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Gear Pump

Powerful Log Splitter Hydraulic Pump for Smooth Operation

The log splitter hydraulic pump provides hydraulic power to split logs conveniently. It attaches to the log splitter engine to produce high pressure ranging from 2500 PSI to 3000 PSI. The VEVOR log splitter hydraulic pump has a versatile design for use with the press, machine tools, and snowplow power units.

VEVOR is a market leader and manufactures the top-quality wood splitter hydraulic pump range with hi-tech features. The wood splitter hydraulic pump has a complete kit, including a hydraulic directional control valve, installation base, coupling ranch, etc. The installation and operations are effortless to make the process seamless. The pump is corrosion-resistant with a robust design to ensure durability.

Multiple Wood Splitter Hydraulic Pump Types

There’s a variety of log splitter pump types available in the market. These have different capacities and mechanisms. Here are the common log splitter pump types that you can buy:

2 Stage Hydraulic Pump

The 2 stage hydraulic pump has two distinct gear or piston mechanisms to produce high and low pressure in two stages. Its design enables versatile operations per your requirements. Depending on your pressure needs, you can use the low-pressure or high-pressure stage. It is ideal for varying wood log sizes. The 2 stage hydraulic pump is energy-efficient and makes the process seamless.

Gear Pump Log Splitter

The gear pump log splitter consists of interlocking gears that produce hydraulic pressure with a rotational effect. It is a cost-effective solution with simple construction for low-pressure needs. For convenient use, you can attach the pump with a backyard log splitter system. This log splitter pump is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance compared to other types.

Axial Wood Splitter Pump

The axial wood splitter pump uses a piston mechanism to generate pressure. It is ideal for high-pressure requirements for heavy logs. The axial wood splitter pump is comparatively efficient but more costly than its counterparts. If you have professional operations and deal with heavy logs, select an axial stage log splitter with a high-pressure capacity.

Things to Consider When Buying Log Splitter Pumps

Log splitter pumps come at hefty costs; it's crucial to consider a few things to make your purchase the best buy. Here's all you need to know before going on a hunt for log splitter pumps:

Engine Size Compatibility

Wood splitter pumps must be compatible with your engine size. You should compare speed, horsepower, and flow rates to check compatibility. The standard wood splitter pumps with a 12 GPM flow rate need a 6.5 HP engine to operate efficiently. You should also check inlet and outlet sizes to match the engine you'll use. The shaft length and diameter are crucial to ensure compatibility with wood splitter pumps.

Pressure Requirements

You should also determine your pressure requirements. It will depend on the log/wood types you want to split. The pressure translates to force, and the pump for log splitter measures force in tons. A 3000 PSI pump will generate around 22 to 28 tons of force to split dry wood logs.

Superior Quality

The build quality is critical to ensure durability and longevity in the pump or aluminium alloy body; the continuous interaction with fluids makes the pump for log splitter prone to rust. In high-pressure operations, leaks in hydraulic pumps for log splitters are also possible. Therefore, you should not disregard the build quality.

Robust Design

From the design perspective, the hydraulic pumps for log splitters must be ergonomic for convenient use. The setup and installation of the hydraulic pump for log splitters must be easy for users. You should select products with a complete installation kit to avoid inconvenience. The inlet and outlet sizes must be versatile for different stage log splitter types. Additionally, the overall design should be sturdy and robust.

Special Maintenance Tips for Hydraulic Pumps for Log Splitters

The pump for wood splitter requires high maintenance for optimal use. You should schedule regular maintenance for the splitter pumps. Start with inspection for leaks and loose connections, as fluid leaks are common in splitter pumps. Before starting the hydraulic pumps, ensure there's no air trapped inside. Lubricate the moving components in hydraulic pumps to ensure frictionless operations.

Moreover, keep the pump clean to avoid rust build-up and excessive wear. Also, control the temperature because high temperatures can affect durability and longevity. You should also keep a replacement pump in case the pump for wood splitter malfunctions you can use the replacement pump.

VEVOR High-Quality Pump for Wood Splitter

VEVOR manufactures high-quality 2-stage hydraulic pumps with ergonomic design features. It has a wide product range with different capacities. The VEVOR 2-stage hydraulic pumps are efficient and durable. Let's explore:

VEVOR Hydraulic Log Splitter Pump 11 GPM 2-Stage 3000 PSI Capacity

Get the VEVOR hydraulic log splitter pump with 11 GPM capacity. It has a rugged aluminum alloy body and low-noise operation. Explore more!

VEVOR Hydraulic Pump Kit 22 GPM 2-Stage 4000 PSI Capacity

The VEVOR Hydraulic Pump with a 22 GPM flow rate includes a complete installation kit for convenient use. It is highly compatible with different engines and has multiple adjustment features.

VEVOR Hydraulic Wood Splitter Pump 3000 PSI 2-Stage 13 GPM Capacity

The VEVOR 2-Stage Hydraulic Wood Splitter Pump with 13 GPM Capacity is a high-speed and high-force pump. It has a robust design with a durable aluminum alloy build. Discover more!

VEVOR Hydraulic Pump 16 GPM 2-Stage Pump

Explore the VEVOR Hydraulic Pump 16 GPM 2-Stage Pump with ergonomic design and advanced features. The pump has simple installation and cross-functional use.

VEVOR Log Splitter Pump Kit 16 GPM Capacity

Use the VEVOR Log Splitter Pump Kit 16 GPM Capacity with log splitters, press, machine tools, power units for snowplows, etc. It is versatile with high compatibility.

Why Choose VEVOR Hydraulic Pump for Log Splitter

VEVOR has the best range of 2-stage hydraulic gear pumps for log splitters. The VEVOR pumps are versatile and highly compatible with different engines. The product quality is exceptional, with a robust design. The rust-resistant aluminum alloy body helps ensure longevity and durability. The pumps come with an installation kit and are easy to operate.

VEVOR pumps come with budget-friendly price tags and advanced features. The VEVOR brand value depends on customers; it's the reason VEVOR doesn't compromise on price and quality. Moreover, they have dedicated customer support channels to answer your queries and assist you in making purchases.

FAQs About Hydraulic Pump for Log Splitter

Q1: What is a two-stage log splitter hydraulic pump?

A1: A two-stage hydraulic pump operates in two stages with different cycle times. The upper stage operates at low pressure and high flow. The lower stage operates at high pressure and low flow at specific cycle times. Both stages have particular applications.

Q2: What does the flow rate of the log splitter hydraulic pump show?

A2: The flow rate determines the speed and force of the hydraulic pump. A 28 GPM hydraulic pump will operate at 3600 RPM, generating up to 4000 PSI pressure. If you require a high-pressure pump, choose at least 28 GPM flow rate.

Q3: What fluid type is best for a log splitter hydraulic pump?

A3: You should check the manufacturer guidelines for the suitable fluid type. Avoid using random fluid because it can affect the operation of the pump. The fluid standards must meet the pump specifications.