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Neon Signs

Light Up Your Life With VEVOR LED Neon Signs

Casual sign boards and party lights are an old-school thing now. You can now enjoy an LED light sign board at VEVOR to revolutionize your business and home events. Whether you want to add an “Open” sign to your shop’s door to let the customers know you are available or want to get a custom neon sign for your friend’s birthday party, we are here to serve you.

You can undoubtedly add fun with lighting, yet why not have bright neon alphabets too? Enjoy the high-quality, durable, and pocket-saving neon sign by making the best suitable purchase from VEVOR. Don’t worry about the high power bills; our energy-saving signs will not cost you much. This allows you to keep your signs lighted 24/7 without any hesitation. 

Neon LED Sign Types 

Investing money into buying a Neon light doesn’t cost a lot. However, each of your penny counts, so it’s crucial to understand the types of signs we offer. After you know the available types of signs, you’ll be better able to decide on buying your favorite.

LED Neon Signs

LED Neon signs use LED light as an additional element to add a stimulated appearance to the usual neon sign. The best thing about these signs is their effectiveness without costing too much.


  • Enhanced Appearance

  • Extra brightness 

  • Less taxing on the environment 


  • Limited design options

White LED Light Signs

These LED Neon signs are designed with PVC material, which makes them transparent and durable. Enjoy the perfection and uniqueness of a white LED open sign at your location without paying a high price.


  • It gives an ambient look

  • Simple yet attractive

  • Perfect for those who don't like more colors


  • Only available in white color.

Silicon-Made Neon Light Sign 

Neon signs designed with silicone are a part of the novelty lighting and accessories. You can use them in your kitchen, living room, cafes, and offices. You'll most commonly find a silicone-made sign in a funky font design, so using them at informal locations is preferred.


  • Durable material

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Easily customized


  • Yellowing of silicone after some time 

Things To Remember When Buying A Neon LED Sign

Do you want to purchase a Neon LED light sign at VEVOR but are confused about what to look for? You can go for our guide below to buy the perfect product.

Define The Size

When selecting the size of your Neon light sign, you must select a perfect location for the sign before buying. The sign size you want to purchase depends on where you want to place the sign and how it will be viewed. If you want to put the sign on your shop's door or bedroom, ordering a smaller size would work. Yet, if you want the Neon sign for other purposes, you can make the size bigger.

Choose the Design and Color

Depending on your purpose for buying the Neon sign, you must select the design and color defining your purpose. You can not add any color or design until it defines your purpose for using the sign. You may have to purchase it for your bedroom or office, so you'll carefully select the features.

Checking Backing of The Sign

The background of the LED Neon sign is a crucial factor to consider when buying. The overall look of the sign can be enhanced or destroyed depending on the backing added to it. We prefer you to have a transparent backing with an LED sign, as it will make it more prominent.


You can find different Neon LEDs if you are looking for signs in the market, but of course, you can only purchase the one that fits your budget. You may prefer buying a premade one instead of a custom Neon sign, as they are more expensive for your pocket.

Functionality and Tips To Increase the Life of Your LED Neon Signs

Adding sign boards crafted on wood or other materials look dull, so adding up a Neon LED sign enhances the outlook of your business or event.  Neon signs are a new way of making your place more beautiful and easily communicative through these signs. Various designs and colors are available for you to enhance the classic look of a Neon light sign.

To improve their lifespan, we recommend keeping your sign at a location that doesn't get too much sunlight or water access. Plus, regular cleaning will keep them long-lasting, saving you money by buying new signs every few months. 

Best-Selling LED Neon Signs at VEVOR

At VEVOR, you can find countless products, making it difficult to choose one. To make it easy for you, we've listed some of the best ones for you.

VEVOR Pink LED Neon Signs for Wall Decor

A silicone-made, easy-to-install sign that says, 'you're really pretty.' Best choice for wide indoor application of up to 23 x 21 inches. The pink color adds to the beauty of your place within minutes, giving you a new vibe.

VEVOR LED Open Sign, 20" x 7"

Use this sign on your bars, cafes, and other shops as it says 'open.' You can bring your customers to your shop by communicating your availability.

VEVOR Happy Birthday Neon Sign, 28" x 18" LED Neon Lights 

Impress your partner or friend with this happy birthday Neon LED light sign. It comes with an adjustable brightness to suit your mood.

Why Choose VEVOR To Purchase A Neon Sign?

If you are still unsure if you should select VEVOR to get your product, then here are some reasons.

Best Price

VEVOR offers you value for money. You'll never pay even a single extra buck when buying from us.


We never compromise on the quality of our LED light sign. Get a durable and long-life sign.

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping at VEVOR, which saves you the extra shipping cost. So you can get your signs in affordable ranges.

FAQs about Neon Sign

Q1: Which is the best-reviewed Neon sign at VEVOR? 

A1: VEVOR LED Open Sign, 20" x 7" is the best-reviewed sign at VEVOR.

Q2: Are LED Neon signs any good?

A2: Yes, they are shockproof and do not consume extra power. Further, you can add any design or color you want.

Q3: Which signs are cheaper, Neon or LED?

A3: LED signs are cheaper, yet Neon signs are preferred because of their aesthetic appearance and less warmth. 

Q4: What is a custom design sign?

A4: A custom design is made only on demand by the customer. You can ask for any design or message to be added to the neon light sign.