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Jerry Cans

Explore The Multi-Use Fluid Carrying Containers with VEVOR's Jerry Cans

The unassuming German invention during World War II, Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister, has evolved over the years to become a large part of our everyday life. This container has not only evolved in name but has also evolved in use and is made to serve many purposes today.

Although it started by serving military uses, jerry cans are also used by civilians these days. Jerry cans are now essentials in fuel storing, transporting, and safekeeping. As a leading manufacturer of machines and accessories, it is not surprising that VEVOR is a leading jerry can manufacturer, churning out tons of quality jerry cans regularly.

What Are Jerrycans?

Jerry cans are specialized containers that effectively and safely store and transport liquids. It is made of durable materials like plastic, steel, and sometimes aluminum to ensure it can effectively hold its contents and doesn't rust easily.

Its distinctive rectangular shape, sometimes square, allows for easy stacking and storage. Also, it has a good handle for easy transport. This handle can be a part of its body, making it last longer, and can be a different component attached to the body to ensure effective storage.

Also, it includes a rubber gasket and a secure cap to prevent leaks and spillage, making it an ideal container to store even volatile fluids.

Purposes of Jerry Cans

Since their inception, jerry cans have proven to be thoughtful and useful innovations. Their use has spread from the military to civilian, and they have also found themselves in our everyday uses.

The primary use of jerry cans is still maintained to date. They are used to transport and store fuel. It is a perfect choice for this task because of its secure caps, preventing leaks and storage. Similarly, they are used to package, store, and transport liquid food items like cooking oil.

Also, jerry cans are used in agricultural and other industries to store chemicals that may or may not have been hazardous. Farmers also use jerry cans to transport water to remote farm sites. Campers and hikers also depend on jerry cans to carry water on their expeditions, making them valuable for outdoor recreation.

Various Types and Functions Of Jerry Cans

With their various uses and needs, manufacturers make jerry cans in different sizes, shapes, and materials. They include:

Standard Jerry Cans: They are the classic everyday jerry cans that can store water, fuel, etc.

Military Jerry Cans: These jerry cans have maintained their original use for jerry cans, playing an important role in military operations. They are more rugged and durable than the others.

Collapsible Jerry Cans: These jerry cans can be collapsed into a sheet or other smaller version for better storage and transport when not in use.

UN-Approved Jerry Cans: These are jerry cans that are highly regulated and can only be used in line with UN regulations. They are used to transport flammable and hazardous materials.

Double-Walled Jerry Cans: These jerry cans have inner and outer layers to transport and store liquids at a certain temperature, whether hot or cold.

Food-Grade Jerry Cans: These are used in places like refugee camps and disaster areas to transport and store food.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Jerry Can

There are some factors you should consider when buying a jerry gas can. Careful consideration of these points will not only ensure you buy the best can for your needs, but it will also help you maximize your money. They include:

● Consider the material that the fuel jerry can is made of to ascertain if it can work for your needs.

● Also, check the capacity to ensure it can serve you effectively. For instance, a 5-gallon jerry can serve a hiker who needs water on his exhibition but not a person who needs to store water for a household.

● You should ensure that a jerry can comply with all regulations and is safe for the liquid you want to store with it. Also, ensure you will not be breaking any laws by using the jerry can for a particular purpose. In advance, check the safety features like the cap gasket, among others, to ensure there won't be leaks or environmental hazards.

● Also, ascertain that the shape of the cans will allow you to store them easily.

● Before purchasing a jerry can for fuel from a brand, check to ensure that the brand is reliable. A trustworthy brand will not only give you a durable product, but you can always rely on the information provided by them, both on the label or other medium.

Why Choose VEVOR?

As unassuming as they seem, fuel jerry cans are important parts of machine and vehicle use. Also, just as it crossed the Rubicon from military to civilian, its uses have exceeded machine needs to everyday needs. Therefore, it is important to go for a high-quality and durable jerry can for gasoline and other liquids.

VEVOR has put years of commitment into the production of machines and their accessories. No matter how little a product seems, we put years of research into perfecting it and giving you the best possible. You are guaranteed durable jerry cans that are built to last when you choose VEVOR. Our durable jerry cans mean you can put your mind at rest for your safety and your environment.

You also get to save a lot when you purchase from us without needing to buy the same products over and over. What's more? VEVOR's jerry cans are built with you, the user, in mind. They are made with strong handles for easy carrying and great shapes for storing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Hose Reels

Q: Are jerry cans safe for storing and transporting liquids?

Jerry cans are generally safe for transporting and sorting liquids. In fact, that's their major producing purpose. However, you should read the label to ensure that a jerry can is okay to store the liquid you want to store in it. Also, ensure proper ventilation and handling when using a gas jerry can to store flammable liquids.

Q: Are there regulations and safety guidelines for using jerry cans?

Yes, jerry cans can have regulations and guidelines. This is especially possible when the jerry cans are used to store flammable or hazardous liquid. These regulations include requirements on labeling, packaging, storing, and transporting.

Q: How should I clean and maintain my jerry cans?

When cleaning your jerry cans, you must ensure safety first. Wear appropriate safety gear and stay in a well-ventilated area. Proceed to empty the can and rinse thoroughly. Then, scrub the interior, rinse again, and allow to dry. It's preferable that it dries in a naturally ventilated area.