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Meat Choppers & Meat Grinders

Find the Best Meat Grinder at VEVOR According to Your Need

VEVOR brings to you the best manual meat grinders with a hand crank and heavy-duty electric meat grinders; both of these cater to different kinds of people. Electric grinders also provide ease of cleaning and save you from intense labor.

Hand grinders or manual meat grinders are preferred as Food Preparation Equipment allowing people to grind their own meat at home for different recipes. VEVOR has reliable and high-quality meat grinders that save your time and ground meat in the desired way. 

Meat Grinders and Meat Choppers of Different Kinds at VEVOR

Learning about different attachments, grinding plates, and types of meat grinders helps you choose from a great range available in the market. Here are a few types for you to discover.

Manual Meat Grinders

Using a hand crank, these meat processing machines give you pounds of ground meat. You feed the meat to the chopper and turn the handle to get the meat out of the chute. This kind gives you control over texture and speed. 


Comparatively affordable

It can be used at different locations

Easier to clean


Physically demanding

Electric Meat Grinders

The electric meat grinder uses a motor to be operated. It is the most suitable for commercial use, especially in the Restaurant & Food Service industry, when you have large amounts of meat to be ground. They come in various capacities and sizes.


Efficient and time saving

Can handle various types of meat

Lower physical demand


Requires more maintenance

Stand Mixer Attachment Meat Grinders

Using a food grinder attachment, this kind of grinder lets you have grounded meat easily. It usually includes a worm screw, a grinder head, and a blade. Due to intricate and complex attachments, it is tougher to clean thoroughly.


Takes lesser space

Faster than manual meat grinders

Compatible with a stand mixer


Requirement of a stand mixer

Things to Keep in Mind While Getting a Meat Grinder

When many options are available, selecting the most suitable meat chopper machine is tough. You must consider a few things while getting heavy-duty meat choppers or manual meat grinders. 

Type of Meat Grinder

Different meat choppers are now available, for example, electric meat grinders and hand grinders. Consider carefully how many pounds of meat you plan to feed the machine and purchase the meat processing machines accordingly.

Durable Construction

Make sure to choose the meat grinder with stainless steel grinding plates. The high-quality materials are rust-resistant and ensure long-term use. The sturdy options make it a long-term investment and keep you from an appliance prone to breaking down.

Brand and its Reputation

You have to check the manufacturer so that you buy a reliable machine. A well-reputed brand provides options with the best features at the most reasonable prices. Look for the best available brands around you to ensure you buy the best available product.

Main Functions of a Meat Grinder and Tips to Maintain Your Machine

Using a meat grinder, you can grind meat for different dishes. The electric meat choppers significantly save you time. You can also chop other ingredients, such as vegetables, with some types. Another function is that it lets you combine the ingredients evenly.

To ensure the appliance's longevity, you must thoroughly clean it. Store the machine in a cool and dry place to prevent rust. Don't feed meat in excess quantities than mentioned quantity.

Best-selling Meat Grinders and Choppers From VEVOR

You should check the manufacturer first while making a purchase. Whether you are someone who wants to grind their own meat at home or have a business that requires a commercial meat grinder, VEVOR has amazing options for you to choose from.

VEVOR 110V Commercial Meat Grinder 550Lbs/hour 1100W 

1 hp meat grinders are great for heavy duty and work best as a commercial meat grinder. This meat chopper machine has an 1100W power motor and food-grade stainless steel material. Such meat grinders can make meat processing easier and can also be used to process other ingredients.

VEVOR Electric Meat Grinder, 661 Lbs/Hour1100 W Meat Grinder Machine

This 1.5 hp meat grinder can reach a speed of 180r/min, making all your work super quick. The use of excellent stainless steel material makes it stand for a long time of use. You feed meat to them, and electric grinders give delicate ground meat. Other items such as fish, chili, and vegetables can also be ground.

VEVOR Manual Meat Grinder, All Parts Stainless Steel, Hand Operated Meat Grinding Machine

This stainless steel manual meat grinder has a complete set of accessories; the food grinder attachment of different kinds includes grinding plates, a brush, and a shaft sleeve. The 3.3-inch enlarged inlet saves time and lets you pack meat at once. A hand crank gives you a comfortable and stable meat processing operation.

Why go for Meat Grinders From VEVOR to Process Meat and Other Things

VEVOR specializes in tools and equipment and dedicatedly provides tough and sturdy machines to its customers worldwide. Here are a few reasons why so many people choose VEVOR.

Reasonable Price Range

The meager prices for durable and high-quality products make it stand out the most. Factors like this make sure that you get value for money.

Fast and Secure Delivery 

The products delivered to you are sensitively dealt with, keeping you away from the stress of receiving broken or incomplete items. The fast delivery saves you time, and you do not have to wait for a lot of time.

Good Quality 

Premium quality makes VEVOR stand out in the market as it brings you the highest quality, sturdy, and impressive products for the right prices. Quickly grab your high-quality chopper from their website!

FAQs about Meat Grinder

Q1: How to Choose the Ideal Meat Grinder?

A1: See the mode of grinding that suits you the best. Consider ease of cleaning and use as well. The quality of the material that is used also makes a big difference.

Q2: What is the Best Commercial Meat Grinder at VEVOR?

A2: VEVOR Electric Meat Grinder (661 LBS/Hour, 1000W) is the best choice to work with commercial meat as it has two rigid stainless steel grinding plates of two sizes, which can give an acceptable ground result. It comes with a complete accessory set.

Q3: What is the best material for a meat grinder?

A3: Usually, they are made of stainless steel and high-impact polystyrene. These materials are incredibly long-lasting, durable, easy to clean, and rust-resistant.