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It works will definitely buy again when I move out

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Not spotless but still good for price

Read reviews and knew chance of channel and cover wasn't a spotless solution but didn't want to spend a ton of money. Plus depends on spacing of leds. I had a govee led string and they are spaced father apart then some other leds. Hardest part was mounting clips at ceiling/wall area where I installed leds due to drywall imperfections @ ceiling (nothing is flat and straight) everything else in application and vevor channel worked as promised

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Ashley P

Enhanced my hue lights. Not as easy to install

End product looks great. The milky diffuser pc covers required me to use crazy glue to adhere the cover to the aluminum base and won't just lock into the notches like in the examples. milky pc covers don't blend the light spots well as shown in the "ours vs theirs" reference photo. The product is still preferable to just adhering bare light strips to the corners of my ceiling

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