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Offset Shower Kit

Tile Shower Bench To Add Style To The Shower Space

You are hitting your shower oasis, a space that has been exquisitely designed just for you. Now fancy that after a long day's work, you finally get onto the VEVOR tile shower bench, and the stress goes away. A functionally-crafted VEVOR tiled shower bench is a stylish but practical bench for sitting down for your shower rituals. It goes beyond aesthetics and becomes a dependable storage solution for your bath essentials within easy reach. It turns your shower into a spa-like retreat.

VEVOR is a brand of building supplies for building and construction, and it is not delivering products, it delivers lifestyle enhancements. So, why choose the ordinary when you can take a step into the extraordinary? VEVOR tile shower bench – a combination of style and substance that changes how you shower.

Tile Shower Benches We Provide

With our carefully picked selection of tile shower benches, you can sink into the lap of luxury. Find the ideal balance of comfort and design for your bathroom haven.

Built-In Tiled Shower Bench

Built-in benches are directly built within the shower structure, thus matching the overall design. They are usually made of the same tiles used to make the walls and the floor of the shower. Such structure includes framing the bench during the shower's construction to ensure stability and durability.

Structurally sound built-in benches offer long-term support. The size and shape can be customized, as well as the choice of tiles.

Freestanding Tiled Shower Bench

These are independent mobile elements within the shower space. They are usually made from waterproof wood such as teak or have a tile-clad surface. The structure of most of them is heavy-duty, or they come with adjustable feet meant to accommodate uneven surfaces.

You can place it anywhere in the shower and move it when necessary. Just place and secure it without any built-in construction needed.

Floating Tiled Shower Bench

Floating benches are attached to the shower wall without being supported by the floor, which makes the room look lighter and airy. These include secure mounting brackets or supports hidden within the wall, so that they look as if they are "floating".

Such benches offer contemporary and visually appealing designs. By using mounting brackets, the level of the bench can be adjusted according to the personal taste.

Tile Shower Bench Care

The maintenance of a good state of your tile shower bench seat is easy. Ensure you wipe it off after each shower to avoid soap scum and water spots too. Begin your cleaning with a mild tile-friendly cleaner. Watch out for any loose or cracked tiles – take care of it immediately to maintain the modern appearance. Want an invisible shield? Use a water-resistant or moisture sealant. It's a coat of armor for your bench. Lastly, remember to enjoy the glow of a maintained shower bench. Cleaning that space is not enough; it should be an oasis for you. Happy bench-tending!

Tile Shower Bench Must-Haves

Are you creating the shower getaway of your dreams? Let's get right to the point. Find out the essential elements to adding the ideal tile shower bench seat to your bathroom, from aesthetic appeal to useful features.

Sturdy Support

First, approach them with a gentle push when looking at a tile shower bench. Make sure it is strong and will stay in one place – you want a friend for life, not a flash in the pan.

Smooth Seating

Take a seat, metaphorically speaking. Slide your hand over the top. The game's name here must be smoothness; nobody wants a bumpy shower meditation.

Safety Check – No Sharp Edges

Run your fingers on the rough area to detect any sharp protrusions. Do not make your shower bench an accident spot. Safety first should be taken into consideration. Sharp edges need not apply.

Style Harmony

Choose a design that matches your personality and mood. A bench is not just a seat; it is a personal style. Let it speak your language.

Material Resilience

Think of stuff that shouts "go shower!" in your face. Water should be your bench's best friend, not your bench's soggy companion. Choose wisely.

VEVOR Offset Shower Kit

Discover the shower sophistication with the VEVOR Offset Shower Kit. Combine luxury and practicality to create a more luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom. Give yourself a luxurious experience where taking a shower is an extravagant affair.

Waterproof Shower Curb

The 60 inches thin shower curb is made from XPS foam used in a wet place for a long time. The foam shower curb has a three-layer watertight membrane to shield the tiles from breaking. It is light and strong enough to support heavy loads. You only tile the waterproof curb with a thin-set mortar before tiling; no other installation job is required.

Corner Tile Shower Seat

Our corner shower seat is made with a strong EPS composite. It is made for lifetime use, wipe-to-clean, and requires zero maintenance. Tile shower seat carries 440 lbs weight capability. Therefore, you will be safe when all your shower washing kits are on the seat. This three-layer designed membrane has a polyethylene core, as well as, non-woven polypropylene on both sides, which is strong as well as tear-proof. The tile shower bench seat is sized to fit in a normal bathtub space. However, resizing the bench is very easy.

Rectangular Tile Shower Seat

The tile shower seat is made from EPS rock-solid with 200kg load-supporting. The membrane has three layers, allowing the water to flow on the surface of the tile without accumulations. The waterproof shower bench seat does the 90° inside to outside corners and goes well with ceramic, tile, or stone wall tiles. The floating shower bench is a great kit for shower washing in any bathroom.

Why VEVOR For Tile Shower Seat?

Why VEVOR? Picture this: From modern chic to classic comfort, you'll be spoiled with a host of choices to match your vibe. Styles. Nothing comes close to completeness at its best. Sturdy, long-lasting benches for quality is our hallmark; you don't break the bank for these. And talking about money, the low prices are also part of the deal, which makes luxury affordable. Ready to redefine shower experience? Go through VEVOR's variety and select your item. Quality, style, and savings – grab the opportunity to reshape your shower area!

FAQs About Tile Shower Bench

Q1: What sort of tile materials make a shower tile bench do better in humid situations?

A1: Absolutely! Low water absorption porcelain and ceramic tiles are recommended for humid environments. This helps to fight moisture and hence protects damage.

Q2: To increase water resistance and durability, what is recommended for a shower tile bench?

A2: Usually, epoxy grout is used for its waterproof properties, preventing the water penetration and prolonging the life-span.

Q3: What is the ideal shower tile bench slope to allow for appropriate drainage?

A3: A typical ideal slope to facilitate effective water runoff is 1/4 inch per foot.