How to use a vinyl cutter?
Do you wanna engage in a DIY side business to raise your income? Fun at your fingertips— VEVOR’s vinyl cutter machine is a cute sticker
Which vinyl cutter should I buy?
Have you ever been frustrated when you couldn't find your favorite patterns when shopping for clothes, car stickers, mugs and window paper cuts? If only I could make my own designs!
Can You Drink Distilled Water?
More than 85% of the water supply in the United States is hard water, bringing a lot of inconvenience to people's daily life. For example, cooking food with hard water will destroy and reduce nutritional levels.
How to Make Distilled Water?
The water supply in houses, schools and offices is often filled with heavy metals. Therefore, distilled water has become a necessity in people's lives.
Do you know the advantages of VEVOR plasma cutter?
"Cut it to get your DIY projects done". VEVOR 50Amp Non-Touch pilot arc air plasma cutter dual voltage 110v/220v features a dustproof featured switch, powerful 1/2" clean cut and IGBT inverter technology.
New arrivals! VEVOR Electric Pressure Washer
2000PSI High-pressure Washer: Built with a powerful 1500 W motor that generates a high water flow rate of up to 1.65 GPM. Hence, VEVOR’s electric pressure washer can completely clean up old paint, oil, weed, and other stubborn stains.
Introducing VEVOR Adjustable Height Work Bench Table w/ Power Outlets
We have designed 12 adjustment holes, with height adjustment ranging from 31.3" to 41.3", allowing you to use the adjustable workbench comfortably when sitting or standing.
How Does VEVOR Labor-Saving Jack Quick Lift 5T Work?
Our pneumatic jacks are designed to be tough and built to last! They are compact, powerful, and very fast to use.
New Coming! VEVOR SC240 Handheld Thermal Imager
VEVOR Thermal Imager helps you see the invisible infrared waves during home inspections, HVAC troubleshooting, fire fighting, and professional detection of electrical or mechanical systems.
Introducing VEVOR Pipe Heating Cable With Built-in Thermostat
VEVOR pipe heating cables are designed to prevent water pipes from freezing and cracking, especially in bad weather.
Best Swimming Pool Pump In VEVOR
What a fantastic swimming pool pump it is! The pump adopts a reinforced ABS shell and copper motor to provide excellent self-priming suction power and optimal flow.
Clean Energy Keeps Life Running!
Wind farms capture the energy of wind flow by using turbines and converting it into electricity
Go Green Gardening Keeps You Active
Bring a set of garden furniture and go camping in your backyard anytime, anywhere! Whether you're looking for a chair, table or tent, we've got you covered.
Add More Life To Your Car
Buy the best auto and vehicle repair tools from VEVOR! We offer a wide selection of tools and machines for any fix. We'll help get you back on the road in no time.
Join Our Farming Utopia! Up to 40% OFF
We enjoy healthy vegetables and fruits. Choose a pollution-free planting tool, so you'll get a big harvest and do your part of the environment tool!
Summer Carnival Time
Have cold drinks or yummy ice cream and enjoy a lounge chair covered by shade. Feel the cool refreshing water touch your skin as you float through a summer fun refreshing pool.
All You Need for The Perfect Banquet Are Here
Comfortable chairs and spacious tables in the banquet hall allow guests to sit in an orderly manner.
Hello To Summer! Up to 40%OFF
To celebrate, we are preparing an unmissable pool party to beat the summer heat.
How to Pressure Wash A House?
As everyone knows, cleaning is the biggest headache around bashes at the end of the year. Now, having a high-pressure washer will help you effortlessly clean up dust and guarantee fun around Christmas and other special occasions.
What is the best electric pressure washer?
Get ready to roll up your sleeve and clean your house before Christmas! Wait, are you still planning to use the broom or the rag? It's too much work! With a high-pressure washer, no dirt can't be cleaned with just a light pressured flush.