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Table Saw

Precision at Your Fingertips - Unleash Creativity with Table Saw

Table saws are among the most powerful tools in any workshop or job site. Nothing can rip wood as accurately as a table saw. If you are looking for the best table saw for your woodwork or job, VEVOR has everything for you. 

Our high-quality and durable table saw is known for delivering precise and clean cuts. With our powerful tool, you can quickly make ripped and angled cuts. VEVOR table saws can rip, crosscut, bevel cuts, grooves, kerfing, and more.

Types of Table Saw

Here are the types of table saw VEVOR offers:

Mini Table Saw - 96W Motor

Our mini table saw is a versatile tool that can be used for small wooden stick cutting, acrylic cutting, aluminum alloy cutting, and more. It is the best tool for DIY craft workshops, creative research, and development. This table saw has 0-90 degree cutting and a 7-level power adapter that works more efficiently. 

Portable Table Saw - 370W Motor

Our benchtop bandsaw with a 59-inch blade offers a max cutting height of 4"/100 mm and a max cutting width of 10"/245 mm. Its 370 W motor makes low noise and offers high efficiency. It can cut different types of wood quickly and precisely. Our band saw has a sturdy cast aluminum table measuring 11.8 x 11.8 in(300 x 300 mm).

Table Saw - 200W Motor

VEVOR mini table saw offers 0-90 degree cutting that helps you work more conveniently. There is an acrylic baffle that does not block the line of sight and makes this machine easy to use. This hobby table saw has a steel frame structure, which makes it durable and rust-resistant. 

Main Features and Functions of Table Saw

Here are the main features of the VEVOR table saw: 

High-precision scale: Our table saw comes with a steel frame and aluminum alloy panel. There is no deformation, ensuring flatness and high-quality cutting with precision.

Miter gauge: Our mini table saw has a miter gauge that is useful for precise angled cuts.

Rip fence: The rip fence of our table saw helps you control the material being cut and ensure a straight cut.

Adjustable table saw: Our mini table saw has angle cutting and can cut out 0-90 degree angles.

Extra-high power saw: VEVOR table saw comes with an upgraded motor that has low noise interference. Also, our saw is equipped with a 7-level speed adjustment. 

How to Choose the Best Table Saw?

When you are planning to buy a mini table saw, consider these things: 

Power rating: The power rating is important when selecting a table saw. Choose the power according to the need of your job. 

Fence: The fence helps guide and hold the workpiece during cutting. It should be sturdy and dead flat for accuracy. 

Weight: A convenient table saw is lightweight and easy to transport.

Miter gauge: The miter gauge of the table saw should have a secure locking clamp and a well-graduated angle scale.

Blade adjustments: Buy a table saw that has a crank to set the blade height and the blade angle. 

Maximum cut height: The cut height of a bandsaw should be easily adjustable depending on the thickness of the material. 

Applications of Table Saw

Here are some common applications of the VEVOR table saw:

Ripping lumber and cutting large sheets of wood into smaller pieces. 

Cross-cutting lumber and other materials to length. 

Creating precise and angled cuts with a miter gauge or sliding table. 

Making joints, such as tenons and grooves, using a dado blade. 

Cutting dados and rabbets for joinery.

Shaping curves and irregular shapes using a jigsaw or band saw blade attachment. 

Bevel cutting at various angles using a tilt mechanism on the blade. 

Top-selling VEVOR Table Saws

Mini Table Saw

VEVOR mini table saw is a compact and portable table saw that you can use for small to medium-sized DIY projects and woodworking. It has a blade that rotates and cuts through wood, plastic, and other materials. Our mini saw is ideal for hobbyists and beginners who need a functional and lightweight tool for their projects.

Portable DIY Saw

Our portable DIY saw is a lightweight, compact tool for small-scale projects. It is easy to carry and maneuver. You can use it for cutting wood, plastic, and other materials. A portable DIY saw is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to complete their tasks with ease and efficiency.

Benchtop Bandsaw

benchtop bandsaw is a great addition to any workshop. They can help you with all functions you need while taking up less space. Our benchtop bandsaw is designed to sit on a bench or table and is smaller and more affordable than a full-size bandsaw. 

Table Saw for Woodworking

VEVOR table saw is a staple tool in any woodworking shop. We have specially designed it for precise, straight cuts of lumber, panels, and other materials. It features a circular blade that rotates at high speeds and is mounted on an adjustable table. Our table saw is an essential tool for any woodworker looking to create accurate cuts in less time.

Multifunctional Table Saws

VEVOR multifunctional table saws can perform multiple cutting functions beyond traditional ripping and crosscutting. They have features like sliding tables, mitre gauges, and dado blades for versatility and accuracy. With their multiple-cutting capabilities, our multifunctional table saws are a great investment for any serious woodworker.

Hobby Table Saw

A hobby table saw is smaller and more affordable than a full-size table saw. Despite its size, a hobby table saw still provides accurate cuts. It can handle various materials, making it an essential tool for any hobbyist and woodworker.

FAQs about Table Saw

How do I properly align the rip fence on a table saw

To properly align the rip fence on a table saw, use a square to check the fence's alignment with the blade and adjust accordingly.

Can a table saw be used for ripping thin strips of wood? 

Yes, a table saw can be used for ripping thin strips of wood.

Is it safe to use a table saw? 

Yes, VEVOR table saws are safe to use when operated correctly and with proper safety precautions.