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Welding Blanket

Discover the Best Welding Blanket at VEVOR

A duty welding blanket protects you from heat and keeps things around you safe. High-quality blankets are thick, provide longevity, and can withstand high temperatures.

A fire blanket for welding helps you take necessary precautions against safety hazards. A top-notch welding fire blanket features flame resistance, versatility, and easy portability. A duty welding blanket is indispensable and provides safety and peace of mind.

Different Kinds of Fire Blankets for Welding are Available

A wide range of fire blankets are available in the market for you to choose from. A sound blanket features different things, and learning about these features will help you decide what to buy.

Fiberglass Fire Blanket

For light-duty welding, they are a popular choice. Fiberglass fabric is first treated, and then a blanket is manufactured. It can easily resist high heat temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F).




Protection from sparks and spatter

Easy to deploy

Affordable price


Not very durable

Silicone-Coated Fire Blanket

Engineered with carbonized felt for light-duty welding, this category comes with a layer of silicone coating on the fabric. It provides excellent protection against molten metal splashes due to the extra coating. 




High heat resistance


Comparatively expensive

Kevlar Fire Blanket

Woven Kevlar fabric is utilized to make a Kevlar Fire welding blanket. Its strength and high resistance to extreme heat make it stand out in the market. They provide excellent protection against sparks and spatter during welding.


Wide application



Saves from molten metal contact



What to Keep in Mind When Getting a Fire Blanket For Welding

When buying a fire welding blanket related to your safety, there is a lot to consider. Your mind will be at ease if you have a well-suited welding fire blanket. Here are a few aspects that you must think about.


Choose a blanket that is effective and resistant to high heat. You need to see if your work is light-duty welding. Different materials have different resistances, so you must decide which suits your work the best. For example, fire blankets made of carbonized felt are highly resistant


Easy-to-move and lightweight welding blankets are preferred as they provide portability and can be used in different situations. It makes them easy to move around. A portable fire welding blanket lets welders quickly adapt to different work environments. 


Choose the option that is low maintenance and reusable. See the instructions provided by the manufacturer to decide which one is easy to maintain for you.

Primary Functions of a Welding Fire Blanket and Tips to Maintain it

A welding fire blanket contains the fire and protects you during welding. They can smother small fires and help people during emergencies as they can restrict the oxygen. Acting as a shield, they stop the dire from spreading. These blankets also absorb extreme heat that is produced during welding.

You must inspect them for any damages regularly and keep them clean of contaminants, as it can compromise their performance. Educate yourself about its use for the most benefits, and follow the instructions.

Best Quality Fire Welding Blanket Available at VEVOR

VEVOR has a top-tier range of Welding Safety Equipment that must be considered. Here are a few of the best fire blankets.

VEVOR Fire Blankets, 2 Pack Welding Blankets, 6' x 10' Fire Suppression Blanket

This fireproof blanket for the house is adjustable in size. Built with high-class fiberglass, it provides sturdiness and can withstand high temperatures. This product is straightforward to transport and has a pouch to store.

VEVOR 10 x 10 Ft Welding Blanket Black Fiberglass Blanket 

The durable construction of this fire-retardant blanket for welding makes it stand out. It enables you to stop accidents and has a wide application. Its size is adjustable, and you can use it as needed, increasing convenience.

Why Choose VEVOR to Buy a Duty Welding Blanket?

VEVOR is a leading brand and has customers all around the globe. They have built a reputation and are known for these tools and equipment. The following reasons make it stand out specifically.

Customer Support

This brand provides safe and quick delivery along with responsive customer service. All the issues faced by the customers are addressed as soon as possible. This adds to the positive experience of the buyers.

Reasonable Price Range

For highly reliable and durable products, VEVOR provides very reasonably priced options. There is an excellent range of products which cater to almost everyone. VEVOR’s ability to provide good-quality products at prices that are often more affordable than competitors attracts people.

Quality of Products

VEVOR does not compromise on quality and always uses the best material to construct the products. These products are built to last and have sturdiness. Customers who use VEVOR’s products have given positive reviews as well.

FAQs about Welding Blanket

Q1. Do fire blankets protect you from heat?

A1. If you gradually and slowly move toward the fire, keeping the blanket ahead of you will protect you from heat. It can absorb the high temperature and hence save you while you are working.

Q2. Which welding blanket is of the lowest price at VEVOR?

A2. VEVOR 6 x 10 Ft Welding Blanket Black Fiberglass Blanket is at the lowest price, but still, it comes with all the desired features.

Q3. When not to use a fire blanket?

A3. A fire blanket is unsuitable if a huge fire breaks out. You will have to consider other options in that case. In such a case, relying entirely on a fire blanket would be insufficient and potentially dangerous.