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Amanda Caldwell

Perfect Party Decoration

Purchased this for my daughter's mermaid themed birthday party. Recieved it and used the included pump to inflate it to ensure there was no leaks or holes. My daughter decided it was her air mattress and has been sleeping on it every night for a week. It's held up wonderfully with a rowdy 5 year old on it for 8-10 hours and is still standing strong for her birthday.

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Michelle Williams


Great product very easy to use and really fun in water plus no need to inflate thats the key!!

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Dana H. Hendry

Worth the price!

I hesitated to buy one due to the cost. We have 5 grandkids and we wanted something they could play on at our lake cottage, besides jumping off the dock. I read reviews for different brands and this brand seemed to have the best reviews. Last weekend we used it for the first time and the grandkids and adults absolutely loved it. Much more fun than a swim platform as they can easily get on and off and they rolled around on it like a batch of puppies. We had 5 kids and 2 adults on it at the same time and it stayed afloat very nicely.Worth the price!!

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Fun on the matt

Used it 4th of July weekend the kids had a blast would buy again

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Mike Benson

Best purchase

I purchased a boat so I bought the Lily Pad. My grandchildren had fun running on it and I enjoyed relaxing floating in cool water at 100 degree weather.

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Outlaw irv

Great fun purchase.

Great purchase for lake fun. Very durable and great value for the money.

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Katie Soto

What a great buy!

We love this seashell float. It’s very durable, and made a cute prop for my daughter’s mermaid party. We used it in the pool the next day, and it’s very sturdy. This is perfect for any mermaid fan!

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