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Plate Shear

VEVOR Metal Hand Shears For Superior Metalworking

In the vibrant metalwork, accuracy and efficiency remain the pillars of a craftsman's measure of success. Just consider the ease with which you can turn huge metal sheets into small, carefully cut pieces using an advanced tool. VEVOR metal shear offers this, among the many manual tools designed to be more than just an instrument for metal cutting but as one revolutionary remedy to take your metalworking to newer heights.

Whether navigating complicated bench shear projects, dealing with plate shear challenges, or simply seeking cutting tools, VEVOR is your trusted place. Grab the accuracy, boost your productivity and let the technology help you transform your skills.

Metal Shears In Our Inventory

Let's explore the types of manual shears. Each of these is special; therefore, let us delve into them and know how they perform and why consider allowing one for your operations.

Basic Hand Shears

Basic hand shear with a basic design is crafted with durable steel or alloy-based materials, yet this is multifunctional hand shear for metal. These shears are made up of two sharp blades, which cut through different thicknesses in the metal. Firstly, the users can develop cutting action only by gripping the handles and exerting manual force. Simple hand shears are appropriate for cutting thin metal sheets or even soft materials, including aluminium.

The advantages of the basic hand shears include convenience and low price. They have a wide application scope since they do not require a power source. These are perfect for quick minor metal cuttings.

Aviation Snips

Aviation snips, made of hardened steel, are hand shears specifically developed to cut curves and complicated shapes on sheet metal. These snips are equipped with two small blades that enable greater flexibility during the cutting. People use them by applying hand force on the handles for easy operation to make many cuts along curved edges and tight corners. Aviation snips can often be used in aviation and metalworking that require high accuracy, including cutting patterns or delicate designs on thin sheets of metals.

The aviation snips provide great control, allowing users to easily handle tight turns and curves. The steel structure that they are made of makes them tough enough for multiple re-use on different metal surfaces. When dealing with aluminum, stainless steel, or any other metal materials, aviation snips are a proven and effective tool for precision cutting metals.

Metal Hand Shears Maintenance

Maintaining the Shear of your hand is essential to performing well and having a long life. Periodic maintenance to your hand shear for the metal elevates your metal cutting.


After each usage, any metal pieces and dust must be cleaned from a hand shear. With a brush or compressed air, clean off the blades and handle areas. This prevents the material buildup that may influence shear-cutting accuracy.


Lubricate the blades and pivot points with a good lubricant lightly. This reduces friction thereby ensuring maximum performance efficiency. Regular lubrication prevents rust.

Blade Sharpening

Sharp blades mean precise cuts. If there is any dullness, use a fine file or sharpening stone to keep the edge sharp and clean. Sharp blades require minimum energy for metal-cutting operations.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Hand Shear For Metal

Various factors must be considered regarding sheet metal shear before choosing such a hand tool to meet your particular demands. Here are key factors to consider:

Material Compatibility

When choosing a sheet metal shear, take into account what type of metal you will use – consider the thickness and toughness. Ensure it is compatible with various materials depending on your projects.

Cutting Capacity

When you are inspecting a hand shear, ensure that the thickness of your metal sheets can be handled by it – with more cutting capacity being better for numerous applications.

Blade Material And Quality

Think of hand shear blades – go for high quality ones, made from hardened alloy or some segmental carbon steel material that would retain form and stay sharp.

Grip And Ergonomics

Comfort is a necessary feature, so find grips that are easy on the hand and steady to prevent fatigue with continuous use. Non-skid handles provide better control and safety.

Cutting Mechanism

Remember the chip type (straight-cut, offset cut or double cutting). Select depending on the requirements of your cutting and project complexity.

Adjustability and Settings

Not all hand shears have adjustable settings for the cutting angles or widths. These are essential for your specific cases.

Top VEVOR Metal Hand Shears

With VEVOR's top-quality shears, you will get the best of both worlds. Let's look into shears closely.

12-Inch Manual Plate Shear

This is a 12" long shear for the steel plates and rods up to 1/4" thick. It easily slices through the steel plates and bars, preventing other heavy tools. The long handle allows for easier cutting, helping to prevent fatigue. It is ideal for thick or hard materials. A bit of force is applied to finish the cut based on the material thickness. After cutting, it removes the hand, which causes a spring action for resetting the handle, saving effort. Suitable to different metals such as low carbon steel, copper, aluminum galvanized sheets, etc. However, it is an effective and hassle-free cutting instrument.

32-Inch Manual Plate Shear

This 32-inch hand shear for metal does well for tough jobs with a maximum cutting size of 32″ x.06". It glides through the big metal sheets in a single pass and becomes very efficient. This tough blade tackles the different hardness levels, remaining sharp even after multiple uses. Due to the long handle, cutting is very effortless and eases fatigue. Suitable for thick or hard substances, it allows smooth work. Such a sturdy steel frame helps achieve stability, which means that it eliminates vibrations and provides greater safety for cutting. As long as you know that the machine is still stable at work, then it's not necessary to worry too much about its stability. A true tool that simplifies the cutting of large materials.

8-Inch Manual Plate Shear

This 7.48" long shear and 0.24" thick, can easily deal with steel plates and rods. It's a multi-purpose tool that eliminates the need for several bulky tools. T10 stainless steel blades easily cut low-carbon steel, aluminum, and complementary materials with even edges. Its long handle design makes cutting much easier, thus minimizing conditions that cause fatigue. It provides stability and ensures you balance while cutting. The Shear is effective for heavy or hard materials, which makes a task easy.

5-Inch Manual Plate Shear

This 5-inch manual shear has a thickness of 0.24; it chips off steel sheets and rods like a hot knife in butter! It is an integrated tool equivalent to all the heavy tools. Its T10 steel blades allow it to cut various kinds of metal effortlessly, such as low-carbon steel and aluminum. Precision, without any wastage, is ensured by the smooth cutting edges. With a long handle, cutting is very easy and allows one to do it without any hint of fatigue. A secured 0.24″ base ensures great stability throughout the cut to keep you more focused and precise with your work. An effective shear for heavy or tough materials helps streamline tasks and improve productivity.

Why VEVOR For Metal Shears?

Select VEVOR for your metal hand shears and gain access to a whole host of opportunities. With a wide array of products, which include complete styles such as bench shear and plate shear etc. VEVOR has ensured that there is something for everyone in any metalworking task. Enjoy the good quality of construction at very affordable prices. Let's not settle for mediocrity; take action and use the best metal hand shears VEVOR offers. Elevate your projects today.

FAQs About Metal Shears

Q1: What factors play a role in the decision of whether to use a guillotine-style or a bench shear for certain tasks involving metal cutting?

A1: Large sheets can be easily cut using the guillotine-style shears, whereas the bench shears provide stability in cutting smaller pieces. These factors include material thickness, workspace requirements, and required precision.

Q2: What is the role of back gauge design in assuring precision in repeated cuts on a plate shear?

A2: In repetitive tasks, a good back gauge system equipped with precise measurements improves the overall accuracy, which is important to many activities like the uniformity of dimensions of metal sheets.

Q3: What is the rationale behind using a relief angle on the metal shear blades?

A3: The relief angle protects the blades from binding during the operation. It minimizes friction and guarantees a smooth cutting motion, improving final performance.