VEVOR Pond Aerator, for Up to 3 Acres, Lake Aeration System with 3/4 HP 4.7 CFM Compressor, 100' x 3/8" Weighted Tubing, and 10" Membrane Diffuser, for Deep Water Subsurface Aeration of Ponds & Lakes

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  • Keep Your Pond Healthy: Compressed air blows into the bottom of the pond and increases the dissolved oxygen rate. Reduce grass growth, eradicate malodor, and keep ice from forming in winter with our pond aeration system. Create a healthy environment for fish and other living organisms.
  • Unparalleled Power: High-efficiency 3/4 HP oil-less rocking piston air compressor can aerate ponds up to 3 acres and 50' deep. The continuous-duty pond aerator motor draws 5 amps and pumps 4.7 CFM of air for maximum airflow.
  • Reliable Function: Unlike air stones and other products that will clog up after a few months of use, the 10" pond aerator diffuser features a self-cleaning function. 100' x 3/8" weighted PU airline can operate in any weather conditions. Note: It is recommended that you purchase and install a G1/4 40PSI safety valve to the aerator for secure use. You must detach the air hose after use to release the air pressure.
  • Secure & Low Noise: 50dB noiseless pond air compressor equipped with rubber mounts to reduce noise and vibration for silent operation. The pressure relief valve safeguards against back pressure. There is no electricity in the water, completely secure for fish, pets, or humans.
  • Easy Installation: To install, follow directions to connect fittings in the pond aerator kit. Connect the hose with the compressor and attach the diffuser to its top. Before placing the diffuser in a pond, measure the distance from the compressor location to the approximate spot.
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Easy to use
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Power : 590W ; Diffuser : 2 ;


Needed new pond aerator. Found these seams to be great pump. Easy to install. Plenty of airflow to operate 3 diffusers. I have recommended it to a few friends they have ordered and told me they also thought great pump especially for the price.

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Power : 590W ; Diffuser : 2 ;


The pump works great in my pond. The only thing I wish is that I could find a way to order a diffuser. I'd like to split it into two ports, but the connectors seem to be a priority size, and I haven't seen a way to order one or two on the Vevor website.

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Power : 590W ; Diffuser : 2 ;

aerator pump

great value for price shipped quickly and quality seems great running 24hrs a day for a full month still great

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Power : 370 W ; Diffuser : 1 ;

Pond aerator

Love this unit very quiet, works great. The only problem I have with this sometimes is I have to jiggle my on and off switch for it to come on. Not sure of contacts on the switch are not letting it come on. The unit is set up at my barn so it’s out of the weather..

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Power : 550 W ; Diffuser : 2 ;


Easy to setup and use. Have a 2 1/2 acre pond. Was able to deploy the aerators using a decoy duck attached to the aerators in case I need to retrieve the aerators. Nice unit.

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