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VEVOR Welding Screen Welding Curtain 3 Panel 6' x 6' Flame Retardant, Frame, Red
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VEVOR Welding Curtain, 6' x 6', Welding Screen with Metal Frame & 4 Wheels, Fireproof Fiberglass w/Transparent Window, for Workshop, Industrial Site, Red

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Welding Screens

Grab Welding Screen To Protect Your Eyes

It takes a split second for a powerful burst of ultraviolet light to cause an awful condition that, in moderate cases, can significantly obscure your eyesight. That's why you need a cutting-edge welding curtain from VEVOR to protect your eyes from potential danger.

Imagine maintaining a laser-like focus on your job while knowing your eyes are protected from sparks, spatter, and weld flash damage. That is the degree of security and comfort at VEVOR that welding curtains for sale offer. So, don't wait and get your welding safety equipment in a jiffy.

Options for Welding Screens On Offer

It could be an extensive process to check out the market of welding screens to find out the perfect fit. But worry not because we'll present these excellent choices to you and assist you in locating the ideal welding screen, which is made of polyvinyl solid chloride, for your requirements.

Transparent welding Screens

These see-through curtains shield users from UV and IR radiation while allowing a good view of the welding process. When using portable welding screens is not an option, clear welding curtains typically cover more extensive areas. This weld curtain is made of clear welding vinyl.

It gives welders a good view so they can keep greater control. It allows people to see the welding process from a secure distance.

Tinted Welding Screens

Tinted screens deliver glare reduction and protection from UV and IR rays. Employers in manufacturing plants can easily install these weld screens to protect staff from arc flash welding. They may be easily moved and arranged in various ways to create covered workspaces and mobile welding screens. They come in various tints and sizes.

It reduces the brightness and glare caused by weld flash. Plus, it keeps visibility at a certain level while enhancing comfort during protracted welding activities.

Opaque Welding Screens

Welding screens that are opaque and obscure the welding area and offer the greatest weld flash protection. They are frequently employed in industrial settings to make welding enclosures and to protect employees.

This screen is ideal for scenarios requiring the highest level of protection. It gives discretion to the welding operations that require privacy. 

Strip Weld Curtains

Strip curtains are overlapping, flexible PVC strips. They provide safety from radiation, radiation-emitting sparks, and quick access to the welding area. Strip curtains are a common sight in welding facilities and work areas. 

It is simple to substitute and install. Highly adaptable and customizable to accommodate different welding areas. 

Considerations To Make Before Getting Welding Curtain

By taking the following things into account, you can choose a welding screen that will both make sure.

your safety and improve the efficiency of your welding processes, ultimately saving you time and bucks over the long run.

Curtains Or Screens?

The particular welding application determines whether to employ a welding screen or a welding curtain. Both offer defense against harmful radiation. Welding screens, on one hand, are made from semi-transparent vinyl material that is fastened to a portable frame and can be readily carried around the workshop and repositioned as needed. The welding curtains are hung by mounting holes drilled into a frame or the ceiling. Vinyl grommet curtains are one kind of welding curtain. Overlapping PVC strips make up another kind of strip curtain.


The welding screen or curtain's size needs to be suitable for the workspace. A screen that is too small might not offer sufficient protection, while a screen that is too big might be challenging to move around.

Safety Regulations

Weld curtains must adhere to safety requirements established by governing organizations. Choose a screen that has undergone testing and been certified to adhere to these guidelines.


It is crucial to consider the individual welding application when selecting a color for a welding screen or curtain. The appropriate color selection can improve the welding safety and quality, by enhancing visibility and lowering eye strain.

Maintenance Of Welding Curtains

Keep your curtains away from continual heat if you're a beginner. Splatter is usually acceptable, but if you keep hurling it at the curtain, it will ultimately stop working. For this reason alone, when welding for an extended period of time, try to keep your distance from the curtains. Another thing to prevent is punctures. A hole in your curtains will make them useless in blocking the dangerous radiation, so keep sharp items away from them.

Cleaning curtains is quite easy.You can wash your curtains with water and a light detergent. To ensure the product is safe to use on the curtains, apply it on a small portion beforehand. Rinse after wiping away the leftover material. Keeping your curtains clean will go a long way toward extending your life.

Welding Screens Flying Off the Shelves at VEVOR

VEVOR Welding Screen with Frame 8' x 6', Welding Curtain

The 0.43 mm thick vinyl makes up our welding curtain. The 6-inch by 8-inch size of Welding Curtains With Frame can effortlessly shield onlookers from hazardous rays, sparks, spatter, and flames. It is impervious to water, abrasion-resistant, and fire-repellent. Eighteen grommets on each side, plus a mechanism for attaching the curtain to the frame, provide this curtain flexibility and a variety of configurations.

VEVOR Welding Curtain 6' x 6' Welding Screens Flame

This weld curtain is both transparent and eye-protective. The 3-panel, 6×6 welding screen of Yellow Welding Curtains has a rapid frame connection system and a total of 16 grommets to allow for size adjustment depending on the situation. The frames and welding curtains link easily with nylon ties, allowing for rapid and simple assembly without the use of equipment.

VEVOR Welding Curtain 6' x 6' Welding Screens

Our 6×6-inch Welding Shield Curtain with 3 panels is constructed using a round tube frame and black powder-coated galvanized steel.

Our three-panel welding protection screens are well suited for industrial work areas, including shipyards, welding shops, and car inspection centers where welding sparks, spatter, and flash might occur.

Why VEVOR Stands Out For Welding Screens

In the world of weld curtains, VEVOR genuinely stands out, and it's not simply because of the items we provide; it's the VEVOR experience that distinguishes us. You choose elite quality when you choose VEVOR. Our welding screens are expertly built and intended to offer the highest level of security. We are aware that each welding task is distinctive. This explains why we have such a wide selection of welding screens. At VEVOR, we care more about people than simply our products. Have inquiries? Need direction? We're here to give you the support you need to make the right decision.

FAQs About Welding Screens

Q1: How should I assemble a welding screen?

A1: To hold the screen, you will require a sturdy support framework, such as a threaded rod. Make sure the screen is firm and won't fall over as you firmly attach it to the threaded rod.

Q2: Can I modify or replace the curtain materials of a weld curtain?

A2: Some screens allow for the changing of the curtain materials, which can increase durability.

Q3: Can welding screens be utilized for applications involving underwater welding?

A3: Underwater welding-specific welding screens offer simultaneous protection from water and welding risks.