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Plasma Cutter

Best Plasma Cutter Waits For You at VEVOR 

A plasma cutting machine increases precision and efficiency. It has a dual voltage feature and can adapt to different power inputs. This makes the plasma cutters versatile and adds to their usability. A plasma cutter machine uses a pilot arc to enhance the cutting system.

The plasma cutter's ability to slice through conductive materials shows its versatility. Its cut speed sets it apart from traditional cutting machines. The duty cycle is the specification that shows the plasma cutting machine’s operational limit.

Find The Best Plasma Cutter at VEVOR According to Your Needs

Multiple kinds of plasma cutters are available today in the market. Select the one that suits you the best. Different plasma cutters for sale cater to different needs. Here are a few categories that you can check out.  

Conventional Plasma Cutter Machine

It is a versatile option with a high-speed jet that slices easily through various conductive materials. Different power levels are available to set it according to the thickness. Usually, people select the Conventional Plasma Cutter for industrial applications and metal fabrication.


Cut quality

Cut capacity

Cut speed


Regular replacement of consumable parts

CNC Plasma Cutter

Computer Numerical Control plasma cutting machines use computer programming and are entirely automated. A high-definition plasma system can also be integrated into it for large-scale production and industrial settings.



Minimal effort



Higher cost

Portable Plasma Cutters

Portable Plasma Cutters are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space due to compact size. This category makes on-the-go cutting and transportation possible. These are best suited for small projects and mobile metalwork professionals.



Ease of use



Slightly lower cut quality

Things to Keep in Mind While Getting Plasma Cutters

Many things in a plasma cutting machine vary, and you should consider them while buying. For example, dual voltage, plasma arc, cut capacity, suitability for mild steel, etc. Here are a few things that you must consider.

Plasma Arc and High Frequency

Capabilities such as plasma arc and high frequency make a massive difference in melting and cutting the material. Due to their impact on ease and consistency, you need to consider them, especially as their stability and reliability provide excellent cut quality.

Pilot Arc

This technology lets you cut through coated or rusty metals. The pilot arc creates a conductive path for the plasma arc. This feature provides stable and consistent cutting, which results in cleaner cuts and enhances efficiency. You need to keep this feature in mind while making a purchase.

Suitability for Mild Steel

Usually, people go for mild steel, which means it has a broader application. Make sure that your plasma cutter machine is suitable for it. This feature shows its versatility and provides the necessary power and cutting capacity to handle mild steel of various thicknesses.

Main Functions of a Plasma Cutting Machine and Tips to Maintain

A plasma cutting machine is used in cutting systems and works with a jet of ionized gas. They are essential in metal construction, automotive, and fabrication. Plasma tables become even more efficient, while consumable parts like nozzles help in optimal performance. 

For accurate cuts, maintaining your machine is essential; keep inspecting and replacing consumable parts regularly. Clean the cutting tables or plasma tables to avoid the build-up. For a Hypertherm plasma system, follow their recommended maintenance schedule for longevity.

Best-selling Plasma Cutters From VEVOR

VEVOR has to offer a lot of tools related to Welding. It has machines related to Plasma Cutting and accessories. It has multiple plasma cutters for sale. We have listed a few here so that you can select the best plasma cutter.

VEVOR 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Get the cheapest plasma cutter with an excellent cooling system; it is straightforward to set up. This air plasma cutter is high quality and accommodates both DIY users and professionals. Good Heat Dissipation is also one of its features, thanks to the inner fan. 

CUT-40Z 40 Amp Air Plasma Cutter w/ Built-In Air Compressor

This powerful plasma cutter with an air compressor is compact and portable. With a high-duty cycle, this cutter excels smoothly. It also features the Hypertherm plasma technology, which gives precise clean cuts. With its safety features, this should be your go-to plasma cutter.

VEVOR Plasma Cutter, 50Amp, Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Cutting Machine

This is a user-friendly product; you can easily take it to different sites. Pair your pilot arc plasma cutter with suitable cutting tables and enhance your metal work. This is a super cost-effective option thanks to its competitive plasma cutter price.

VEVOR Plasma Cutter, 50Amp, Air Cutting Machine 

Cutting systems are based on precision and efficiency; this 110v plasma cutter provides top-notch performance and precision at an affordable plasma cutter price. For beginners, it makes an excellent choice due to its convenient design and great features.

VEVOR Plasma Cutter, CUT-50 Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

Buy this 50 amp plasma cutter if you want an easy-to-use cutter. This plasma-cutting machine has many applications and provides excellent performance. The heat emission hole makes it even more efficient and steady.

Why go for VEVOR to Buy a Plasma Cutter Machine?

Try including a plasma cutter machine from VEVOR to improve your cutting system. It is a leading brand with customers worldwide. Known for its premium quality products, VEVOR stands out in the market. It has the following positive plus points as well. 

Quality of Products

VEVOR does not compromise on quality and always uses the best material to construct the products. These products are built to last and have sturdiness. Customers who use VEVOR’s products have given positive reviews as well.

Customer Service

This brand provides safe and quick delivery along with responsive customer service. All the issues faced by the customers are addressed as soon as possible. 

Fast and Secure Delivery 

The products delivered are sensitively dealt with, keeping you from the stress of receiving broken or incomplete items. The fast delivery saves you time, and you do not have to wait for a lot of time.

FAQs about plasma cutter machine

Q: How does a plasma cutter work? 

A: The plasma cutter creates a high-temperature plasma arc, melting the metal. The stream of gas keeps blowing away the melted metal.

Q: Is it safe to use a plasma cutter? 

A: Yes, given that you are using it correctly and wearing the safety gear. You must follow the safety guidelines to stay safe.

Q: Which particular gas do plasma cutters require? 

A: Plasma cutters require compressed air or a mixture of different gases, for example, oxygen and nitrogen.