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Tap & Die Set

Tap & Die Set

Large Tap and Die Sets

The VEVOR Tap & Die Set provides exceptional performance in machine tools, precision modules, and transformers due to the super-hard, high-precision, and metric coarse and fine sizes that are part of the dependable, long-lasting tap and die sets.
Types of Large Tap and Die Sets
1. Tap & Die Sets with 110 PCS
This 110-piece tap and die set, which is robust and dependable, comes in metric coarse and fine sizes and is super-hard and highly accurate. It plays a vital role in machine tools, precision modules, and transformers.
2. Tap & Die Sets with 86 PCS
Metric coarse and fine sizes, super-hard and high-precision, are included in our 86-piece tap and die sets, which are dependable and long-lasting. It has a 5-10 times longer service life than non-tungsten taps.
3. Tap & Die Sets with 60 PCS
The carbon steel 60-piece tap and die sets (Inch) are available. There are 27 taps & 27 dies. They range in size from 0.5 to 1.75 inches. plug taps and dies. They can cut new material or pursue threads that have mild damage. Cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze can all be cut using these taps and dies.
VEVOR Tap and Die Set, 86 PCS
Length: 50.8 cm/20''
Width: 27.94 cm/11''
Height: 7.62 cm/3''
Model: -----
Material: Tungsten steel

Main Features and Functionality of Large Tap and Die Sets
Outstanding Performance
The tap and die set undergoes complete machining. As a result, it is sharp and won't get damaged while cutting a new thread or pending an existing one. The entire set has a size that is typically used and was heat-treated precisely.

Superior Material
The SAE die sets consists of wear-resistant, high-durability carbon steel. It lasts 5–10 times as long as made of non–carbon steel. We can use it for a very long period because of how durable it has become.
Strengthened Stability
Each die has a lock hole that you can use to lock it tightly once the screw has been set and locked, providing double stability throughout your operation.
Flexible Portability:
The entire tap and die sets may fit within the enclosure. It is transportable to your location of necessity. Additionally, it is practical to keep them in the case to avoid dust.
Realistic Clamp:
We can place the wrench in either a clockwise or anti -clockwise spin. To make it, we can rotate the clamp 180 degrees. It is easy to use.
Main Uses of Large Tap and Die Sets
The big tap and die sets can work with a wide range of metals, including carbon steel, iron , aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. It can create a new thread or amend an existing one. It is usable in numerous industries, including machine tools, precision modules, and transformers.
How Do You Buy The Best Large Tap and Die Sets?
Are the top Tap and Die Sets on your shopping list? Then stop your search. Your tap-and-die questions are all covered by VEVOR.

A tap-and-die set is necessary if you work on various mechanical and tool-related projects .In addition to fixing damaged nuts and bolts, The creation of fresh screw sets is possible with it.

The Tap and Die Set includes different tools, such as taps, dies, and wrenches, that you can use to build items and aid in securing a pair by creating threads in a piece of wood or metal with a hole for the threaded bolts.

So, How do you buy the best tap-and-die set? VEVOR proposes Large Tap and Die Sets for you to choose the best possible option .