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Pipe Threading Machine

Grab The Powerful Pipe Threading Machine at VEVOR

Are you aware that the very first way to thread pipes is pipe threading? Accuracy and efficacy are critical in the plumbing as well as construction fields. Getting flawless threads on pipes is a core task, regardless of whether you're a devoted DIY enthusiast or a professional worker. The lesser-known trade hero at this point is the machine pipe threader. If you opt for this time-tested method, you will require a threading machine to carry out your task from VEVOR.

At VEVOR, we offer an ideal machine pipe threading in various types that smoothly integrates accuracy, robustness, and use. The durable design of the pipe threader ensures endurance, and its sophisticated threading function enables accurate and reliable threading for a range of pipe sizes. Move to the next section and check out which type suits your needs.

Types Of Pipe Threading Machines Lying Around At VEVOR

If you require a pipe threader for your pipe threading, you must get the best one to ensure a successful outcome. It comes in various forms, ranging from small hand-cranked threaders for thinner pipes to powerful machinery that can thread pipes up to 6 inches in diameter or more.

We allow you to spend your money wisely on the correct products. Here are the types of pipe threader machines:

Manual Threading Machine

The most straightforward sort of threading machine is a hand-held machine. You must manually rotate the head die to make the threads with this threader machine. They are the most cost-effective choice and appropriate for sporadic or small-scale operations.


Least expensive of all machines

More portable

Easy to operate


Process can be tedious

Electric Threading Machine

A pipe's end can have screw threads made on it using an electric machine. It creates the threads on the pipe using a revolving die set installed on the machine. These dies are available in various sizes to match the diameter of the pipe.



Simple mode swap between automated and manual


Can be a bit noisy

What to Consider When Buying a Pipe Threading Machine? 

After properly assessing your needs and features of the pipe threader machine, you must consider some other aspects to be able to experience your product to the fullest.


Ensure that the pipe threader you buy saves effort and time. Check the mass of the threader pipe first because a light pipe threader is easier to move and requires less workspace. Second, look at the speed of the threading machine. 27 to 30 RPM is the ideal speed.

Access to Replacement Parts

A machine pipe threading may malfunction while performing its job. Even the best pipe threading equipment can malfunction or sustain damage. For instance, a worn-out die head makes the machine work below par. In such an instance, choosing a pipe threading machine with nearby available threading dies is generally best. In doing so, you'll spend less time fixing and preparing the appliance.

Reliable Seller

Purchase your pipe threading tools from a reputable vendor like VEVOR! We must emphasize this. While checking specific details of your equipment is essential, it is likewise crucial to delve into the machine manufacturers.

Insights For the Upkeep Of Threading Machine

Clean chips and other waste gathered on the container filter ideally once every day, especially when dealing with aluminum tube benders and copper pipe benders. At least once every week, drain the oil tank, cleanse it, and measure stickiness. Now, the tank and filters are spic and span. After checking the viscosity, put the oil back in the tank and, if necessary, top it with an oil threader to completely submerge the aspiration filter.

Premium Pipe Threading tools at VEVOR

VEVOR Electric Pipe Threader

VEVOR electric pipe threader is suited to thread pipes between 1/2" and 2". An entirely encased 110V 2300W motor generates 22 RPM at the unloaded state motor of this electrical pipe threader and uses all-copper core coils to offer safe and effective operation. Our threading machine uses an interchangeable die head. The robust, handy, and labor-efficient easy-to-carry hand design assists you when you move between jobs.

VEVOR Ratchet Pipe Threader

VEVOR ratchet pipe threader comes with 1/4" NPT - 1-1/4" NPT manual Ratcheting threader pipe and 6pcs of threading dies. The lengthy shaft of threader pipe allows for a firmer grip and maximum torque, increases productivity, and lessens hand fatigue. With only 13.2 lbs. of weight, this manual ratcheting threader pipe set is portable and easy to transport.

Why Go For VEVOR To Get a Pipe Threading Machine?

VEVOR is a well-known company that is concerned with hardware and tools. VEVOR is committed to offering our customers durable gear & tools at meager prices.

Top-notch Quality

At VEVOR, we do extensive quality assurance inspections at every production stage to find and fix any flaws. We invest in R&D to raise product quality and stay abreast of evolving technological changes.

Client Service

We handle client problems or grievances professionally and empathetically, working to find solutions that satisfy the customer. Besides, we encourage clients to give their opinions so you may utilize them to enhance your client support procedures.

Amazingly Cheap Costs

VEVOR offers impeccable products at meager prices. We employ strategies to optimize our operations and cut down on costs to deliver you a product worth buying.

FAQs About Threader Machine 

Q1: Are there any specific operating requirements for a pipe threading machine?

A1: Yes, before operating a threader machine, getting training on how to use it safely is a good idea.

Q2: Will stainless steel pipes be threaded with a  threader pipe?

A2: There is a tailored tool and head die for threading stainless steel pipes.

Q3: Are there any safety measures to take when operating a Threading machine?

A3: An operator should wear the proper safety equipment, and the machine should be well-maintained to prevent mishaps.