VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10", 2-Pack, 180 lbs Dynamic Load, 220 lbs Static Load, Flat Free Tubeless Tires and Wheels for Hand Truck, Utility Cart, Dollies, Garden Trailers, Various Carts
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Load Capacity: 180 lbs
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About This Item
  • 10" Solid PU Wheel: These solid PU wheels with sturdy plastic hubs boast a whopping 180 lbs/81.6 kg dynamic load and a static limit of 220 lbs/99.8 kg. Dual-sealed bearing shafts keep the surface smooth to prevent dust and water. This 2-pack set is perfect for replacing tires on your towing and transport equipment.
  • Ultimate Traction: Made from high-rebound PU material with extra-wide 2.5"/64 mm tires and deep tread patterns, these solid wheels grip like a pro. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding, even on those rough, unpredictable terrains. With the solid construction, you don't have to worry about tire punctures or air leaks.
  • No More Flattening Worries: Thanks to the added internal support component, these solid PU tires won't go flat and are difficult to recover from prolonged use. They are also less prone to developing annoying flat spots on bumpy terrain. They bounce right back!
  • Easy-Peasy Installation: Installing these solid run-flat tire wheels is a breeze! Just install the flat washers and open-end pins on both sides of the axle, tighten them, and you're good to go. Replacing worn-out tires has never been this simple.
  • Versatile Compatibility: These 10" tubeless solid tire wheels fit perfectly on hand trucks, dollies, trolleys, wheelbarrows, yard tractors, snow blowers, high-pressure washers, air compressors, and more! It's like giving your equipment an instant upgrade!
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10" Solid PU Wheels – The Ultimate Tool Vehicle Upgrade
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
These solid wheels mean business, with a hefty 180 lbs dynamic load capacity and a rock-solid 220 lbs static limit. That's like having a Hercules for your equipment!
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
Our top-notch solid PU wheels sport a wide 2.5" tread with deep patterns. Whether you're working on the lawn or tackling snowy slopes, slipping is not an option.
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
Thanks to smart internal support, these solid PU tires keep their shape. Even after sitting on gravel or rough terrain, they won't go flat or get all wonky.
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
Installing these solid tire wheels is as easy as pie. Just pop on the flat washers and open-end pins – no rocket science involved!
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
These 10" run-flat tire wheels fit like a charm on yard tractors, wagons, wheelbarrows, portable generators, and snow blowers. It's like giving your gear a turbo boost!
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
VEVOR Solid PU Run-Flat Tire Wheel, 10
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Item Model Number CJPU0079
Max Dynamic Load per Wheel 180 lbs / 81.6 kg
Max Static Load per Wheel 220 lbs / 99.8 kg
Quantity 2
Wheel Material PU
Wheel Diameter 10" / 254 mm
Wheel Width 2.5" / 64 mm
Wheel Inner Diameter 4.5" / 115 mm
Axle Hole Diameter Φ0.63" / Φ16 mm
Single Wheel Weight 1.3 lbs / 600 g
Center Wheel Hub Length 2.1" / 54 mm
Product Weight 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg
Product Dimensions 10.0" x 10.0" x 2.5" / 254 x 254 x 64 mm
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Ray D
Polyurethane is not Rubber
Reviewed on
Nice tires and I'm sure will do a good job not abused. Advertising as solid rubber. These are NOT solid rubber but Polyurethane. Will work on most applications, but I doubt they would be useful on a snowblower as they will just spin. They'll roll but traction will be lacking. Still not too bad of a product. I'd buy them again. ...See more See less
Plain and simple, they work
Reviewed on
Did an upgrade on my old rusty hand truck. Washed it with dish soap and a scotch brite. Let it dry and used rattle can black paint on it. The finishing touch were the yellow-rimmed flat-free tires. Excellent for the project. ...See more See less
Matt Marchetta
Reviewed on
Great product. Great price. Works perfect for my wheel barrow. Love that they are run flats so I don't have to constantly check and refill the air like my old tires. ...See more See less
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