VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3" 75 MM 100 Free Parts Press Kit
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  • Comprehensive Kit, Ready to Use: 1 x pin machine, 1 x 75 mm button molds, 1 x circle paper cutters, 50 x 75 mm Iron Bottom Parts, 50 x 75 mm Plastic Bottom Parts, 100 x 75 mm Tin Up Covers, 50 x 75 mm Blank Papers, 100 x 75 mm Transparent Films, 2 x Hexagon Wrenches, 2 Washers, 1x Manual. In addition, you will receive a unique “Mr. Panda Magic Book” with lots of lovely panda patterns.
  • Crafted With High-quality Materials: The button maker is made of steel and aluminum alloy. It's sturdy and resistant to breaks. The solid bottom plate and upgrade rail can ensure long service life and elevate badge-making's success rate.
  • Easy to Use: The user manual features detailed operation instructions that explain how to install molds and make badges. The operation process is simple. Believe us, you will learn it quickly! The sound structure will make your badge-making journey safer and more convenient. Get ready to start creating!
  • Labor-Saving Handle: The Ergonomics-designed handle of the button maker machine offers a comfortable grip. It can save more effort and improve your efficiency.
  • Special Gift: The pin maker machine kit is a perfect gift for your children/ wife/ mother/ friends. You can use this badge pin press machine to make various beautiful badges. Enjoy permanently recording tourist attractions, food, pets, holidays, anniversaries, etc. It is also excellent for pin buttons, rope ties, keychains, bottle openers, etc.
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VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3
VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3
VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3
Button Badge Maker Machine
High Precision & Easy Installation & Humanized Design
  • Are you ready to take your buttons to the next level? The button badge maker kit adopts high-strength engineered metal. The machine features a long life span and easy operation. With this button maker machine, you can create several kinds of artwork and transfer your pictures into popular badges. Get ready to make personalized badges for an amazingly unique and fashionable ornament or gift.
  • Comprehensive Kit, Ready to Use
  • Crafted With High-quality Materials
  • Easy to Use
  • Labor-Saving Handle
  • Special Gift
Key Features
VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3

Mr. Panda Magic Book

This is a magic book. It is blank when you first open it. When it is reopened, it becomes a cartoon. Once it is reopened again, the cartoon will become filled with color! It features high-quality paper and bright colors. It can be used as a magic prop and as a painting book. Allow your children's interest in painting and writing to flourish.

VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3

Aluminum Alloy Material

The heavy-duty aluminum alloy material contributes to the button maker machine's durability and utility, featuring a polished finish.

VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3

Well-Designed Details

The long ergonomic handle provides a more comfortable grip. The mechanical bearing ensures a smooth working experience. As a result, it can save more effort and improve your efficiency.

VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3
VEVOR Button Maker Machine Badge Pin Machine 3
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Model JS-75-GD-01
Die Diameter 3 inch/ 75 mm
Operation Way Manual
Material Steel + Aluminum Alloy
Weight 18.7 lbs/ 8.5 kg
Size 11 x 3.9 x 14.2 inch/ 280 x 100 x 360 mm
Questions and Answers
Q: How do I remove the top plate to switch out sizes?
A: It is not possible to switch the size.
By Vevor on
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Customer Ratings
Easy to Use
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Richard S.
High Quality, tremendous value.
Reviewed on
This is an awesome 75mm button machine that’s versatile for making photo buttons. There’s a special removable plastic washer/ring enabling the machine to use metal or plastic backings. I recommend using the plastic backing for photo type paper. The button parts are affordable, and you must order 75mm diameter parts, the size is similar to 3 inch diameter but 3 inches = 76.2mm. You must use the 75mm button parts which you can purchase on Vevor. The machining is high-quality with an anodized and chrome finish, it’s a great value at an excellent price. It’s feast to use a kid 10+ years can easily master its operation. Perfect for starting a button business. ...See more See less
Steve N
This is the best designed import button maker
Reviewed on
I have 4 of the Vevor-style button makers. They work great. I like the rotating ones better than the slide ones but I can't find the base plates for the dies to make them swappable so I keep buying new machines. Once you get the procedure down, you can reliably crimp 100 buttons without a failure.Important information: There are metric and inch machines and parts. THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE! If it says "75mm", the 3" is just there to help you understand the size. You MUST buy 75mm buttons. The same is true for 58mm and the other metric machines.Most of the metric dies are set up for plastic buttons. The backs are thinner on the metal buttons so you need a thin gasket in the die for metal backs.They can be finicky about the paper thickness. Try different papers. The standard one that works is Espon 27lb matte presentation paper.Don't try to cut the paper with scissors. You will fail. A cheap plastic circle cutter is OK for a few buttons. For many buttons, either get a punch dedicated to the correct size or use a craft cutter like a Cricut or Silhouette with the print and cut feature.These machines could easily be operated by a 6 year old. Teach a kid to make buttons and magnets and they will have fun for hours. ...See more See less
2 people found this helpful
Well-built, great value - parts sources are limited
Reviewed on
Solid, tight with a quality annodization. No instructions, however, if you YouTube the Tecre machine there are several great instructional videos available. (when inserting the dies, make sure that the vertical metal bars on each lower die are positioned towards the middle of the unit)Purchased from seller "Mophorn" who shipped and answered questions promptly. Only worrisome point now is where to find button parts. Most domestic sellers specify that their parts only work in USA built machines. The design of this unit is quite similar to the Tecre (American brand) but it is the internal die dimensions which ultimately determine compatibility. Besides the fact that the button backs provided in the kit are plastic. I have placed an order with a company called "Buttonmakers.com" (100 sets of 1-3/4" Pinned metal Back Buttons) and hope to trial them by the middle of May 2019. More to come.........5/5/19 UPDATE - Being unable to make more buttons on this machine than the limited number of starter parts provided, I purchased a quantity of steel backed 1.75" (44mm) button parts from ButtonMakers.com. [NO PROMOTION IS GIVEN HERE FOR THAT COMPANY ONLY THAT THEIR PARTS CAN BE MADE TO WORK] The steel pin backs are roughly 1/2 the thickness of the Mophorn plastic backs. Solution to using them in a Mophorn machine is to remove the pin from the back from one part. Place the back into the bottom of the die as shown in the photo. This becomes a spacer which makes the bottom die just the right height to function. Now just run your button making process as per normal and voila! You've got steel backed buttons and parts that are readily available. I have not tried any other supplier but my guess is that the end result will be the same. ...See more See less
one people found this helpful
Handle may need to be adjusted to make it go down all the way
Reviewed on
Seems like a decent button maker. Took sometime to figure out why we could not get it to go down all the way, turns out the handle was hitting a screw and needed to unscrewed a little. ...See more See less
alicen p.
Great look good quality
Reviewed on
It's very good quality and my best friend loves the look of it. Now that this is said, we cant figure out how to use the darn thing. We set it up correctly and everything but it just isnt working properly. With more tweaking with it I'm sure we will figure it out. ...See more See less
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