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Air Scrubber

Clear the Air: VEVOR Air Scrubbers for a Healthier Environment

Our ground-breaking air scrubbers take the spotlight to turn your space into a haven of clean, revitalizing air in a world where air quality is crucial. Air scrubbers are silent protectors against pollutants, whether you're in a cozy home office or the busy core of the city.

These state-of-the-art gadgets easily fit into your daily routine and filter the air you breathe. VEVOR Air Scrubbers are the pinnacle of efficiency and versatility, built to handle a wide range of usage scenarios from business environments to domestic locations.

What is an Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber is a lightweight filtering device that purges particles from the air and enhances air quality. Having an air scrubber is crucial since improper air cleaning can eventually result in health problems for employees, poorer work quality, and greater remediation expenses.

One can move a portable air scrubber around thanks to its design. With a modest "footprint," most air scrubbers are higher than long. They play a crucial role in preserving the purity of the air at locations such as clinics, building sites, colleges, and more.

An air scrubber has vertical cabinet designs, high-rpm motors, and backward-curved blowers with high efficiency. Despite the differences between each air scrubber device, they all operate similarly.

With the help of its three filters, our rentable portable air scrubbers can effectively remove 99.97% of the particles in the air. The various stage filters facilitate the extended use of the HEPA filter.

Like other filtration systems, an air scrubber circulates air around the space using purification filters to remove impurities. The scrubber removes the tainted air from the area many times each hour and replaces it with chemical-free fresh air.

Our devices' HEPA filters have a significantly higher capacity than standard filters. The HEPA filter can capture tiny particles like dust, mold, germs, asbestos, lead, and other airborne pollutants.

Parts of an Air Scrubber

Air scrubbers provide continuous air cleaning and a healthy, productive atmosphere. After being drawn in by an air scrubber, the air passes through several filters. Find out more about the following crucial components that comprise an air scrubber:

Pre Filters

The pre-filters catch the bigger particles drawn in during the initial filtration stage. Eliminating these bigger particles improves the unit's filtration effectiveness, airflow maintenance, and capacity to handle more cubic feet per minute.

Carbon Filter Option

An alternative carbon filter, which absorbs gas and vapor atoms, often known as smells, is a feature of many air scrubbers. This is achieved by the gaseous molecules being physically drawn to the carbon surface through a process known as adsorption.

Primary Filter

The tiniest particles, which can have a diameter as small as 0.3 microns, are eliminated from the air by the primary filter at the final filtering stage. It is assumed that 99.7% of all 0.3-micron particles will be captured by the air scrubber when equipped with a HEPA filter.


A trustworthy blower is necessary for air scrubbers because it drives air into the filters and releases the filtered air from the apparatus. The power output of the blower must be compatible with the installed filter system's efficiency; otherwise, the system's efficiency may be reduced.

When is an Air Scrubber Needed?

Several sectors require air scrubbers to address indoor air quality problems. A filtration system is the greatest way to filter out such airborne particles if you work or live in an area with poor quality, healthful air.

Restoration Projects

Several drying device rentals, repair rentals, and air pollution equipment are required to revitalize your area when unanticipated damage occurs.

Water Damage

To get rid of humidity, germs in the air, and other irritants after water damage, you'll need to rent a lot of dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. You may see mold spores if water remains in your area for longer than two days, so having a trustworthy air filtration system is essential.

Building Sites

Workers may find conditions at building and demolition sites hazardous due to exposure to chemicals, dust, dangerous gasses, sewage damage, and other factors. HEPA filters are excellent in these situations and will assist in capturing harmful pollutants, allowing on-site personnel to complete their tasks safely.


If the HVAC systems aren't correctly regulated, hospitals and clinic centers can experience sick building syndrome. To prevent airborne pollutants that can arise from poor air quality from harming the facility and its patients, it is especially crucial to provide emergency heating solutions in hospitals if HVAC systems malfunction. Air scrubbers are the ideal rental for the medical facility if there are problems with air quality.


In environments where moisture is abundant in the air, mold grows. If you do not resolve the mold problems, it could affect both your health and the building's structure. Toxic chemicals produced by mold can damage bodily cells and cause more severe health issues.

Why Choose VEVOR Air Scrubbers?

Improve your air quality with VEVOR Air Scrubbers, a cutting-edge filtration technology. What distinguishes us? Power and peace are seamlessly combined with whisper-quiet operation and unparalleled efficiency.

With their state-of-the-art filtration systems, our scrubbers fight pollutants, dust, and allergies with unparalleled accuracy. Whether you live in an industrial area or not, VEVOR's dedication to pure air is unshakable.

Select VEVOR Air Scrubbers for dependability and performance if you want an environment beyond clean; this is an investment in the smell of invigorating, fresh air. Inhale deeply and select VEVOR.

FAQs About Air Scrubbers

Are air scrubbers the same thing as air purifiers?

No. An air purifier captures dangerous particles before they circulate throughout your house. In contrast, air scrubbers target germs and other pollutants in the air or on surfaces using a combination of catalytic action and germicidal UV light waves.

Will an air scrubber help with foul odors?

Indeed, your air scrubber will aid in odor control! An air scrubber eliminates air pollutants and their disagreeable smells when it "scrubs" them out of the atmosphere.

Are HVAC air scrubbers effective?

Although nothing is entirely effective, air scrubber technology is quite near. Specific models can eradicate up to 90% of pathogens in the air and 99% of surface bacteria, such as MRSA, staph, and black mold.