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Linda Morales

Everybody needs this space saver!

Great quality and easy to install, just make sure you put it together and see how it goes before you start stewing it in. Trust me on this!!! Then put your new bins in and throw away your old trash Can that’s visible to the eye…. I love it and wish I would of done it sooner!

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Great addition to the RV!

This works great in the camper! It's very durable and built well. It operates smoothly and the 2 trash cans are the perfect size for our use. Only complaint is the provided hardware, so I replaced with some higher quality ones.

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Becky Fischer

Well made! Worth the extra money.

The installation was a bit confusing. Our cabinet door seemed small for this. Watch the video before installation. We had to change the configuration to suit our cabinet door. It doesn't show that in the written instructions. Once in we were very pleased.

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Queen B

Haven’t installed yet

I have r installed this yet because I am awaiting my kitchen island be built for it. However I have opened it and it is very nice with the double trash cans. My husband has inspected all of the pieces of includes and they’re all there and he stated would be fairly way to install. I can’t wait to use it fully!

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Duo bins

Remodeling my kitchen and needed to hide my trash and recycle bin I found this in your site and loved it.

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A little careful work getting it installed

We've had a space in our kitchen that we've just slid a trash can in for years but always said it would be nice to make something that would slide out. Then this product came along and it's better than I would have come up with. Installing it takes some care to get the sliders liked up and screwed in at the correct depth. A template is provided that makes things easier. What's nice is that you get the two trash cans in a space that wouldn't be practical without a slider. The rails move very smoothly to the point that I can pull it out no problem with my toes. This is currently only possible because I haven't made a door for it yet but once you do they've provided simple mounting brackets for getting it attached. I like that they include carbon filters for the lids but I'm not sure they do very much. In any case the lids and cans themselves are made of a durable plastic so they'll last a while. We're very happy with how this cleaned up a part of our kitchen and gives us a way to keep different trash separate now.

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Great product but the template could be better

I got this to fill an empty space left by the removal of a 1980's trash compactor. It is the perfect size to fit in the awkward space these can leave behind in a kitchen.The pull out basket and rails are very well made with heavy metal and thick powder coating to protect it from rust. The drawer glides are smooth and slow down to soft close to prevent slamming.My only annoyance was that the template seems to be off for the item. It is not the easiest template to figure out since it has three different size options marked on the same paper. The designers have tried to make it easier by color coding the graphics but I found that the template just did not give exact measurements. This may have been user error but it was frustrating and not simple to figure out.The trash cans are a bit smaller than I would have liked since I like a larger trash bin and a smaller recycling bin but the fact that the entire system slides neatly under the counter is just wonderful in my small U shaped kitchen that really does not have a good place for a large trash + recycling.I did not have a premade door to match our cabinets - which is fine because I hope to redo the doors soon. Instead I used a piece of plywood cut to fit which I covered with glue on backsplash tiles and stainless steel contact paper for appliances.This was not a quick project since I did have to build out the cabinet base and accommodate to a slightly crooked space, etc. Installation of this trash can would have been a lot quicker if the template had been exact.

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It came a little bend.

It came a little bend in the back so this make one of the trash can move to the side everytime I pull it out. everything else looks good. I didn’t want the hassle of returning but it’s a little upsetting paying money for something that came damage.

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Customer Service Reply:

Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,

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Very useful

This item was actually easier to install than I thought it would have been . Very greatly made, comes with everything you’ll end to install . Highly recommend

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Armin O'Shaffee

Great in cabinet bin and slides

So I had hoped to write a review with this bin and slider installed, however our cabinets were delivered with incorrect measurements and our replacements cabinets are on back order. However I can still tell you from what I have, that this assembly looks and feels very sturdy and well-made. The frame looks very strong and should support the weight of a full bin (about 66lbs). The bins are made of thick durable plastic with lids.The instructions are very well-written with exact measurements and templates needed for installation. All required hardware is also included. I would recommend ensuring your measurements are dead-on to make sure this assembly will fit in your cabinet. This seems to be a quality slider that will be a great improvement to any kitchen. I hope to have an update review once I have my slider installed.

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