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Very convenient

It's still cost-effective to buy things online.

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Good operation

Okay, support. If necessary, I will still contact you next time.

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jl hanson

Poor Instructions - Worked just fine

I had a "pink milkshake" situation on my Toyota Tundra (transmission fluid and coolant mixed into both systems). I purchased this because of the number of flushes I was quoted would cost almost the same as buying the machine, plus there are several cars in my family that are due for fluid changes. Ended up more cost effective. The construction is very simple, and a bit flimsey on the metal, but sufficient. Its what I expected. The instructions are poor, however I was able to watch enough youtube videos on how to operate similar machines to get a really good idea of how to operate it. Once connected, it worked great. It was actually more difficult to clean the coolant than it was to clean the transmission with this.If you are worried about construction quality, look at your use. If you are going to use this less than 5 times, probably worth the buy. If you are a professional shop, get a bigger unit. If you need to flush your transmission once, go to a shop. It will be cheaper and they know how to diagnose your transmission. If you decide to buy this for your personal use, remember to flush the transmission, replace the filter, and top off... in that order... If your transmission dies shortly after a flush, it probably had serious issues previously that made you think a flush would help. It wasn't the flush that killed it.

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