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TIG Welder

Try-Out TIG Welder Machines for sale by VEVOR

At VEVOR, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of TIG welders and welding machines that cater to welding enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our TIG welders for sale are designed to provide exceptional performance and versatility, whether you're working on mild steel, stainless steel, or other materials. 

In this guide, we'll delve into the world of TIG welders on sale, highlighting the types of products we offer, popular choices, and why VEVOR should be your go-to brand for welding equipment.

Variety of TIG Welders Machines Available at VEVOR

VEVOR offers a variety of options to fit your exact needs and preferences. Here, we have discussed the different types of TIG welders for sale at VEVOR. Use the information we compiled after thorough research to understand the different types of TIG Welders on sale in the market.

AC DC TIG Welders

The AC/DC TIG welding machines can weld various metals, including aluminum, steel, magnesium, and many more. The versatility in welding capabilities comes with the ability of AC DC TIG welders to offer dual voltage. However, these welding machines are pretty large and on the pricier end of the scale. They are indeed the perfect tool for a professional welder. These TIG welders are perfect for mild steel and stainless steel welding.


Dual voltage

Precise control

Minimal splatter




Electric Welding Machines

The Lincoln Electric welding machines use electricity to create the heat source. They can produce exact heat sources, thus offering predictable results in welding. Electric welding machines are also very versatile in terms of functionality. There are a lot of divisions within Lincoln Electric Machines, and the type of welding equipment required depends upon the material. These machines are relatively compact, lightweight, and perfect for all welding projects.


Lightweight and compact 

Beginner user friendly 

Predictable results


Limited power output

It cannot be used for heavy-duty materials

Stick Welding 

Stick welding is the simplest of all welding equipment. It is also known as shielded metal arc welding. The result is not as precise but allows for strong and durable welding. Thus, stick welding is usually used in construction and repair. Lastly, these require some correct expertise but can be used on all welding projects.



Easy to use



It produces a lot of splatter

TIG Accessories

The TIG welding requires some accessories for optimal functionality, including the TIG torch. The function of the torch is to control the heat source. It also provides shielding to the gas for a precise welding experience. A tig torch setup includes tungsten electrodes, foot pedals, gas nozzles, etc. The TIG accessories enhance your welding experience by allowing customization. 


Allows customization in projects 

Enhances precision 


Additional cost

Best TIG Welders at VEVOR

Now that you have a deeper understanding of all the types of welding equipment and accessories, you can analyze the TIG welders for sale by VEVOR. 


The 3-in-1 TIG, MMA, ARC welding machine with AC DC functionality is the most versatile welding equipment. It is a cheap tig welder for aluminum and other metals alike. Furthermore, the precision welding by TIG welder AC DC  creates a satisfactory outcome with the least splatter.

VEVOR 210 Amp TIG Welder

This mini tig welder by VEVOR also offers 3-in-1 functionality. The Vevor 210 offers dual-voltage and high-frequency welding experience. It allows for a clean welding experience with its TIG, Clean, and STICK welding options. 

TIG-200, 200 Amp TIG Torch Stick

The TIG-200  110v tig welder is a torch stick with a few more accessories, such as a foot pedal, required to customize the welding experience. It has a 2-in-1 welding mode, including TIG and ARC. Thus, it can be used for various welding, including fillet and joint welding. 

Reasons to Choose VEVOR

Whether you are a homeowner looking for improvement or a professional welder, VEVOR has every piece of equipment you will need for your welding needs. Here is a list of reasons you should choose VEVOR for your welding equipment.

Wide Range of Products 

Every welder requires more than just their welding torch. There are a ton of equipment that enhance the usage of welding equipment in terms of ease of use and precision. At VEVOR, we offer a comprehensive selection of welding accessories. The welding equipment developed by VEVOR caters to the needs of all welders regardless of their expertise. The professionals benefit from the VEVOR products just as much as beginners do.

High Quality

The tungsten inert gas welding equipment offers high-precision welding. Thus the TIG welding equipment must be of high quality to ensure optimum results. The VEVOR TIG welders are built with the highest quality material to ensure durability and consistent performance.

Competitive Prices

The welding equipment is often priced at the higher end of the scale. After all, it is a piece of heavy machinery with detailed equipment. But the TIG welders AC DC, as well as accessories at VEVOR, are priced moderately. Almost all of our welding equipment offers high-quality and versatile work. Still, the TIG welders for sale by VEVOR offer market-competitive prices.

FAQs about TIG Welders

Q1. What is the difference between AC and DC TIG welding machines?

A1. The AC TIG welding is based on alternating current. Thus, it allows the equipment to alternate the current periodically. The DC welding utilizes direct current and must be manually set on positive or negative tungsten electrodes. The AC and DC tungsten inert gas welding utilizes an arc to generate heat for welding. The AC DC TIG welding machines are used for various metals and functions due to their versatile functionality. 

Q2. Do you offer customer service assistance?

A2. At VEVOR, we have an entire dedicated customer service team. The team is built to provide our customers with the utmost care and service. Regardless of the product you purchase, our team is live around the clock to assist your concerns and answer your concerns.

Q3: I am looking for the best tig welder from VEVOR; what’s the option?

A3: There are countless options at VEVOR, and you can choose whatever you want, but if you are looking for the best tig welding accessories, then choose pulse tig welder.