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Great Buy

Excellent Waffle Maker

I absolutely love this mini waffle maker. Quick delivery and return on the waffles and Super easy to clean. Great for smaller work spaces, and we find that our customers love the size and shape. Coupled with a great waffle mix recipe and they're an instant hit.

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Made my first waffles today. The waffles are small, very small, but this isn't a bad thing. No one eats just one waffle. Most people will eat one batch. The 10 small waffles is like a waffle and a half. They are smaller than Ego toaster waffles. Pre-heat was as expected. By the time I made the batter, it was preheated. The drip tray is nice for cleaning. Control is in Celsius but doesn't matter because the conversion table is printed on the front. Be sure to oil cooking service because it made it easier to clean. The waffles just pulled out of the non stick surface. I used a add water only butter milk waffle mix with a splash of vanilla extract and they were awesome. $2 a box at the store. My next adventure is to make my own batter, but it's hard to beat $2. Don't hesitate getting this of you have small kids, they will appreciate the small waffles. I heard you can freeze waffles, so this weekend I'm going to make a weeks worth. So I can have them in the morning for breakfast.

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Breakfast Cook

We have been using this waffle maker in a small commercial kitchen for over 6 months and the waffle maker is performing exceptionally well, it cooks very evenly and fast. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because the waffles that it makes are very thin and it is tough to clean.

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Dayana Miranda


Size for waffle is very small I thinking I need more biggest but is very friendly use and heating is very fast

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Tina Trudeau

Bubble waffle yum!

Fantastic! golden brown perfection

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Susan Paley

We thought it was waaaaay larger than it was and was dissatisfied when we got it!!

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Tama Jennings

Game Changer

OMG...just got this in and was so excited to see how it was going to do for my dog treat business and WOW!!! It is a total game changer for me. Far surpassed my expectations and I actually may order at least 1 if not 2 more of these.

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