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Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

Maximize Space with VEVOR Murphy Bed Kits

Murphy beds are getting more and more popular nowadays for many reasons. Minimalist-style homes are especially into this type of portable bed as they help save space and are very easy to customize. A good Murphy bed hardware frame kit is one of the top components that make this wonder bed portable and space-saving. 

The Importance of a Good Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

1. Space-saving 

Murphy beds are stylish, practical, and space-saving. These features make this wall bed a popular choice, especially among homeowners with limited space. Also, Murphy beds are able to be folded and stored neatly on the wall or in the corner. 

The said mechanism is made possible with a bed hardware kit. murphy wall bed kits allow you to have a portable and space-saving bed. It allows the opening and closing of the bed into a fold a breeze, thus, you get a bed that’s easy to use and store. 

2. Durability

Premium Murphy bed kits such as the ones on VEVOR are made with high-grade stainless steel. Our bed frame kits and cut lists are usually made with long-term use in mind. 

You can set up your Murphy bed with VEVOR’s bed hardware kit in a quick step by step process. Once the bed hardware is securely put together, your bed is ready to use and is guaranteed to last. 

3. Comfort

In order to have a cozy Murphy bed, you must use high-quality Murphy bed hardware to put it up. Thus, whether you choose to place your bed in your bedroom or in the living room, your hidden bed delivers the utmost comfort and relaxation. 

Good bed hardware ensures that the bed is durable enough to support substantial weight. In addition, a premium Murphy bed frame keeps the bed stable even if you make a lot of movements. 

4. Customization

A Murphy bed is often called a “hidden bed” because of its capability to be folded and stored anywhere. This type of bed is highly portable and easy to customize to fit different spaces. Thanks to premium Murphy bed hardware kits such as VEVOR’s, Murphy beds are a breeze to use, store, and customize. 

Features of Murphy Bed Kits

1. Steel Construction

To provide the utmost support and stability, Murphy bed hardware kits are made of premium steel components. The bed frame, spring mechanisms, and bed legs, among other hardware parts are made of robust steel. VEVOR’s hardware kits including Murphy bed kits are made of the highest quality stainless steel which is durable and time-proof. 

2. Durable Springs

The springs in any bed hardware are one of the key components to look at when building a Murphy bed. They have to be durable enough to withstand heavy weight and stable enough to provide the utmost comfort. VEVOR’s Murphy bed hardware kits come with powerful springs that are made of premium-grade iron. 

3. Various Sizes

Murphy wall bed kits come in various dimensions to accommodate different bed sizes. In fact, VEVOR’s Murphy bed kits are adjustable to fit both queen and king-size Murphy bed sizes. Most bed hardware kits can also fit smaller Murphy bed sizes including single and twin-size beds.  

4. Easy Installation

VEVOR’s Murphy bed hardware kits are designed with convenience at the forefront. The bed hardware frames are a breeze to install with just a few step by step processes to follow. 

How To Choose The Right Murphy Bed Kit

1. Choose the right size

When building a Murphy bed for your living room, size plays a crucial factor, thus, must be kept in mind. If you have a smaller space and you want the bed out of the way when not in use, it is ideal to have a smaller size of Murphy bed. VEVOR offers various Murphy wall bed hardware kit sizes for you to choose from. They are customizable and easy to adjust. 

2. Look into the bed frame’s construction

Although most Murphy bed kits on the market, as well as the cut lists, are made of high-quality steel, it is still important to inspect the bed frame’s hardware construction. Make sure you choose one with the best materials. VEVOR’s Murphy bed hardware kit options are all made of premium-grade weighted iron that is guaranteed to last years. 

3. Evaluate the brand’s reputation

While there are tons of Murphy bed hardware kit brands out there to date, not all of them are worth investing in. You may come across a couple of bed frame kits that are offered at temptingly low prices but the quality might be compromised. 

If you want to make sure you get your money’s worth, look no further than VEVOR’s Murphy bed hardware kits. Given the brand’s solid years of service, our bed kit options are definitely among the top-trusted ones on the market nowadays. 

Top Murphy Bed Hardware Kits on VEVOR

1. VEVOR Murphy Wall Bed Springs Mechanisms Hardware Kit

This bed kit is a top-selling product of VEVOR due to its exceptional quality and reliability. This bed frame for a Murphy bed delivers heavy-duty support while proving top-notch stability at the same time. Furthermore, this bed kit features 9 robust springs to provide the utmost comfort. 

This bed hardware kit allows effortless opening and closing of your murphy bed. Additionally, it also allows you to easily customize your bed to match your space requirements at home. This kit fits both king and queen-size Murphy beds.  You can get this bed hardware kit at VEVOR’s official store website with free shipping in the US.

2. VEVOR Murphy Bed Hardware Kit Queen Size

If you are looking for more affordable bed hardware for a queen-size Murphy bed, then this kit from VEVOR is the way to go. Made with heavy-duty steel construction, this spring mechanism bed hardware kit for Murphy beds delivers exceptional support and reliability. Moreover, this bed frame kit features 5 powerful springs to deliver superb comfort. 


VEVOR’s Murphy bed hardware kits are definitely worth the investment for significant reasons. They are highly durable, easily customizable, and a breeze to install. Check out VEVOR’s Murphy wall bed kits today and get free shipping nationwide.