beam Trolley That’s Right for You at VEVOR

At VEVOR, we offer beam trolleys to suit every industrial requirement. So, take your pick from our well-curated selection of reliable trolleys.

Push Beam Trolley

We are looking for a trolley that’s both strong and versatile. Try our push beam trolley. It’s sturdy enough to lift various weights and flexible for different industrial setups.


Handles Heavy Stuff with Ease

Quick and Simple Setup

Versatile for Different Jobs


Periodic Maintenance Needed

Standard I-Beam Trolley

Budget-conscious? Our I-beam trolley offers a pocket-friendly yet solid option for lighter lifting jobs. It’s sleek, simple, and does what it’s supposed to.


Won’t Break the Bank

Clean, Simple Design

User-Friendly Operation


Not for Big Lifting Jobs

Premium Push Trolley

If you're looking for a trolley that can take on some serious weight, don't miss our Premium Push Trolleys. These are the go-to for heavy-duty work, fitted with specialized bearings to make the operation as smooth as possible.


Built to Last

Customized Bearings Ensure Smooth Rolling

Able to Carry Big Loads


A Bit on the Higher End of the Price Scale

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Beam Trolley at VEVOR

Weight Requirements

Before buying, think about how much weight your trolley needs to carry. You'll want to pick a push beam trolley or I-beam trolley that can quickly handle your load to keep things safe and extend the life of the trolley.

Setup Simplicity

Time is money. You want to spend only a little while setting up your new trolley. Ensure the one you're buying is easy to assemble, saving you time and stress in the long run.

Flexible Use

Different jobs require trolleys to fit various sizes of I-beams. Go for a push beam trolley that's adjustable to work in multiple settings. This will give you more value and utility for your money.

Cost and Your Budget

Last but not least, keep an eye on your wallet. While it might be tempting to go cheap, remember you're also looking for quality. Strive for a balance—pick an affordable, sturdy, and reliable beam trolley or I-beam trolley.

Core Features of a Push Beam Trolley and Guidelines for Upkeep

A push beam trolley is critical for heavy lifting in industrial settings. These handy devices slide along different types of I-beam trolleys, making them versatile. If you're concerned about fit, don't be. The clamps and flanges on push and I-beam trolleys are adjustable, ensuring a snug fit on different-sized beams.

And remember to upkeep your beam trolley. Regular checks for wear or damage are a must. A simple wipe-down with a lint-free cloth removes dust and keeps your gear in good working order.

Top-Performing Beam Trolleys From VEVOR 

If you're in the market for a dependable beam trolley or push-beam trolley, VEVOR's wide range of options is worth a look. Let's look into some of their top models:

VEVOR Push Beam Trolley 2200lbs

Need versatility? The curved i-beam trolley system is up for various tasks, thanks to its 2200lb weight capacity. Its adjustability and compatibility with multiple I-beams set it apart, making it a true all-rounder in the industrial world.

VEVOR 5 Ton I Beam Trolley

Do heavy lifting to do? Consider this 5-ton I-beam trolley. It's a beast that can easily take on up to 11,000 lbs. Safety and durability are built into its design, so you can trust it with your heaviest jobs.

VEVOR Manual Trolley System

Are you facing a layout with many twists and turns? The manual trolley System is made for you. With its support of up to 2200 lbs, this trolley is versatile enough for various jobs and can navigate curves without any hitches.

Small Beam Trolley from VEVOR

If you're tackling lighter projects, consider our small beam trolley, which can handle weights up to 1100 lbs. Easy to assemble and maneuver, it's a more compact industrial area.

Why Choose VEVOR for Your Beam Trolley Needs?

If you're seeking the best options for beam or push beam trolleys, VEVOR is where you should look first. Here's why:

Budget-Friendly Choices

VEVOR offers a variety of push trolley models to match any budget. Despite the friendly price tags, each trolley maintains a high level of quality, making it a smart buy for small and large companies.

Built to Last

You're investing in a long-lasting product when you choose an I-beam trolley or push-beam trolley from VEVOR. Every unit undergoes strict quality checks to ensure robustness and effective performance, offering you great value for your money.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Questions about an I-beam trolley or a push trolley? No worries. VEVOR customer care team quickly responds and offers valuable solutions to any queries, ensuring a hassle-free purchasing journey from start to finish.

FAQs About Push Beam Trolley

Q1: Does VEVOR have small beam trolleys?

A1: Absolutely. VEVOR offers small beam trolleys ideal for lighter jobs around the home or in smaller industrial spaces.

Q2: Can VEVOR trolleys handle curved tracks?

A2: You bet. VEVOR curved I-beam trolley systems work great on straight and curved tracks, giving you more flexibility.

Q3: What exactly is a beam trolley?

A3: A beam trolley is a device that moves along an I-beam, helpful in lifting and transporting heavy items. VEVOR offers a variety of these, suited for both industrial and personal applications.