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Swimming Pool Rail

Explore VEVOR’s Pool Handrails Collection for Safety and Elegance

Offering respite from the sweltering summer heat, pools become the heart of our outdoor spaces. When adding swimming pools to their backyards, people often overlook the idea of pool handrails, thinking they are unnecessary and will ruin the aesthetics of the poolside. But know that pool railing is imperative to ensure maximum safety and accessibility of swimming pools for people of all ages.

At VEVOR, we offer high-quality swimming pool handrails with a variety of modern designs, allowing you to choose the one that accentuates the overall aesthetics of your poolside while enhancing safety and convenience.

Types of Pool Handrails

Based on their manufacturing material, there are different types of pool handrails, allowing pool owners to choose the one that meets their needs and supports the aesthetics of their pool.

Aluminum Swimming Pool Handrails

Due to their adaptability, aluminum handrails are a popular choice for above-ground and in-ground pools. Their seamless integration allows them to complement various pool designs, while their corrosion resistance makes them suitable for constant water exposure.

Stainless Steel Pool Handrail

Stainless steel handrails for pools are a popular choice for pool handrails due to their durability, strength, and corrosion-resistance properties. Stainless steel pool handrails feature various grades, such as 304, marine grade, and finishes, such as polished and brushed. For unmatched durability and corrosion resistance, at VEVOR, we use 304 stainless steel material for manufacturing of pool railing.

Plastic Handrails for Pools

Plastic pool rails offer an economical option for pool steps, providing lightweight support and stability with minimal installation hassles and budget-minded pricing. While lacking visual appeal compared to other materials, plastic pool handrails remain an attractive and practical solution for pool owners searching for cost-cutting pool steps solutions.

Brass Handrails

Brass railings for pool steps provide timeless elegance and durability. Not only does their classic appearance add sophistication, but their patina also contributes to their classic charm. Brass pool handrails present themselves as the top choice when aesthetics and reliability are important considerations.

Applications of Pool Handrails

Serving multiple functions, pool handrails are indispensable tools in maximizing pool safety and enjoyment.

● Entry and Exit Assistance: The primary function of pool handrails is to lend physical support when entering or exiting the pool. They offer secure gripping when wet to prevent slips and falls. They provide pool owners peace of mind, particularly for children, the elderly, and those with limited mobility.

● Steps and Stairs: For pools with steps or stairs, pool handrails offer support during the transitional areas. Handrails for pool steps come in various designs, such as curved, straight, and angled, allowing pool owners to choose the one that best fits their pool design.

● Above-Ground Pools: Above-ground pools require handrails tailored specifically to their structure to provide users with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. These above-ground swimming pool handrails ensure stability and support as swimmers enter and exit the water.

● Hot Tubs and Spas: Adding handrails can make entering and exiting hot tubs or spas easier, providing users with convenient gripping points.

● Increasing Water Safety: Pool handrails serve an extra safety purpose, providing pool grab bars in case of emergencies and offering swimmers lifelines if necessary.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pool Handrail

Pool handrails can have a significant impact on both the safety and aesthetics of your pool area. So, purchase careful considerations and pick the handrail that fits your pool’s design and your individual needs and preferences.

1. Material Selection

As discussed earlier, pool handrails come in different materials. So, choose the one that is not only aesthetically appealing but also offers rust resistance and durability. At VEVOR, we use only 304 stainless steel for the manufacturing of our handrails for maximum durability.

2. Size and Length

Determine your pool area’s dimensions and length requirements before selecting swimming pool handrails that provide sufficient coverage.

3. Pool Type

Determine whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground before purchasing fit handrails. Some pool handrails are specifically tailored to one type, while others are suitable for both.

4. Aesthetic Preferences

To achieve optimal aesthetic results in your pool environment, choose pool handrails that enhance their design and aesthetics by considering finish, style, and color options that complement their visual appeal.

5. Installation Requirements

Before making the purchase, consider the installation requirements of pool handrails. You want to get one that is easy to install and can be removed, allowing you to install a winter pool safety cover.

6. Safety Features

Make sure that the pool handrail you select is safe. Look for features like non-slip grips and textured surfaces which provide additional traction during wet conditions. To reduce the risk of slippage and falling, all of VEVOR’s pool handrails feature nylon safety covers, which can be installed and detached on any part of the swimming pool handrails to fit your needs.

Why Choose VEVOR for Your Pool Handrail Needs?

VEVOR is a trusted brand offering a wide selection of high-quality modern swimming pool handrails. Manufactured with 304 stainless steel, VEVOR’s pool handrails are rust-proof and highly durable. They also feature a blue nylon skid-proof grip cover that prevents accidental falls and keeps the pool rail from getting hot during hot summer days.

Besides offering top-quality handrails for pools at highly affordable prices, VEVOR offers a premium user experience. They offer fast and free delivery, and all their products, including pool handrails, come with a 30-day no-hassle return and a 12-month warranty.

FAQs About Pool Handrails

Q: What Size Pool Handrail Do I Need?

Size matters when selecting handrails for swimming pools, depending on their dimensions and installation location. Find one that complements both the deck design and the surroundings of your pool. Consider seeking professional advice to ensure accurate sizing.

Q: How to Add a Handrail to an Existing Swimming Pool?

When it comes to adding pool handrail to an existing pool, there are three common methods: handrail anchor, surface mount, and core drill. However, if you have VEVOR’s pool handrail, you can easily install them on your pool deck by using a regular drill.

Q: Do You Need a Handrail for Pool Steps?

If you often have kids, guests, or people with mobility challenges visiting your poolside, you must consider adding a handrail for pool steps. It will provide the necessary support and safety when entering or exiting the water.