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Tire Mount Demount Tool

VEVOR's Tire Mounters Revolutionizing Automotive Maintenance and Repair

In the dynamic landscape of automotive maintenance and repair, technological advancements continually reshape the industry, enhancing efficiency, precision, and overall performance. As automotive enthusiasts and professionals strive for seamless operations and elevated standards, VEVOR, a pioneering company, spearheads innovation with its groundbreaking tire mounters.


VEVOR’s tire mounters embody the requisite of tire maintenance, a fundamental aspect of automotive maintenance. These tire mounters are a paradigm shift from the traditional methodologies. Incorporating technology, they represent a fusion of innovation and accessibility. Therefore, VEVOR’s tire mounters keep appearing in garages, repair workshops, race tracks, etc.


Different Types Of Tire Mounters

Various tire mounters offer diverse, unique features and advantages. Understanding each type can help you make a better choice in getting one and give you a deeper insight into tire mounters. So, we will delve right in!


Touchless Tire Mounters

The touchless tire mounters are designed to reduce damage to delicate wheels or tires during mounting.


Unlike traditional tire mounters that rely on metal mounting bars, touchless tire mounters use non-metallic tools or special mounting heads to hold the tire without direct contact with the wheel. This reduces scratches on the wheel surface or reduces risk reduced availability of wear, making touchless tire mounters ideal for large vehicles or vehicles with soft rims


Heavy-Duty Tire Mounters

The heavy-duty tire mounting devices are designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and agricultural machinery. These tire mounts are characterized by their robust construction, powerful hydraulic systems, and large flexible turbines.


Manual, Semiautomatic And Automatic Tire Mounters

This classification is based on how automated the tire mounter is. Manual tire mounters are basic types of tire mounting equipment. They require more effort but may be cost-effective.


On the other hand, semi-automatic tire mounters are manual tire mounters with some automatic features. They reduce the effort and increase productivity.


Lastly, automatic tire mounters are the pinnacle of tire mounting technology. They ensure maximum efficiency and convenience with their advanced automation features. They can also be integrated into other tire maintenance systems.


Factors To Consider When Buying Tire Mounters

Before choosing a tire mounter, you need to make some considerations to ensure you are getting the best for your needs. Making an informed decision about your tire mounter choices will also enable you to get the best for your money. Therefore, we will explore some things you should check when purchasing a tire mounter.


Tire Size and Type Compatibility

One of the main things to consider when choosing a tire mount is compatibility with the size and type of tire you will be working with. Make sure the tire mount can accommodate the tire sizes commonly processed in your facility, including passenger car tires, light truck tires, motorcycle tires, and specialty tires


Automation Level

Determine how much automation you need based on your workload and business priorities. Manual tire mounts offer a cost-effective solution for low-impact or DIY tires but require more manual effort.


Semi-automatic and fully automated tire suspension systems provide efficiency and convenience, and automatic suspensions vary.


Additional Features And Accessories

Check out the new features and innovations in the tire mounting range for practicality and versatility. These may include integrated inflatable tires, assist arms for easy tire inflation, special head mounts for touch-free operation, and those with soft tires or TPMS sensors match


Manual vs. Automatic Tire Mounters: Pros and Cons for Each

The automation level of tire mounters differs, but it does not take any less than the other. Instead, both automatic and manual tire mounters have their advantages and downsides.


So, it is better that you objectively consider them and choose the best one.



Manual tire mounters are relatively cheap and do not need much financial commitment to purchase, set up, operate, and maintain. On the other hand, from purchase to use and maintenance, automatic tire mounters are on the higher side cost-wise.



Automatic tire mounters require little to no effort to operate. They reduce fatigue, simplify your work, and enhance productivity. You do not have the same advantages as their manual counterparts. They require more effort, and you may get less done with them.



Manual tire mounters are often portable. You can easily store and transport them, and you do not need much space for their installation. Automatic tire mounters, on the other hand, require more space for installation, and it isn't easy to use them out of the workshop.


Why Choose VEVOR?

The impact of tire mounters on your vehicle’s tires, wheels, handling, and overall performance makes it a vital tool that requires much attention. Therefore, you should not only pick a tire mounter made from premium materials with good construction, but you should also choose a reliable manufacturer to buy a tire mounter from.


VEVOR is a trustworthy brand that has consistently served the automotive industry with satisfying products for years. Understanding the impact of tires on automobiles, our tire mounters are to enable you to have a safe and stress-free tire maintenance process.


VEVOR’s tire mounters are efficient, reliable, and built to last. They have user-friendly designs and extensive manufacturer’s guides that make using them easy. They are also versatile and adaptable. That is, whatever the size and design of your tire, VEVOR has a mounter for you.


FAQs About Tire Mounters

What types of tires can be mounted with a tire mounter?

Tire mounters can mount various tires, including passenger car tires, light truck tires, motorcycle tires, and specialized tires used in agriculture, construction, and off-roading.


Are tire mounters easy to operate?

Tire mounters can vary in complexity, although most current ones are intended to be user-friendly and simple to use. However, sufficient training and familiarization with the equipment are necessary to ensure its safe and efficient use.


Can tire mounters damage wheels or tires?

Tire mounters are safe for wheels and tires when used properly and correctly. However, misuse can lead to tire damage and other problems. Therefore, you must get adequate knowledge and care properly when using a tire mounter.