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Cell Phone Lockers

User-friendly Cell Phone Lockers with Convenient Design

Cell phone lockers provide secure phone storage; you will often find them at educational institutes, workplaces, gyms, etc. You can keep your phone and small personal valuables safely and securely in these phone lockers. They usually have key locks or resettable combination locks to provide maximum security.

VEVOR has a high-quality cell phone locker range with flexible designs to get them wall-mounted or surface-mounted as per convenience. Each cell phone locker has adequate space to hold a cell phone or tablet PC and other small personal valuables. Moreover, every cell phone locker has a unique key with a laser-engraved code for better usability.

Different Phone Locker Types Available in the Market

There are multiple phone locker types available in the market. The difference is in the lock mechanism or overall design. Let’s explore;

Surface-mounted Mounted Phone Locker

A surface-mounted cell phone locker covers floor space; it is easy to move, and you can place it anywhere around your workplace. You should only opt for this cell phone locker If you have limited wall height but enough space available. Some of these lockers may have critical locks, while others may have resettable combination locks.

The wall-mounted cell phone storage lockers have recessed-mounted units with key locks or combination locks. The recessed-mounted units don't cover floor space and are highly space-saving. You can use these if you have sufficient wall space available. However, you will require proper installation, unlike surface-mounted cell phone storage lockers.

Custom Phone Lockers

You can also get custom phone lockers from the market. These will include features like a plastic cardholder, card-included slots, custom engraved doors, black-filled doors for privacy, and more. You can also customize lockers to add a flexible grommet for device charging cables. Some of these features are available in all lockers, but you can customize them to incorporate the organization name, logo, etc.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Phone Lockers

When purchasing phone lockers, be mindful of a few things. These will help you make a sound purchase and make your investment fruitful.

Size and Configuration

Be mindful of the size requirements and configuration. Measure the available space in the area and check lockers that will fit in the space. The size by number of cabinets is also crucial; if you want cell phone lockers for schools, you will need a high number of lockers. The space inside the locker should also be enough for a tablet PC. Similarly, the configuration, like matrix-style, tower-style, etc., will depend on your preferences.

Quality and Durability

Product quality and durability are critical when selecting cell phone lockers. Always choose products made from high-quality plastic or ultra-durable metal, in both cases considered durable powder coat and other protective coatings for increased longevity. The durable powder coat resists rust (in metal lockers) and scratch wear (in plastic lockers). The hinges and locks’ quality is also crucial for better usability.

Design and Functionality

Always look for unique design elements in lockers like a flexible grommet for device charging cables, custom engraved doors, black-filled panels for privacy, a plastic cardholder, card-included doors, etc. These features add to the functionality of phone lockers. Additionally, you should carefully choose between wall-mount and surface-mount lockers as per the available space. If you want cell phone lockers for classrooms, height should also be a consideration.

Budget and User Friendliness

Keep a budget range in mind and look at options within your budget range; it will make your purchase process easy. Try to find a balance between price, quality, and features. Whether you want a cell phone locker for school or a cell phone locker for employees, you shouldn't disregard user-friendliness. Choose an easy locking mechanism and convenient design with adequate reachability.

Special Maintenance Tips for Phone Lockers

Cell phone lockers don't require much maintenance, but some best practices can increase their usability, durability and longevity. For enhanced security, test the locks from time to time to check their proper functioning. Inspect the installations, like mounting brackets and screws, because they lose over time or become unstable.

Always clean the lockers with mild cleaning solutions to remove scratches and keep them in good condition. You can also lubricate the cell phone locker door hinges for smooth functioning because the front access panel swings on a continuous hinge, and lubrication will enhance its functionality.

High-quality VEVOR Cell Phone Lockers with Secure Locks

VEVOR has high-quality cell phone lockers with unique features and maximum security. Let’s explore what’s on offer;

VEVOR Metal Cell Phone Locker for Employees with 9 Cabinets

Get the VEVOR Metal Locker in grey steel colour with a key-based magnetic locking system. It has a robust design with ultra-durable thickened steel. Each cabinet has ventilation holes and a name slot for added convenience.

VEVOR Cell Phone Storage Locker with 20 Slots and Acrylic Material Build

VEVOR Acrylic Phone Locker has a transparent design with a key-locking system. The acrylic material is durable and lightweight. With 20 transparent cabinets and name card slots, it's the best cell phone locker for classrooms.

VEVOR Metal Cell Phone Locker for Classrooms with 9 Cabinets

Are you looking for a trendy option? The VEVOR Metal Locker has a coloured cell phone locker door with a high-security key-locking system. It is easy to install and comes with reserved mounting holes.

VEVOR Cell Phone Storage Locker with 10 Slots and Acrylic Material Build

The VEVOR Acrylic Material Phone Locker has ten slots and a highly functional design. You can mount it on the surface or wall as per your needs. It comes with complete installation accessories and has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

Why Choose VEVOR Cell Phone Lockers

VEVOR has a variety of lockers with highly functional designs and easy installation. All lockers have adequate space and added features like name card slots, engraved numberings, and ventilated door panels to keep them odour-free—moreover, The front access panel swings on a continuous hinge for smooth operation. VEVOR uses high-quality locks with two keys for each cabinet to provide maximum security.

VEVOR values its customers and always offers market-competitive prices. The VEVOR products take an edge in quality from Salsbury Industries; Salsbury Industries don't focus on quality, and their products lack functionality. VEVOR is a market leader and produces the best products. Get in touch with our customer support to learn more!

FAQs About Cell Phone Storage Lockers

Q1: Are door-high phone lockers convenient to use?

A1: Door-high phone lockers are convenient to use because the users can easily reach the top lockers. The height is a crucial consideration when buying lockers; you should select adequate height per your requirements.

Q2: What is the difference between Salsbury 19100 series cell phone lockers and VEVOR Phone lockers?

A2: The Salsbury 19100 series cell phone lockers have an aluminium body, which is not stable and wears rapidly. However, the VEVOR phone lockers are made from strengthened steel and are highly steady, with high-quality locks and unique features.

Q3: What is the use of ISO 9001 2015 certified phone lockers?

A2: Some building codes may require ISO 9001 2015 certified phone lockers. These lockers meet the international standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO).