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Commercial Outdoor Grills

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with VEVOR’s Commercial Outdoor Grills

Commercial outdoor grills play a crucial role in the realm of outdoor cooking, bringing convenience and versatility to various culinary endeavors. With powerful burners, precise control of the heat source, and ample cooking space, these grills offer an optimal cooking, smoking, and baking environment for chefs.

The functionality, benefits, and usage scenarios of grills for commercial purpose are worth exploring. With its durable construction, user-friendly controls, and innovative features, VEVOR is a well-renowned brand that provides culinary equipment to the industry. In this article, we will explore the world of grills, discuss their importance, and provide insights on choosing the best option for your needs.

Classification of Commercial Outdoor Grills Based on Fuel

Commercial grills come in various types. Understanding the classification of these cooking grates based on fuel is essential for selecting the right equipment. Let's explore three popular types of outdoor park grills based on their fuel source:

Commercial Gas Grills:

Commercial gas grills are renowned for their efficiency and power, utilizing either propane or natural gas as fuel. Equipped with multiple burners and precise control of the heat source, these grills offer consistent heat distribution, making them ideal for high-volume cooking in professional settings. With their convenience and reliability, commercial gas grills have become a staple in many restaurants, and outdoor event venues.

Commercial BBQ Grills:

Commercial BBQ grills embrace the traditional charm of charcoal grilling, delivering a distinct smoky aroma. Charcoal grills are known for their ability to sear meats and impart a delicious, smoky taste to food. These grills enable chefs to achieve the desired level of char and tenderness. From the range of BBQ grill commercial options, Commercial BBQ grills are favored by those who appreciate the nostalgic experience of charcoal grilling.

Commercial Propane Grills:

Commercial Propane Grills is a perfect option for those who are in need of a portable and convenient grilling solution. Powered by easily replaceable propane tanks, these grills can be effortlessly transported to various outdoor locations. Commercial Propane grills are equipped with compact designs and features like folding legs and detachable side shelves, making them ideal for mobile catering, food trucks, and outdoor cooking events.

Classification of Commercial Outdoor Grills Based on Usage Scenarios

Grills based on usage scenarios can be classified into the following types of grills taking into account the specific needs and requirements of different outdoor cooking settings.

Single Pedestal Grills:

Single pedestal grills are designed with a compact and space-efficient layout. These grills are perfect for intimate gatherings, patios, and limited outdoor spaces. Despite their smaller size, these grills still offer impressive cooking capabilities, typically equipped with a single burner and a moderate-sized cooking surface. 

Commercial Park Grills:

Commercial park grills are built to withstand the rigors of extended outdoor use in public spaces such as parks, campgrounds, and recreational areas. These outdoor grills for parks feature heavy-duty construction, to ensure longevity and withstand exposure to the elements. Grills for park typically offer larger cooking surfaces, multiple burners, and sturdy designs that can withstand high usage and heavy-duty cooking.

Large Group Grills:

For events and parties that require cooking for a large number of people, large-group grills are the ideal choice. These grills are specifically designed to accommodate high cooking volumes and provide ample cooking space. They often feature multiple burners, expansive grilling surfaces, and additional features like rotisserie attachments or warming racks. Large group grills excel at efficiently cooking large quantities of food, making them perfect for catering businesses and outdoor festivals.

Key Features of Commercial Outdoor Grills

Versatile Cooking Surfaces:

The grills boast versatile surfaces that cater to various ingredients and recipes. These grills often come with adjustable grates or grids, allowing chefs to customize the cooking surface according to the specific requirements of different foods.

Durable Construction:

The grills are typically crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or cast iron, ensuring longevity and resistance to rust, corrosion, and other outdoor wear and tear.

Customizable Options:

Outdoor grills often offer customizable options with a variety of additional accessories and grill surface attachments. These options can include rotisserie kits, side burners, griddle plates, smoker boxes, and more. 

Easy Assembly and Installation:

To ensure a hassle-free experience, the grills are designed for easy assembly and installation. They come with clear instructions and user-friendly features that simplify the setup process.

Temperature Control and Monitoring:

The grills offer monitoring and precise temperature control features, allowing chefs to adjust grill surface temperature to suit different cooking techniques.

Safety Features:

For safety reasons grills are equipped with various safety features to protect against accidents and mishaps. These may include heat shields, automatic shut-off valves, heat-resistant handles.

Portability and Mobility:

Many commercial grills have wheels for easy transportation, foldable or detachable components, removable grills, and lightweight designs for effortless mobility.

Design and Aesthetics:

Commercial outdoor park grills come in a variety of visually appealing styles, sleek finishes, and modern designs. 

Recommended VEVOR Outdoor Grill: VEVOR Electric BBQ Rotisserie Grill Kit

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor cooking with our high-quality BBQ grill commercial model. This grill is specifically designed for professional use.

The VEVOR 46'' Electric BBQ Rotisserie Grill Kit has a generous spit length of 117 cm/46" that provides ample space to cook large cuts of meat. Due to its sturdy stainless steel construction, it can bear a load of 40.8 kg/90 lbs. The 32W motor power combined with a speed of 4RPM ensures even and consistent rotation. With adjustable heights ranging from 17" to 31", you have full control over the distance between the heat source and your food. Weighing just 11.85 kg/26.1 lbs, the VEVOR Electric BBQ Rotisserie Grill Kit is portable and convenient to use. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, camping trip, or tailgate party, this grill kit is a perfect companion for any outdoor gathering.

Benefits and Advantages for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

  • The ability to handle 90 lbs allows you to roast whole animals.

  • The powerful rotisserie motor eliminates the need for manual spinning.

  • The effortless height adjustment feature allows precise control over the cooking temperature. 

  • The heavy-duty stainless steel grates can withstand high temperatures, retaining heat for even cooking.

How VEVOR Can Provide an Ideal Solution for Outdoor Cooking Needs

VEVOR, as a reputable brand, is committed to providing ideal solutions for outdoor cooking needs. VEVOR offer a high-quality and feature-rich products that meet the demands of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. 

FAQs about commercial outdoor grills

What type of grill is best for BBQ?

The best type of grill for BBQ largely depends on personal preferences and specific cooking needs. However, many BBQ enthusiasts prefer charcoal grills for their ability to impart a smoky flavor to the food. Gas grills are another popular option due to their convenience, quick heating, and ease of use.

Are more expensive grills worth it?

While the price of a grill is an important consideration, more expensive grills often come with added features like high quality stainless steel grates, removable grills, and enhanced durability. These grills may offer superior temperature control, higher-quality materials, and advanced functionalities.

What grill is used for restaurants?

Restaurants often rely on commercial-grade grills that can handle high-volume cooking. The most commonly used grills in restaurants are gas grills. These grills provide quick and consistent heat, making them ideal for busy kitchens.

Can you recommend a highly-rated commercial outdoor grill from VEVOR?

Yes, a highly rated outdoor grill from VEVOR is the VEVOR 46'' Electric BBQ Rotisserie Grill Kit. This grill offers exceptional features and performance. It boasts a spacious cooking area, powerful burners for efficient heat distribution, and adjustable temperature control for precise cooking. The grill is constructed with durable materials like cast iron to withstand heavy usage and comes with additional features such as side shelves.


Commercial outdoor grills offer a wide range of benefits, including high cooking capacity, excellent heat distribution, versatility, and visual appeal. Whether you own a restaurant, a food truck, or a catering business, investing in a grill can enhance your culinary offerings and attract more customers.