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Product scratched & 1 leg doesn’t stay folded

Bummer! This product was scratched upon receipt and one leg would not stay folded under. Once I get my refund, I hope to order it again. I have a 22” x 22” opening in fire pit so when propped up, it fits the opening perfectly.

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Built like a tank!

Thing is built like a tank! I thought I would get some flimsy steel, but the steel is thick and the legs are heavy duty. I had it sitting on the floor with legs extended and the first thing my 40lb 2year-old does is climb on it, and stand. Thing didn't budge not a bit. It hasn't been long enough to comment on handle durability or corrosion resistance, but it seems very well built.I should note a few things. First, I ordered from a different website, but it had the same exact part number. I got the 24x24 version, spent $64. Second, it came without the rubber feet. Honestly not that big of a deal, but just wanted to mention it. Thirdly, my unit appears to be ever so slightly different from the ones in these pictures. My legs are attached to the plate by 6 rivets in the corners vs 4 shown in these pictures. Not sure if it's a newer model or what.

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William Brian


Works well, built well, will definitely hold up! Just seems pretty high priced for a simple stamped out piece of metal. Not much to it.

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Garfield fan

Seems good.

The product seems sturdy and does deflect heat downward. The corners on it are significantly scratched. All four of them which takes away from appearance. I am not sure about these plastic coated feet on it as I don’t know if they will be damaged by heat

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Exactly what I was looking for!

The product is made out of stainless steel. It is not flimsy. Really good handle that doesn't get hot. The legs are easy to fold and most importantly the head reflects extremely well. I am extremely happy with the results. I recommend it if you are using a gas firepit. I have not tried it on a wood fire pit, but I am sure it will work even better.

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VEVOR Customer

Deflects Heat Out instead of Up

Does a great job of reflecting heat that would otherwise just escape straight up above the fire pit. We love ours.

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This product works great. The handle does not get hot even when the flame is on high. Deflects the heat towards people not up to the ceiling. Oh I use this on my gas fire pit.

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Nicole Cushman

Fire pit top

We love it

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Definitely recommend

I have had this item on my wish list for a year! The price was always $179 and then one day it was magically $101, three days later it was $133. No clue for the wild price variations but keep an eye and buy it when the price is good. The ONLY thing I didn't like was the steel came coated with a plastic protective covering and the adhesive was so strong it took me forever to get it off. Maybe that's why the price was lower for that "batch" but really couldn't say. The deflector works GREAT and is so EASY to use so it's definitely worth buying one so you can really enjoy your fire pit. My fire pit is round (44" across with a round fire ring in the center). This fits perfectly over the fire ring.

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Sam Kumar

Poor quality stainless steel - damaged by heat

The idea is good and it works to distribute heat But the stainless steel used is of poor quality and gets damaged by heat after only one use.

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