VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver
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About This Item
  • Faster Water Purification: The 1750-watt heating element allows our home water distiller to produce up to 0.4 Gal (1.5 L) per hour and about 9.5 Gal (36 L) per day. It can effectively dissolve solids, VOCs and other impurities, offering you the pure distilled water for drinking at ease. Apart from distilling water, it can be used to make alcohol and essential oil as well. Perfect for offices, homes, labs, dental clinics, etc.
  • Upgraded Timing Function: In addition to the conventional functions of the previous types, this distilled water maker spotlights timing function. The 0-99 H timing range is ideal for constant temperature fermentation, perfectly meeting your needs of making alcohol, essential oil, and hydrosol. Plus, it is suggested to leave some water at the bottom of the barrel. In this way, limescale can be effectively reduced.
  • Dual-Temperature Display: Our countertop water distiller is designed with a feature-rich control panel, displaying both the setting temp and actual temp. The setting temp ranges from 86℉ (30℃) to 226.4℉ (108℃). The considerate ℉/℃ switch button allows you to better monitor the distillation process according to your perception of temperature. Besides, from the comfort of the dry-burning protection, it will stop heating when the temperature exceeds 239℉ (115℃), and shut down automatically when it is over 302℉ (150℃).
  • Selected Materials & Rapid Heat Dissipation: All the parts that come into contact with water adopt food-grade 304 stainless steel, including the internal tank, inner cap, and water outlet. The 1.1 Gal (4 L) glass carafe with silicone buffer won't crack or break easily. It can store the distilled water longer than those plastic ones. A built-in 4-blade aluminum fan as well as the SUS 304 condensing coil is durable enough to ensure rapid heat dissipation and extended service life.
  • User-Friendly Accessories: To provide you with a better using experience, we kindly offer a bottle of cleaning powder and 3 pieces of replaceable carbon packages. It is hassle-free to clean the internal tank with the cleaning powder. The limescale can be minimized if you leave some water at the bottom at the end of each distillation. Installing the carbon pack at the water outlet can further purify the distilled water and adjust its taste.
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VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver
VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver
VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver
1.1 Gal Home Water Distiller
0.4 Gal/H Distilling Speed & Temp/Time Setting & Glass Container
  • VEVOR's water distiller with an upgraded panel is a perfect tool for purifying your water and helping you get a constant supply of distilled water, whether you're at home or in the office. This distiller can effectively dissolve VOCs and filter other impurities, and the distilling speed reaches up to 0.4 Gal (1.5 L) of water per hour. What's more, as an ideal match for a tiny kitchen, it is not much bigger than a kettle in size and won't take up so much of your space.
  • Faster Water Purification
  • Upgraded Timing Function
  • Dual-Temperature Display
  • Selected Materials & Rapid Heat Dissipation
  • User-Friendly Accessories
Key Features
VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver

Constant-Temp Fermentation

The upgraded time setting function and the traditional temperature control are perfect for constant-temp fermentation, allowing you to distill alcohol, hydrosol and essential oil with this machine.

VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver

Dry-Burning Protection

When the temperature exceeds 115℃, the machine will stop heating. And it will automatically shut off when the internal temperature is over 150℃. Dual protection safeguards your daily operation.

VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver

Efficient Cooling System

The four-blade fan on the top adopts light-weight aluminum material, and the condensing coil in the exhaust cap is made of 304 stainless steel. A reliable heat dissipation effect can be ensured.

VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver
VEVOR 4L Water Distiller 1.5L/H Distilled Water Maker Timing Dual-Temp Silver
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Model YMK40230
Color Silver
Voltage 110V/60Hz
Rated Power 1750 W
Distilling Speed 0.4 Gal/H (1.5 L/H)
Temperature Range 86-226.4℉ (30-108℃)
Barrel Material 304 Stainless Steel
Barrel Volume 1.1 Gal (4 L)
Carafe Material Borosilicate Glass
Carafe Volume 1.1 Gal (4 L)
Carafe Size Φ7.1x7.5 in (Φ180x190 mm)
Carafe Weight 2.27 lbs (1.03 kg)
Machine Dimensions Φ9.3x15.8 in (Φ23.6x40.2 cm)
Machine Weight 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg)
Questions and Answers
Q: is this 1750 or 750 watts
A: When heated, it is 1750W. When distilled, it is 1000W.
By Vevor on
Q: How ofter do you change the filter?
A: Replace it every month.
By Vevor on
Q: Does this 1750-watt distiller lower the TDS in water to 0? I understand the best distiller purifies the water to 0 total dissolved solids.
A: Yes, it's around 0 to -002.
By Vevor on
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Customer Ratings
Easy to Use
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Great for delicate plants
Reviewed on
This water distiller is great. We use it for making water for plants that need distilled water and for cleaning vinyl records. It does exactly what is needed. It is fast enough for daily use. Any distiller will use a lot of electricity and generate heat, this one seems reasonable on both points. Build quality seems very good. ...See more See less
Reviewed on
price, quality, ease of use... its all 5 stars. i recommend to anyone looking for a distiller... it has many uses besides just distilling water ...See more See less
Reviewed on
I love this item. I use it at least twice a week. The unit arrived with a slight issue. The unit arrived bent and the inner stainless still pot was breaking away from the outer casing. I was able to snap it back into place but this was a scary moment because This item was not cheap. There are been some slight leaking, but besides these issues, it doesn’t take long to dispense the first liter. I keep it on the default settings. No complaints other than the way it arrived ...See more See less
Les S.
With a few adjustments, it works
Reviewed on
First of all, the instructions are vague and needs to be better.Second the instructions to assemble the handle are vague and and assembly is a pain.Third the baffle in the underside of the upper unit is a problem. My first batch water spewed out around the gasket. I let it cool and moved the baffle, which was pressing on the steam exit port, I moved completely off the vent and ran my second batch.I finally got the leaking to stop and made my first batch. I notice a little leak so I put a large stainless glass of water on the top of the fan exit. Leak stopped.My third batch I left the glass off and everything worked fine. ...See more See less
Kindle Customer
They DO NOT LEAK...I LOVE this Distiller!
Reviewed on
I never owned a Distiller but wanted to buy one.The key features I wanted were:1. Glass Container2. Speedy Distilling3. Post Carbon Filtration4. And an Built in TIMER, so that it would distill only a certain amount of time (2:40 is optimal) and LEAVE about an inch of water in the distiller so removed pollutant wouldn't bake on..!This Distiller has all those features and more.Problem was, I was afraid it would leak...so I wrote an email to Vevor via their website and asked if the leaking issue had been addressed. They told me they would look into it and confirmed the the leak issue had been resolved.So, I took a chance and bought one and noticed that the GASKET between the top and bottom was a very nicely made double-layer cushy silicone gasket....and I have run 10 batches through and IT DOES NOT LEAK. It don't just not leak a little -- IT DOES NOT LEAK AT ALL. 100% bone dry around the rim. So, please don't let that deter you.The default settings of the Distiller are 105 Celsius and run time of 2 hours and 40 minutes -- and those defaults are perfect. Don't have to mess with any settings -- I did and couldn't improve on the defaults. Th dual temperature display is nice, but honestly, just leave it at 105 and be done with it. It works well.Now, here are some tips -- you will thank me later:1. The dual display will display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius -- the right is what it is SET TO and the LEFT is what it "is". The only catch is, the LEFT side will never go above the BOILING point of water. So, if you have the RIGHT set to 105, the left will never show more than 100. If using Fahrenheit and you had the RIGHT set to 217 -- the LEFT would only go to 212...This is NOT of concern. Literally it makes no difference. Use the DEFAULT settings for Time and Temperature and you are 100% all set.2, The Carafe is EASY to put together, but there is a TRICK to it. The first trick is getting the lid and parts OUT of the Carafe without breaking them. Just be gentle and persistent ...See more See less
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