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Table Cover Protector

Keep Your Table Protection in Style with Covers and Protectors

Your tables mean so much more than just being furniture. They're where great times are had, family gathers, and important work is done. It is crucial to protect tables from scratches, spills, and daily wear and tear. That's why VEVOR made their table protectors. We understand how important it is to keep your tables in top condition, especially in food services and restaurants.

There are many types of table protectors out there. Still, our goal was always to make a functional and stylish combination. We want our protectors to shield your dining tables and add an extra layer of aesthetics. This article explores the world of table cover protectors, what to look for when choosing one, and why VEVOR should be your first pick. It's not just about how long your tables last using a table cover protector. They also contribute to the overall ambiance of wherever they're at. Whether that be a dining room or a space you work in, our commitment ensures that you get excellent protection for your valuable table tops.

Different types of table cover protectors

Plastic table protectors are useful for many different things. Here are the main types:

Clear Table Protector

The clear table protector is transparent. It lets your table top's natural beauty shine while keeping it safe from spills and scratches.

Plastic Table Protectors

Plastic table protectors are resistant to water and easy to clean. These make them perfect for dining tables. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose mm thick if that falls in your preference. 

Vinyl Table Protectors 

Vinyl top protectors offer a large amount of durability. They come in different thicknesses, so you can find one of the vinyl top protectors that fits your needs,

Custom Table Pad

Custom table pads can come in any shape and size. This makes them perfect for people who want perfection or have unique table shapes in their dining room.

What to consider when choosing a clear table protector?

Picking out a clear plastic table protector is more complex than throwing money at the first result you see. It would help if you considered these important factors:

Size and Shape

The basics are a good place to start: how big is your table? And what Shape? You don't want the table cloth to be too loose where it's falling off, but you don't want it too tight where it may rip.

Material and Thickness

Consider the thickness and material that suits your needs. You can choose between durable PVC, easy-to-clean vinyl, or stylish fabric. Opt for the right mm thick table cloth to increase how long it can protect your table.

Durability and Resistance

Look for a clear plastic table protector that can handle daily use and resist scratches, spills, and heat. A high-quality protector is what keeps your table in its pristine condition.


If you want a clear plastic table protector that showcases your table's natural beauty, get a transparent one. This way, your table's aesthetics are maintained without compromising its protection from scratches or spills.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose a clear table cover protector that you can wipe clean effortlessly. PVC and vinyl ones are known for their quick cleaning.


Some clear table cover protectors work with any occasion, such as family dinners, crafting sessions, or work meetings.


You can customize some clear table cover protectors to fit the dimensions of your table so you know it's a perfect match.


It is important to ensure the protector is odor-free because no one likes working or eating something with a bad smell lingering around them.


Balance affordability and quality within your budget when looking for a protector. Compare different options to get something worth it without breaking the bank.

Popular Table Protectors at VEVOR

Discover a few of the best table covers at VEVOR:

VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth (42"x78")

This Transparent PVC Tablecloth (42"x78") from VEVOR is a versatile option that protects table efficiency. It's made to fit most types and sizes of tables. And even though it can handle spills, scratches, and daily wear and tear, it won't take away from your room table's natural beauty because of its high quality and crystal clear built.

VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth (42 "x72")

To keep your tables clean and safe use VEVOR’s Transparent PVC Tablecloth (42 "x72"). It's designed to fit a variety of room table sizes. The shield is high-quality, clear, and waterproof, which is important for things like dinner tables or workspaces.

VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth (42"x60")

This VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth (42"x60") is perfect for smaller tables. The aesthetic is intact despite its comprehensive protection. It fits snugly on the surface of any small furniture, whether it be a dining room table or workspace desk.

VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth (40"x72")

Do you own tables of different sizes? If you do, the VEVOR Transparent PVC Tablecloth (40 "x72") might be your solution. This table cover ensures that your table stays in prime condition and protects it from water damage.

VEVOR's Advantages

We pride ourselves on offering various clear table protectors with complete styles, high-level materials, and competitive prices. When you go with VEVOR, you're choosing excellent products. See the benefits of VEVOR's dedication to quality today by enhancing your table protection.

FAQs about Table Protectors

Q1: How do I measure my table for the right clear table protector size?

A1: First, calculate the length and width of your table, then find a protector that matches those dimensions.

Q2: Can I use a table protector on a wooden table?

A2: Our protectors work well on wooden tables and other surfaces.

Q3: Can I still clean VEVOR table protectors easily?   

A3: Yes! You can effortlessly wipe them clean with a cloth and water.

Q4: Can I use these table protectors for outdoor tables?

A4: Although primarily designed for indoor tables, they can also be used outdoors properly.