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Good machine that could easily be better!

I use it for soldering leaded glass panels. I would make three changes to the current machine. First, I would move the switch to the top of the sucker box vs. having it a toe level so that I can easily turn it off and on. Second, I would increase the size of the business end shroud if possible. I have to constantly move it around as I solder the panel. Perhaps not possible due to weight and the hose needing to be flexible. Third, I would use a rotary switch vs. a push button coupled with an on/off switch. In the current setup, to cycle it from off to low fan speed, press the button again - medium fan speed, press the button again - high fan speed.

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Crypto Craig

Site Manager

I bought 2 of these to set up 2 workstations in a lab where we perform soldering on PCBs. Our stations all have microscopes attached to monitors, voltmeters, heat plates, soldering iron, heat gun, a mic stand for holding the heat gun and the Vevor XF180, so they are very crowded. The Vevor fume extractor works great for the price! My facilities manager was very skeptical that the portable unit would suffice in filtering the solder fumes, but it does a good enough job using the adjustable hose to get the air intake of the machine close to the action. We have been using these for a few weeks now and I am happy to say that these sub $300 units do the job and really helped out our budget on building the lab out.

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Nice little machine

Things I love about this machine: The ample length of the gooseneck so you can position it very conveniently, the three speeds of the suction (low medium and high), the light weight, the wheels. What I don't like: the flashing red light that you see out of the corner of your eye in your studio. Easy fix, I turned it around so that the button was faced away, but it's also the on/off button, so, I have to reach around to turn it on. A slight inconvenience, but not a deal breaker. Would have been better as a solid light instead of flashing. I also think that the funnel should be made of metal. It's rubber, so, you can't get it very close to your solder station or you can melt it. You likely don't need to have this right up on your bricks, but I would like to get it as close as possible without worrying that I'm going to melt it. I *think* it's working??? But, fumes are invisible, so, who really knows. It definitely suctions, as I waved a paper towel in front of it and it pulled it in immediately.

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Well built budget fume extractor

I bought this fume extractor to use while tig and mig welding in my garage. It has a sturdy metal cabinet on casters with easy to access filters and 2 heavy duty flexible exhaust nozzles. I usually operate it on the low power setting which is more than adequate to remove the fumes. It has 2 additional power settings for more extraction. This unit is much quieter than my welding machines and the compact size makes it easy to maneuver around my equipment. This provides a safer alternative to using fans and won't blow away the shielding gases.

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steve m.

Fantastic fume absorber for hand soldering

This is a great price for this style fume absorber.. This is the same as reviewed by Dave on EEV blog on you tube.There are a few of these sold under different names, but are the same exact unit.This Vevor branded unit is the best price I have found on Amazon for this style as of 11/15/2022.. and the Vevor branded absorber has a much nicer hood at the end of the smoke pipe, it's wider than the others that are sold under other names, that extra width of the hood surely helps in capturing more fumes from what I can tell from using it.I use the absorber main unit under my electronics bench and I can hardly hear it running..Even on the lowest setting it draws all the fumes away, even when using it 9-10 inches above where I'm soldering..It's also very quiet compared to another brand that I bought recently on Amazon.The other unit I bought is the same exact unit as the much more expensive Pace Evac150, which did not work as expected.I'm extremely happy with this purchase, would purchase again if I needed another unit.

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Paul Weimer


This used to collect the fumes rom a xTool D1 Pro 20W + 1064nm Infrared laser setup. In the future I will build an enclosure around the laser as fume/smoke collection is adequate using it with the collector positioned above the laser, but will be 10x more effective once the laser is enclosed. For the price I find this unit a great bargain.

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