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Sand Scoop & Accessories

Using VEVOR Sand Scoops to Maximize Your Metal Detecting Potential

What will you use to unearth the hidden treasure after your metal detector detects a signal from a metallic object? A selection of reliable sand scoops from VEVOR are available to complete the task fast and effectively.

Our metal detector scoops can easily sift out extra dirt and sand and only require little effort. Many of our beach sand scoops feature lengthy handles, so you won't have to bend to dig in the sand. Our high-end sand scoops are detachable for simple transporting and have adjustable handle lengths.

What Are Sand Scoops?

Aside from your detector, the most crucial thing you carry is a beach sand scoop! Why? You use it to dig once you've discovered the object of interest with your metal detector. Use a beach sand scoop in this situation because it's as easy as sieving through the sand till your objective shows up at the bottom of your sand scoop.

Both the full-length and portable versions share the same fundamental structure. They use a scoop that is attached to a handle. The scoop is often constructed from a perforated material, mostly PVC or aluminum.

The most resilient form of sand scoop shovel available is made of steel. They can withstand the sharp stones and gritty sand that may be present at a shoreline. Since it is remarkably corrosion-resistant, aluminum is a fantastic material for a sand scoop. It enables you to create a highly sturdy scoop without adding the weight that steel would.

Plastic scoops are fantastic if you are reluctant to spend excessive money buying a sand scoop. They are an excellent option for "one-time" beach visits. They offer a cost-effective, lightweight, small-scoop alternative.  

How To Select The Right Sand Scoop

The sun, sand, waves, and intrigue of awaiting hidden treasures make metal detecting along the beach a great experience. But you need the correct equipment to get the most from this journey. The best sand scoop is an important piece of equipment that can greatly impact your metal-detecting adventure.

Hole Size and Shape

You need to examine the measurement of the hole that the dirt filters through while choosing which beach scoop to buy. This depends on the beaches you can find. There are beaches with finer sand and beaches with coarser sand. Small coins, gold earrings, or chains should not fall through the holes, but sand should be able to escape through them.

Which dimensions of holes are appropriate for the areas you detect comes down to trial and error in this area. Certain beach metal detecting scoops are made of mesh wire with hexagonal or spherical holes.


The longevity of a sand scoop is crucial if you plan to go metal detect on the beach. How much you beach detect, design flaws, poor welding process, low-grade metals, improper handle design, and other factors affect the lifespan a sand scoop will endure.

Length of Handle

The typical length of sand scoop handles is 45 inches, although only some find it comfortable. A metal detecting scoop's handle should be sufficiently long to minimize the movement required to look for and collect prospective finds while metal detecting. Your body type will determine whether you need three or four feet.

Sand Type

Wet sand is typically more compact and requires a more robust metal detector scoop. Wet sand is tougher to sift using a beach scoop for any treasure seeker. Choosing the proper time of day to visit the beach is crucial. As the water recedes, a larger wet region will become more visible.  

On the contrary, dry sand frequently permits using sand scoop shovels that are lighter in weight. False signals can occasionally be avoided when using a detector having a predetermined ground balance; however, this is not always the case. It's mostly dry sand on the beach. These regions are simple to sort through.

Benefits Of Using Sand Scoops

A sand scoop is a crucial piece of equipment that can help your quest for lost treasures if you are an avid metal detectorist. Below are some of the benefits of using sand scoops.

Saves Time and Energy

An excellently constructed beach sand scoop can conserve energy and time by facilitating a quicker and more effective target retrieval. A superior sand scoop's robust design guarantees life and its capacity to survive challenging circumstances.

Minimize Soil Disturbance

A sturdy metal detector scoop can also minimize soil disturbance around antiquities, preserving them and avoiding environmental harm.

Aids Metal Detecting

A metal detector sand scoop is an excellent investment. They enable treasure hunters to discover precious metals and coins buried below the surface and are highly useful tools. They speed up and improve the efficiency of treasure searching and are simpler to operate than excavating using your hands or a stick.

Why VEVOR Sand Scoops

For beachcombers and treasure seekers, VEVOR Sand Scoops are a game-changer. These beach scoops, made with accuracy and toughness in mind, reinvent sifting via sand efficiency. Coins, jewels, and artifacts buried below the water's surface of the shore can be easily recovered because of their special design.

VEVOR is distinguished by its dedication to fine materials and precision. These sand scoops are designed to withstand extreme coastal conditions because they are corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Even during prolonged beachcombing activities, their ergonomic grips guarantee comfort.

FAQs About Sand Scoops

Q: What materials are sand scoops typically made of?

Sand scoops are often built of sturdy materials like plastic, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Q: Can I use a sand scoop for freshwater activities like river or lake metal detecting?

Metal-detecting beach sand scoops can be used on any beach and in fresh and saltwater. However, there are generally certain detector prerequisites for metal detecting on saltwater and freshwater beaches.

Q: Are sand scoops only used for metal detecting?

No, sand scoops are useful equipment. They come in handy for beach cleaning, shellfish, fossil gathering, and metal detecting, which is frequently employed to find hidden wealth.

Q: Do I need any special skills to use a sand scoop effectively?

No special abilities are needed. Effective sand scoop use is as simple as digging, sifting, and separating. All beachcombers and collectors of treasure can utilize it easily.