VEVOR Endoscope Camera Borescope Inspection Camera Triple Lens 4.5" IPS

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  • Triple Lens for More Field View: Don't let tight pipes scare you! This three-lens endoscope features one camera on the front and two on the side, allowing you to inspect areas from different angles. With different focal ranges, it will provide a larger field of view and sharper images, definitely born for internal engine cylinder and pipeline inspections.
  • See Beyond the Standard: Screen resolution: 854 x 450, lens resolution: 1920 x 1080. Both provide advanced resolution for clear pictures, whether completing overall inspections or looking for specific details. Additionally, the upgraded large 4.5-inch IPS screen delivers a crystal-clear image and video with sharp, true colors. Unique 180° image rotation function facilitates more convenience for your work. Change the way you inspect hard-to-reach space with VEVOR.
  • For All Your Convenience: The 16.4 ft semi-rigid cable provides a good blend of flexibility and rigidity while navigating through tight spaces. A slim, IP67 waterproof, oil-proof 8 mm diameter lens allows access to the difficult-to-reach areas. And the borescope has 8 lights with 3 adjustable brightness levels to provide enough light for darker situations.
  • Operate Longer & Store More: Our 2860mAh battery can support up to 4-5 hours of continuous operation. Once you're done, simply recharge it with the USB charger. We also include a 32 GB TF card that stores pictures or videos. The hook, magnet, and protective cap accessories can help retrieve lost items from hard-to-reach places.
  • One Endoscope, Multiple Uses: VEVOR's endoscope camera helps you locate invisible problems and troubleshoot them in a snap. It is applicable in auto engine inspections, sewer checks, HVAC ducts inspections, industrial pipelines checking, etc. Say goodbye to difficult-to-reach space. Just do the impossible with VEVOR’s borescope inspection camera.
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Easy to use
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good product

for the price it is very good it worked well for me and it brings several functions, very good equipment.

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This works way better than I thought it would. It has a detachable camera cable for the camera which makes it great for storage. The mount for where the cable plugs in locks and is well designed. It uses a rechargeable battery that's built in and it comes with a SD card. It also has a few attachments for the end of the cable end for grabbing items that may have been dropped where only the camera cable end can go. The light on the end of the cable end is very bright and makes for a easy view of whatever your looking at.

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Bill F

Nice scope, but really needs a case

This is a nice 3 lens borescope. For those who have not used a borescope before, it is a camera mounted on the end of a 16ft (5m) long semi-rigid cable. This model has 3 camera lenses, one in the front and two opposing lenses on the side. Each has LED lighting with three brightness levels. One thing to to know about these scopes is that they are relatively difficult to manuver to get them pointed at what you want to see. On a normal 2 lens scope, what you want to see may be on the other side of the cable, meaning you would have to rotate the cable 180 degrees, which is not very easy to do. With a 3 lens camera, what you want to see will be at most 90 degress away from a camera lens, make it much easier.This model has a detechable cable, which makes it easier to store, and also allows you to view pre-recorded photos and videos without the cable being attached, which is significantly more convenient.I found this scope to have above average image quality, but the camera cable it just slightly less rigid than others I used. The controls are intuitive, and I had no issues taking and reviewing both videos and photos, selecting between lenses, selected brightness, etc. Overall it is a very good scope.One very notable flaw however is the lack of a storage case or even a servicable box. The box it arrives in doubles as the shipping box, and there is not closable flap. I would have to tape the box shut after every use. It looks like a case is about $16 to $20, and since the box is so poor, I look at it as a mandatory expense with this model.Once you add in the expense of a case, this scope is at the same price point as other 3 lens scopes with more features and/or larger screens. If the lack of a case or servicable box doesn't bother you, this scope would be a good choice.I personally consider both an 8mm three lens (like this one) and a 3.9mm skinny scope to both be necessities. I regulary use both. I wish someone would come out with a scope like this and include both an 8mm

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Great boroscope / endoscopic camera!

This Vevor boroscope/endoscopic camera is really excellent! Basically three cameras in one, camera A on the tip, camera B on the left side, camera C on the right side; each with its own adjustable brightness light. The image can also be rotated on the screen in 90 degree increments to make the image easier to interpret. A very good feature of this Vevor camera ks the connection of the camera cable to the display unit, this connection is very strong and secure. Camera images are stored onto a removable micro-SD card, for which a 32GB card was included. I will say that the SD card is a bit difficult to remove for transferring images to my computer, I had to use tweezers to get it out; a minor detail really. The setup menu is pretty comprehensive and easy to understand and use. At its price this camera is quite a good value in my opinion. I also have a similar camera as this that wirelessly connects to my phone for the display which works fine, but has only a single camera on its tip; I personally find it easier to manipulate this camera with its integrated display than fumbling around with two devices.

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Very pleased w this product. Will be buying more from this company everything I've ordered has been up to par and some

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