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Band Saw Blades

Cutting meat may be a laborious task most of the time, and if you're in a rush because your guests are about to arrive, you could feel compelled to get a meat band saw blade in order to speed up the process. The meat band saw blades offered by VEVOR are designed to cater to a wide variety of cutting requirements, from the meticulous slicing of fish and poultry to the precise removal of bone from meat. All band saw blades for cutting meat are created with the goal of reducing expenses associated with the cutting process by making precise cuts that result in very little wasteage. Butcher saw blades sold by VEVOR have had their teeth subjected to high-frequency tempering. This treatment makes the teeth more resistant to wear and strain, ensuring that the blades will cut cleanly, quickly, and evenly.

VEVOR Band Saw Blade, 65x0.6x0.02 inch
The band saw blades from VEVOR measure 65"x0.6"x0.02," allowing you to make clean cuts and uniform chunks of meat and bones. This saw blade is perfect if your The old one has dulled to the point that it no longer makes clean cuts. Frozen meats and bones are no match for the high-strength 65 Mn Carbon Steel and 4-TPI tooth density of this knife. Moreover, there is no effort required to clear away the bone dust or to set up the software on your devices.

Types of VEVOR's Meat Band Saw Blade

VEVOR Band Saw Blade, 65x0.6x0.02 inch
This meat band saw blade model 1650 has five blades made up of Carbon Steel with an overall length of 65" / 1650 mm, width: 0.6" / 16.5 mm, and thickness: 0.02" / 0.5 mm. Its teeth density is 4 TPI, and the hardness of its belt is 44 HRC. The item weight is 0.24 lbs / 0.11 kg.

Main Features and Functionality of Meat Band Saw Blade
The following are the key functional features of this meat band saw blade:

5 Saw Blade Pieces
The band saw blades for replacing old ones in your meat bone cutters are available here. The dimensions of this item are as follows: length = 65" / 1650 mm; width = 0.6" / 16.5 mm; thickness = 0.02" / 0.5 mm. You'll get five in a package, which should be plenty to saw through whatever volume of raw materials you need. In addition, each blade is protected from rust with a separate sheet of rust-proof parchment before being sent.

Finest Carbon Steel
High -strength carbon steel (65 Mn) is used to craft our meat band saw blades, which are then securely and flawlessly soldered together. The superior components will last far better than the cheap ones that break easily.

Harder Teeth and Belt for Sawing
Both the belt and the saw teeth of our meat-cutting saw blades are of greater toughness, allowing them to withstand frequent use in cutting through a wide variety of food materials. The saw teeth can go up to 64 HRC in hardness, while the belt can achieve 44 HRC. Longer service life is guaranteed by greater toughness.

Solid Teeth for Flat Cutting
High-frequency hardening is used to treat the teeth of our butcher saw blades, making them more durable. cuts. Cutting through flesh with ease, the saw teeth are spaced closely at 4 per inch.

Applications and Benefits of Meat Band Saw Blade
Our industrial meat bone saw machines are interoperable with our band saw blades (5 PCS per box). For usage in commercial kitchens, butcher shops, food processing facilities, and slaughterhouses, they are perfect for slicing through frozen meat, fish, ribs, pigs ' feet, and hard bones. The following advantages are associated with using VEVOR's meat band saw blade:
The saw teeth go through a process called high-frequency hardening, which makes them razor-sharp and capable of slicing through almost all varieties of food .
When the density hits 4 TPI, sawing is guaranteed to be smooth and flat.
Our band saw blades have increased toughness, which enables them to withstand repeated sawing. It is resistant to breaking and has greater longevity because of the hardness of the blade belt, which is 44 HRC, and the teeth, which reach 64 HRC.
In contrast to those that break easily, the meat bandsaw blades that we use are made of high-strength 65 Mn carbon steel and are welded in a way that is both secure and smooth. Width: 0.6 inches, and thickness: 0.02 inches.
The fact that a box of band saw blades has five individual components makes it easy for you to repair any blades on your meat bandsaw machines that have become dull or damaged.
In order to maintain a consistently high level of quality, each one is separately packaged in the paper that prevents rust.
Our band saw blades might be used with a variety of commercial bone slicers, including those that are freestanding and those that are designed to sit on a tabletop.

FAQs About VEVOR Meat Band Saw Blades
1. What is the blade size?
Answer: The blade size offered in this product measures 1650 mm.
2. What material is the blade made from?
Answer. High-strength carbon steel (65 Mn) is used to craft our meat bandsaw blades.
3. Which items can I use these blade saws to slice?
Answer. They are perfect for slicing through frozen meat, fish, ribs, pigs' feet, and hard bones.
4. How many blades are included in this package?
Answer. 5 bands of saw blades are available in the package.
5. What machines are these blades compatible with? Are those machines available at VEVOR?
Answer: Our band saw blades are compatible with different commercial bone-cutting machines, such as the countertop types (JG-210 & HR-250) and the freestanding type (JG-210C). You can find these products at our Bone Saw Machine products page -8f859271e1d9.3
6. What are the meat band saw blade's dimensions?
Answer: Its overall length is 1650 mm, whereas the width and thickness are 016.5 mm and 0.5 mm, respectively.