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PCP Air Compressor

VEVOR PCP Compressor For Efficient Air Pump Filling

If you are a PCP air gun owner, a scuba diver, or a garage owner, you need a high-pressure air compressor to fill your air tanks with oxygen, carbon dioxide, or compressed air. We welcome you because you are at the exact place. VEVOR offers you a PCP air compressor to fulfill all your needs.

We design each air rifle compressor to be lightweight and inexpensive and offer you tons of features lacking in other brands. You can benefit from the multiple available sizes, so you don’t have to spend on something you don’t need. Invest in an air compressor for PCP that meets precisely your demands. Don't worry if you are still confused about buying the best product because if you continue reading, you’ll have all the mysteries resolved.

Different PCP Air Compressors We Offer

Buying an airgun compressor isn’t easy because its function is susceptible to compressed gas, which can be highly dangerous if you don’t have the right tool. So here are some of the types of these machines, so you know what you need.

Small Compressors

Perfect fit to fill onboard tanks when you are in the field. A small PCP air rifle compressor is designed to be easily carried when needed, making it portable and convenient for quick usage. Rather than having to carry the tank to the machine, you can easily carry the machine to the tank, making refilling easier and faster.



Easy to use on the go

Perfect for small local usage


Not suitable for large-scale usage

Large Compressors

These large compressors refill quickly and are designed for large-scale usage in fixed places. You can consider a large PCP compressor for highly commercial settings, where huge tanks must be refilled with the compressor. They come with additional safety features to cope with the high pressure, like automatic shut and temperature control.


More efficiency

High power

Fill quickly


Not portable 

Features and Maintenance Tips For An Air Rifle Compressor

When you must fill scuba or garage tanks with air, an air rifle compressor takes all your load. These machines are available in multiple sizes to fit your requirements. You can have an air compressor for PCP of 4500 PSI or even 15,000 PSI, depending on your needs.

Be careful when attaching and detaching the airgun compressor to ensure that your airgun compressor lasts longer. Keep it in a dry and mid-temperature area when not in use, or it will damage the pipes and other compressor parts.

High-Quality Airgun Compressors at VEVOR

If you are convinced to purchase a PCP airgun compressor at VEVOR, then your next worry would be selecting the best product to avoid any loss of money. We’ve mentioned some top-quality PCP air compressors at VEVOR to make it easier.

VEVOR PCP Airgun Compressor 12V DC, PCP Compressor 4500 PSI

Powered with 110/220 V power, this 4500 air compressor is the perfect fit for air rifles, paintball guns, and HPA tanks. A built-in power adopter with a power switch helps to refill the tanks conveniently, even if you are a first-time user.

VEVOR PCP Air Compressor, 4000 PSI Portable PCP Compressor

With broad applications and a built-in oil/water separator, we offer this powerful yet portable 4000 PSI air compressor at a very reasonable price. You can quickly recharge it when outdoors with a 24V car battery. The cooling fan automatically maintains the temperature at the best possible levels when operating the PCP air rifle compressor.

VEVOR High Pressure Compressor, 4500PSI/30MPA/300BAR High Pressure

Want to have a HPA air compressor? Well, try this one with an 1800W motor, enough to fulfill your large-scale commercial needs. The LED thermometer keeps you alert of the temperature so you can have a safe refill at an ideal temperature.

Reasons To Choose VEVOR For Buying A Air Compressor For PCP

VEVOR offers the best air venturi compressors with features above 4500 PSI and automatic shut. Apart from the fantastic features, there are other reasons why you should select us to buy your product.


VEVOR doesn't aim at filling pockets by selling worthless products. We ensure you get the perfect products required for your needs at an affordable rate. You'll see a considerable difference by comparing and contrasting our rates with other companies. You get easily convinced by the pocket-friendly machine. 

24/7 Customer Support

If you ever have difficulty setting up a product you purchased or selecting the right one, we are always there for you. Our. Experts are available 24/7 to make everything easy for you. VEVOR has years of experience, and we know how to respond to your queries immediately without wasting your time.

Quick Delivery

VEVOR has relations with fast and safe shipping services. The moment you place an order, our team starts working to deliver the products to your doorstep within a day. We know when you order a product, you need it immediately, and we make it happen.

FAQs about PCP Compressor

Q1. What’s the maximum temperature for a PCP Air Compressor?

A1. According to the recommendations, keeping the temperature at 85 degrees is ideal, as it will help increase the running time. You may be able to exceed 45 minutes.

Q2. Can I fill a PCP rifle with a PCP airgun compressor?

A2. You can fill your PCP rifle with a PCP air rifle compressor. Just make sure that it is a 3000-4500 PSI compressor. If you are unsure which one to buy, you can choose the best PCP air compressor at VEVOR.

Q3. What is the maximum discharge pressure for an air venturi airgun compressor?

A3. The maximum discharge pressure can go above 12,000 PSI for a compressor when talking about a typical compressor. However, some special compressors can go above 50,000 PSI.